Thursday, July 29, 2010

{Friday Pretties}

I love you guys!
I really really do
You always make me feel so
Your comments on my last post were is so
reassuring to know that most of you suffer from
the same
inspirational overload
as I do
thank you for sharing
Some of your great advice includes
... taking long breaks
.....making lists
{my huge amount of lists need their own filing system}
....get outside/garden
.....watching Anne of Green Gables
{thank you Susan..and it worked..oh how I adore Anne..she could clear any ones mind}
......1 cupcake every 4 hours
{Dr. Elyse's orders..
cupcakes are miracle workers!......
just not to sure how good they are for my hips}
Thank you for being so wonderful
I so love you all
Friday Pretties
image for today
{hosted by Joyce over at I love pretty little things}
shows off my latest
adorable ruffled apron
made by one of my sweetest friends
oh how I love this girl
we worked together until
she decided she had to have a baby
{a cute one I may add}
our school has not been the same since
she left
Thank you
sweet Kari
for this
{Miss You}
I think you need to open an etsy shop soon
don't forget to enter my giveaway here


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Koralee ~

I'm in awe over your pretty little apron ~ it is stunning! When are you going to open an Etsy shop ~ your images and your creations are beyond worthy!


Julie Harward said...

Such pretty aprons hanging on the line...a lovely sight I think! Summer is passing way too fast for me, wish it would stay around longer! :D

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I would also say she needs to open a shop - looks adorable, just like you! I haven't seen Anne of Green Gables in years.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

You are much loved too, sweet friend.
The aprons hanging on the line are just gorgeous.
Isn't Anne of Green Gables beautiful ~ I enjoy reading the book and watching the series.

Happy weekend

Rosie said...

Oh... this is truly a Friday Beauty. You know how I love a good ruffle or pretty...miss you Rosie

red ticking said...

darling... and my brain is so overloaded i missed your post on being overloaded... happy friday sweet friend... and come see me soon! xoxo

Kelly said...

I love this apron! How pretty and clever to make it!! Love the colous on your blog the blue and pink always makes me smile!

Simple Home said...

Beautiful colors in this pretty little apron. Perfect for Friday Pretties! Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite books and movies.
Have a relaxing weekend :-)

It's me said...

What a lovely friday prettie!!!!!! i really like it !!!.....beautiful colors !!!
It makes me happy on Friday..............

Love love and more love from me......

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

I think I'll definitely heed some of this inspirational advice Koralee - cupcakes and Anne of Green Gables all round. Have a lovely weekend my friend. xx

NENSA MOON said...

Wooww...the aprons looked so colourful.
I love it!!
This's really a Friday pretty!!


Butterfly said...

The cutest aprons, she really does need to get those on Etsy. As yummy as the cupcakes you would make whilst wearing! xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

This gorgeous apron just made my day. The way you captured it is adorable, such pretty line in the blue blue sky. Happy, you are making me happy day after day. Thanks for my todays dose of JOY! xxxxx

francis said...

Dear Koralee ,
You surprised me today.... I never heard of
Anne of Green Gables ...... I love films and series so now I have a new one THANX THANX .
Have a nice weekend .

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning precious know Koralee, my Canadian friends like you, Rosie, Carmelina and I believe Brenda is from up north, all a y'all are just the sweetest and most wonderful bunch of friends. I love you all so much. Your inspiration and love of life is most touching....your photos are killer diller GORGEOUS and are the icing on the cupcake my dear! CARRY ON! EAT CUPCAKES! WATCH ANN OF rock!

Much love and have a happy, happy weekend! Anita

Anonymous said...

This is the most adorable ruffled apron! Have a good weekend!

Cathie said...

i too missed your post on being overloaded because this melbourne winter has got me down.
hope you are less loaded & smiling lovely Koralee.
enjoy your friday & happy weekend to you sweet friend.

p.s i wish you could come over for some cupcakes

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Friend...this is one of my fav Friday Pretties ~ but i say that every Friday ~ because you are so talented and so those aprons...

where did summer go??? i'm going to check out a new bake shop later this morning ~ a broken cookie ~ what a name!!! and i'm going for the prettiest cupcake they have...just for my ~friday pretties~

enjoy your weekend Koralee...

Maria said...

Good morning!
This is such a fun apron! It makes a smile on the face of anyone who wears it or sees it!

Oh if blogging and etsy had been around when I was home raising babies...I can only imagine!

I'm visiting my father with my sister and niece...
just about to have breakfast :o) my favorite meal of the day!

Enjoy your weekend, Koralee...
blessings always ~ Maria

Miles Of Style said...

aww i LOVE that apron! it's so cute and colourful!

have a lovely weekend!


Unknown said...

I aDORe Anne of Green much so that I made us travel to P.E. island to stand on her homestead. Another fab posting. Have a sweet treat kind of weekend.

Kate - T.G.B.

Vintage Home said...

.....Wonderful picture Koralee!...Love the aprons!....
We have more sunny days ahead and we need to enjoy them!......
Inspiration Indeed!....Have a great weekend!
p.s. your friend needs to go on etsy!

Pamela said...

Love these aprons!
Have a wonderful weekend Koralee!
Pamela xo

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such a pretty apron! I would hate to use it to cook with though because I just know I'd get it all yucky.

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Koralee!
I am so excited to sit and catch up with all that I have been missing in Bluebirdland while my computer was down. I need to get my "bluebird fix" of all your loveliness you always share with us. Adoring those pics of you girls! Hope you are having a wonderful summer, I certainly am!

Rosie said...

Hey there girlfriend,
A "girls day out" would be LOVELY!
We are home on the 9th and I will have to do a store shopping day on the 10th...but the 11, 12 or 13 are open. Let me know...this will be so F*U* Rosie

Dogwood said...

Those aprons are way too cute. I love ruffles and florals and bright colors.

Gloria said...

That apron is so "pretty", cute and sassy, I can't imagine anything cuter!
Very sweet friend you have there...just like you!! :)
Have a happy weekend!
@}~`}~~~ Gloria

Elizabeth said...

That is an adorable ruffled apron! Love the mix match of colors! Very Pretty!
Have a blessed day Koralee

Susan Houseman said...

I'm back, my life has been busy doing everyday things, taking care of my family, celebrating my twin boy 18th birthday (now young men). I haven't created anything, but did finish a apron. I finally made to to read you posts, good to know I'm not the only one on overload. Please put my name in the giveaway, and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Unknown said...

Ai...Koralee, dear, I gotta find some fabric that looks like the ones you have in these adorable aprons!!! Promise that if I find I will make one just like yours!!!
Happy weekend, friend!

Sue said...

Is that all one apron with the layers in different that! She does need to open a shop...let us know when she does. I'm glad you got some advice that helped. Have a great weekend. said...

I am loving your aprons on the line Koralee, especially the frilly one.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

One cupcake every four hours? Yum!!! I am all about that. :)
Your apron is too, too adorable! Did you know that I have an obsession with making aprons?
Yes, I do!

Thank you again and again for all of the love and encouragement that you send to my sister and I. Kind words really do make a difference.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Carousel Dreams said...

Just lovely, Koralee...have a great weekend x

Unknown said...

what an absolutely precious picture ... the blue clothes pins!?!?! so cute! try to have a relaxing, wonderful weekend, my friend. you deserve it. xo

Carmel's Closet said...

I'd have to wear the frilly apron out for a dance - too lovely to keep in the kitchen.
Have a lovely weekend.

B said...

Hello sweetest! How lucky are you? That is the cutest, ruffliest apron I ever did see! I'm off to meet your clever friend Kari.
Happy Friday,
B x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Love your apron, Koralee and your photograph is fantastic they always are.
I do think that blogging sometimes does take over ones life. I am definitely going to spend the whole day gardening tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend, Koralee. XXXX

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

what a beautiful ruffled apron! happy weekend to you..

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh, Anne of Green Gables, beautiful apron, getting outdoors, and a give away; now what could be better.

Elyse said...

you're just the sweetest thing. the posts your write, the comments you leave ... you are such a wonderful presence in blogland!

now, did you take your "Rx"? :)

happy happy weekend!


Lynn said...

I love the way that you incorporated the blue clothespins and sky in the composition. Very creative!

June said...

Oh this picture is the epitome of Summertime. I love pretty little things having on a line. And your are the prettiest aprons Koralee.
Thank you for your sweet words to me. I so appreciate your visits. I know I say that a lot, but they really mean so much to me.

Beatnheart said...

Hi Koralee, Today I saw you in a magazine!! how cool was that! Congratulations...hmmm i can’t remember now, Belle Amoir?? Yes i think that was it, so cool to see you in it.

rachel awes said...

koralee, apron prettiness indeed!
the kind of pretty that blows in the wind...

i found you in artful blogging..
we are in the same issue!
i felt we started off our writing in a similar way. you as a child w/shelves of sparkling beads, as a child w/marbles, agates...
how lovely to "meet" you. your photographs, words, colors, heart...ALL golden candy.

april said...

I love that apron! And I love clotheslines! So pretty! ...April

Rizzi said...


Born & Bred Studio said...

Lovely pretty laundry! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wished my washing looked so pretty on the line...