Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ sweets on the mantel ~

my sweet mantel today
my mantel is like my coffee table
constantly changing
today it is so happy being pink and white
thanks to some friends
Andrea from Everyday Beauty
gave her readers a led on these beautiful dusty rose treats
Any idea what they may be?
strawberry whoppers
{limited edition so grab them while you can}
Colleen from Vintage Home
{a friend who lives minutes away...lucky me}
gave me a few delightful treasures the other day
and this lovely rose platter was among them
thank you both for the mantel inspiration
we will see how long those treats last
..many hands have already helped themselves
{the white ones are just scotch mints}
Whats on your Mantel today?


Up Mama's Wall said...

Just found you via Reverie. Lovely. So lovely. On my mantle right now are antique glass samples from Murano, Italy; fresh pink dahlias, a Swedish candelabra, and some aboriginal storytelling sticks. It makes me absurdly happy to look at.

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

How pretty! That's a great idea that you change things up on your mantel! I need to do that more often!

Winchester Manor said...

Your mantel looks divine! I love the strawberry whoppers! I have a collection of silver loving cups on my mantel right now, but your display is so lovely, I just might have to steal your design!

Unknown said...

Oh I love it, that looks so pretty - it also wouldn't last too long in my house. I have a slim mantle in my kitchen which I change around every now and then, at the moment I have some of my collection of small jugs on it and a cute frame that I bought from Melaine at My Sweet Savannah.

I thought I was imagining that your blog header kept changing but now I know it has - love all choices....beautiful colours and lovely layout :)

Monica said...

It looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely.My mantle has some birds,4 doves, a white doily with angels and real tall lamps one on either side with cute bows around them.But thats my mantle everyday,lol.

Anonymous said...

I could just eat up your mantel. Looks delicious!!!

Unknown said...

Oooo your mantel looks great! I have that same little bird:)


Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

oooo, yummy and pink. Two of my favorite things. My mantle has nothing pretty. Living room is hubby's room so it has no pretty, no pink, no yummy. My mark is made on the second floor and the kitchen.
♥ Rebecca

Claudia said...

Your mantel looks wonderful! I love the whoppers (I saw them on Andrea's blog, too!) and the beautiful platter, too. I don't have a mantel (sob) so I must abstain from answering your question.

Maria Confer said...

Oh, yum! Strawberry whoppers sound delicious. Love your mantle it's so pretty.

{kara} said...

oh this is soooo pretty. I love pretty jars of candy... oh and i love your new header too. thanks for all your kind words lately!

Andrea said...

Yummy and Beautiful!!
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Anna said...

oh i love that!! so clever!!
happy wednesday!! : )

FrenchBlue said...

What a precious thing to do! So cute! So sweet! AND SO decorative! You are amazing! I think we could share a house and be very very happy~

Vintage Home said...

....I know I keep using this word but really Koralee your blog is just
.Thank you for always inspiring me!
Your new "Topper" looks great!
P.s. can you please tell this hillbilly where to get those "Whoppers" in our village?
P.P.s....my amazing Bob has gone and bought you a little something (did Carol spill the beans?).....we should get together soon!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful mantel, I love candy jars! and that bird is so cute x

beachvintage.com said...

Looks fabulous as per usual Koralee. You do amazing things constantly.

Pen Pen said...

OH. MY. GOD!!! You have NO idea what a "problem" I have with apothecary jars filled with candy!! I seriously think of how I want my new house to look like, and the FIRST thing I think of is where I'll get the jars and what will be in them at different times of the year! I'm VERY partial to jawbreakers and whoppers like u have! THey looks SO great!! It's like Willy WOnka meets a vintage Parisian apartment! YAY!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

These pictures are pretty. :)

On my mantel: photos of the fur babies and a photo of me and my honey.

My Passport to Style said...

These remind me of a sweet you can buy in England, called bon bons, you get them in lemon and strawberry flavours. Love your arrangement it so pretty!!! My mantel has a blue bird painted onto a cermaic tile,some ruby photo stone photo frames, a paper mache mirror from Kathmandu and a wacky pottery jam keeper, in cream with 3 gold feet and a blue lid with a cream and red spotty handle!! S xox

Magdalena said...

Your blog header is adorable!! as is your new post..what a divine mantel. Where in the World can I buy strawberry whoppers Yum!!
My mantel has to cachepots filled with dried flowers with a blue and white french clock between them. there are some antique books at one end with old painted dog bookends holding them up and some candlesticks on the other end that my parents bought me up in Vermont. There is a gold gilt mirror over the fireplace that lets all the candles just sparkle away in the evening...but the one thing I do not have is candy, that would make it perfect!!
have a great day

Kellie Collis said...

Lollies but they need to be replaced all the time as i constantly eat them!! x

nevin said...

Ohhh.. I love it. Yummy and Beautiful..

Carol said...

Love your "Pink" mantel. Oh...and tell Colleen...Carol did NOT spill the beans. Where did you find the strawberry Whoppers...must be Target!!

Tammy said...

ooohhhh! i wish i had a mantel....that would mean i had a fireplace, no? delicious for these wicked brazilian winters. it does get bitter cold here since there is NO indoor heating....tropical country complex. even better, i could DECORATE it! guess i will just have to enjoy yours AND your blog! xo

Anonymous said...

Artful Blogging needs to feature you. Your blog is saturated with eye candy!