Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{a peek inside our weekend}

at home today...relaxing
table of contents
{of our busy dance weekend}
~ how to survive a 2 hour car ride in monsoon rains~
{three scared girls, one crazy husband driver}
{whatever doesn't kill you really does make your stronger}
~it is so worth spending the extra $$~
{a good night sleep makes everyone so much more agreeable}
~quick change tips..surviving dressing room chaos~
{keeping those tutu and tights on the right way}
~avoiding pre-dance tears~
{it's ok to let your children see you cry}
~false eyelashes...tips on proper storage~
{when child rips them off DO NOT stuff them in your pocket or change purse}
~why do they serve junk food at dance competitions?
{when it comes to chocolate, resistance if futile}
~no matter how you feel...get up..dress up...and show up~
{ always remember your children only get one childhood }
{my photos are still in my camera...hope to share at least one tomorrow}
love and hugs.....koralee


Privet and Holly said...

K! Sounds ACTION-packed! I'm sure the memories will be worth it in the end....but, I HEAR you! My turn to drive a bunch of 11-year old boys to their baseball game tonight and sit out in the 90 degree weather and cheer them on. So, I'm mentally preparing myself for my cheerleading duties! Camera, BIG water bottle, money for ice cream afterwards. They are just so happy when you SHOW UP and are there, really, the rest is just the icing on the cake. Hope you have recovered from the grueling weekend and glad you made it home safely, despite the monsoon! xx P&H

ELK said...

so happy that it went well..except for the driving...you tell a wonderful story here, especially the last one!!

get some rest friend!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Oh wow, that reminds me so much of my gymnastic competition days with Dolce, my younger daughter who was a New York State Champion once upon a time, gave up 2 years ago, *sigh....... Anyway, those precious memories I had with hers, just like yours with your precious little ones, are priceless! Way to go, Mommy!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am soooo looking forward to this!!! Good to have you home dearest...Anita

Unknown said...

Perfect place for those cute lavender toes, in a big tub of suds. What a sweet tale today. Glad to hear the weekend went well. Yes, kids are kids only once and we must enjoy each and every recital, ball game, swim meet,..etc....


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Sounds like so much fun, looking forward to seeing the photos. Toes look great. Got a little giveaway going on over at my blog, stop by.

Kissed by an Angel said...

Busy weekend!! You need that lovely bathtime!!

Randi Troxell said...

wooooosh.. sounds like a crazy and busy wkend!

Vanessa said...

you're so right koralee. often times the hardest part is simply getting started, but it's always worthwhile.

can't wait to see the dance photos! you always take such great shots.

Pamela said...

Oh Koralee i could picture it all!!!
Can't wait for more photos!!
Pamela xo

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Welcome home, sweet friend. Your life lesson will stick in my head for a long, and I really mean a long, time. { I must make sure to never ever delete it }
Enjoy relaxing, take time to walking the garden, drink lots of tea and maybe a little bit, just a tiny wee little bit of chocolate. xxooxxooxx

Martha said...

you have the best posts...I always enjoy every single word you write:)

lovely photo too!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

A bubble bath is a perfect ending to a very busy weekend!
I hope that you girls did well, Proud Mama, and that you enjoyed every moment! :)

Unknown said...

i love that last line and it's oh so true! sounds like you've been a busy momma! have a lovely day!! hugs, susan

Beatnheart said...

your daughters are lucky for such a nice mommy.

Rosie said...

ahhh, Dearest
Am so glad you are home in one piece...I would love my sweet husband to install a "BRAKE PEDAL" on the passenger side...he said that "sedatives" are cheaper...what ever...can't wait to see your photos...after your bath, could you please get those pics out of the camera...Smile on Rosie

It's me said...

Perfect ending for such a busy weekend !!.....you in bath..........i 'am looking forward to the photo's.....i'am glad you are back safely !!

Hugs from me ...........xxxxxxxxxxx

Libbie said...

You managed to take what I am sure was a crazy busy weekend & make it wonderful...even the driving in the monsoon sounds fun the way you put it!

I love Mama tears. I have them so often too :)

Kitty said...

In love with the life lessons.


I'm taking it to heart.

YOU are amazing.

Wishing you love,
Fritzi Marie

Blondie's Journal said...

You have the right attitude!! You did good! Now enjoy your bath and have a bit of chocolate if you must! ;-D


Terra said...

Wow, monsoon rains, travel, and a dance competition and you all survived to tell the tale, thank goodness.

Faded Plains said...

Sounds like you and your family had a great weekend...nothin' like coming home to a tub full of bubbles.

beachvintage.com said...

Loving the bath picture Koralee, and yes you are right, our children only have 1 childhood. Lets make it the best !

Teresa said...

I just LOVE who YOU ARE in this world!
You are a BEAM of the SWEETEST things in LIFE!
I know you had a ball!
And I too would have been petrified traveling in the monsoon!
I love you to pieces...
and would love you EVEN more if you would EMAIL the color of that sweet toenail polish!
Loved the pic of you in the tub!
Only YOU would think to do that! xoxoxoxo

Maria said...

Hi Koralee!

*There were many ballerina wishes for you this weekend*

Oh there must have been something in the air ... On Sunday, we talked about Rachael's wild soccer tournament in 1996. She was almost 12 and played during Hurricane Bertha . . . It was truly an UNFORGETTABLE time in our "Family History"

You are a remarkable mother, Koralee!
I'm hoping that you are able to give yourself more TLC as the week goes on!
You wrote a super list of advice and council for all nurturers!
Thank you for nurturing us too ♥
*Blessings always*

~ Maria's Tip for relaxing tonight ~
Put a few Biscoff cookies on a cute chickadee tray :D
Making a decaf London Fog
Sit on porch ~ EnJOY

Duchess of Tea said...

Koralee darling sounds like you had an action packed weekend. I see now why you needed soaking. Looking forward to you photos and darling thanks for being such a caring and loving friend, ,uch appreciated.

Love & Hugs

Claudia said...

What a weekend! I love your list of lessons learned this weekend.


Elyse said...

hi koralee,

sounds busy + fun! looking forward to a pretty pic or 2.


Catherine said...

Hmmmm....a hot bubble bath....yup...that's my idea of RELAXING!!! Very enjoyable!

Welcome home Koralee!
Hope you have a lovely week!
xo Catherine

Julie Harward said...

Get up..dress up...and show up! I love that, says it all. Glad it all went well and was fun too! Funny about the eyelashes! I'm going to take my camera to the tub next time too...too funny! Come say hi :D

Debbie said...

Oh yes Koralee!! u r so so right...children get but one chance for childhood...Amen!And childhood only lasts for a blink of an eye.... spending time with our precious children and encouraging them to pursue their interests and passions will be forever remembered.
Bubble bath and lavender (?) toes= BLISS.

Sewn With Grace said...

It all goes by so very fast, enjoy it all! Love your nail polish!

Anonymous said...

i love your creative mind, Koralee. your posts perk me right up. :)

Jacqueline said...

Welcome home, sweet Koralee! I love a hot bubble bath! That's totally relaxing! Hope you are having a lovely week! Love to you!


Louise @ Illume Design said...

How fabulous...

Just wanted to let you know I now have a new blog address.

Please pop on over and connect with me again, as I dont want to lose any of my lovely followers.

I have also added you to my new blog roll

Hope your having a nice week

Louise @ Illume Design Invites

Geisslein said...

sounds like a lot of fun and action ;o)
When is your birthday? did I missed it???? hope not! have a lovely day today!

Anonymous said...

oh koralee...you brought back memories of going to high school band competitions...making sure the gloves were snowy white and not beige...shoes polished ~ those days went by so fast...enjoy them sweet friend while they're still here ~
glad you and the peeps are home safely ~
bubble bath ~ ENVY ~ i only have shower :(

tinajo said...

Hope the bath was lovely! :-)

Julie said...

I know I'm crazy but I sure do miss those days when my girls did dance. I love spending the time with them even when things got crazy. I so agree they are only young once, but now I have grandchildren dance and sports to attend.

Unknown said...

sounds like a busy and wonderful weekend!!! and your bath looks like a perfect end ...

Rizzi said...


FrenchBlue said...

Dear Koralee~
Thanks for dancing us through such a fun weekend with you. You are the ballerina. You tiptoe with magic all over this screen. Thank you my sweet friend for always sharing the light!

Unknown said...

What a great update about your trip ... I know all too well about those dance competitions, and false eyelash woes! And I am with you 100% on spending the extra $$$ for a good night's sleep in a comfy hotel bed! Awwww ...

Loved the picture of your toes in the tub! You are adorable!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Priceless advice my friend! BLOG ON!!!!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Sounds like a great, and full, weekend! Good advice :) It brings back memories of when I was in dance.

Luiza said...

I´m glad you g´had a good and relaxing time.
Driving in monsun rain must be one of the hardest things....I know...

Well, I´m glad you are home in one piece.

Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Great tips from a great mom!!! I do believe it sounded like fun was had by all...hehe!

Dogwood said...

Great update on your weekend. Nice writing style. Sounds like all went well. Extra $$$ on the room is always nice.

Crystal Escobar said...

ooh, that picture looks so nice. That's what I want to be doing right now. I look forward to seeing some pictures of your trip.

Simple Home said...

It sounds like you had an adventurous weekend. Your Life Lessons says it all though, you are so right!

Bring Pretty Back said...

Whew! What a weekend! Now , a bubble bath... the best.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend, in spite of the heavy rain! :-)
I traveled to so many dance competitions with my daughter over the 9 years that she competed.... so many good memories.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Agreed on the hotel! A blissful night's sleep is priceless!