Friday, January 30, 2009

memories of grandma and grandpa..... grandparent's memory lives on in everyday things I have around my home...when I pull out my grandma's teapot from my cupboard I think of afternoons filled with tea ,cookies and chitchat around the kitchen grandfather was from the UK so every afternoon at 3pm out came this teapot.....he could not go a day without his tea....I always seem to drop in when it was tea and I think they secretly waited for me....after a day of school I would walk home always having to pass my grandparent's house....I NEVER did make it home feet would just naturally turn into their driveway and led me to the front door .....always waiting for me was my tea and a treat usually fresh out of the oven(or box).....I love memories and grandma's teapot.

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Faded Plains said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Of course I had to come take a peek at yours...and it's lovely...your off to a wonderful start. What a sweet post about your grandparents...I suddenly feel the urge for some tea and crumpits :o)

Have a wonderful weekend...Andrea