Monday, September 6, 2010

{made just for you....}

{i found the sweetest little pocket pie mold}

{a very clever little gadget I am in love with}
from Williams-Sonoma
{their on- line store does not carry the heart mold...
I had to go into one of their stores to pick up this baby}

{made with love just for you}


Magpie's Mumblings said...

mmmmm - yum! Could the next one you make for me be sour cherry, please? Then I would definitely think I was in heaven!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a darling little heart shaped pie.


Shannan Martin said...

Love this! Who wouldn't love a lil' heart-shaped pie?

Sue Jack said...

For me????

I am SO off to my neighbor's to "borrow" some of her little green apples....I even already have the mold!

Thank you for the reminder, Koralee! You're a doll!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Koralee! What a sweet little mold and gift....I have a Williams Sonoma right close to me and I must run over next weekend to find one. This is perfect for one serving (my husband!) since I am watching my hips these days!!!! Oh, then let me know your schedule when the dates approaches....I sure would love to have you over and I don't know if she contacted you, but Suzanne from Privet and Holly is coming with me to the event and would love to meet you. She is ordering some FABULOUS VANILLA TEA CALLED PARIS for our little tea time. I will be glad to drive you back into town since I just live over the bridge. Let's see. Thank you for your prayers and wishes...I have 50 children to teach this year. God bless you dear one, Anita

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I bought one of those little gadgets for my daughter and we still haven't got around to testing it out. Now I'm inspired. Thanks!

Maria said...

Koralee...this is sooooooooo sweet of you!
How adorable is that lil' pie!
It's really a "just for you" treat!
thanks for the idea!
Now, too bad we're so far apart! I'd send over a big bag of apples from our trees!
Oh we're overwhelmed in a good way ... with lots and lots of apples!
There's a W and S at our mall {Crossgates} I'll have to give them a call!
Thanks for the sweet treat dear ♥
Happy Monday ALL DAY !!!
~ Have a wonderful day with the kids tomorrow ♥

Dogwood said...

Adorable. So so sweet. I love the mold. What a fun for yummy fall-time fresh apples. Yummy good.

Privet and Holly said...

Koralee! How yummy!
I am sooo excited for
the new crop of apples.
I saw 'lots of trees just
weighed down with them
on our bike ride this
morning...It's a goal
this week to check some
of the local farmstands
and see what they've got.
I'm sending you an e-mail
about CC. Can't wait!
xx Suzanne

Elizabeth said...

Now that's cute! Darn' the closest William Sonoma is like an 1 1/2 away.
Looks so yummy!

Martina said...

These little pies look yummy! And - i'll continue reading your magazines tonight! Love both of them - such good inspiration! Your new profile picture is pretty!

Luiza said...

Oooh, Koralee, pleeeease give me some of that gorgeous pie...just a bit....=).

I´m drooling =P!!!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Celestial Charms said...

That looks so lovely. I adore anything heart shaped. Of course, I adore William Sonoma's everything! Have a sweet day!

It's me said...

Owww that looks so nice !! where can you by that beautiful thing !!!!!.......................yammie.......happy Ria......

fernandflora said...

What a tasty find! I love apples in just about anything! I made a peach, pear, apple crisp this weekend. You've inspired me to make more apple treats!

Happy Monday friend!

Lynn said...

What a cute idea for a valentines day dessert..
Your series of images look like a magazine article, nice job!
I like your new profile picture. Have a great week!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

You must have THE eye for Cuteness, pure c*u*t*e*n*e*s*s every time I visit, sweet Koralee. Would love to join you for one of these delicious apple treats.
Hope your week is off to a great start, meeting, seeing, hearing, enjoying your new class again. Have a lovely {school} week! xxooxxoo

Teresa said...

What a sweet sweet apple pie!
Oh I just know it was so tasty!
Can Doogan and I come and spend a week with you!
And just waddle behind you...
living your sweet life?
We adore you!
Truly we do!
And when are we going to get you a DOOGAN?
Snuggles to you my friend!

Simple Home said...

Apples and fall are like peaches and summer, aren't they? You can't imagine one without the other. Love your sweet pictures. It looks yummy :-)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Love your sweet pie and I am sure it tasted as divine as it looked.
Your photographs are always so beautiful and you look so pretty in your new profile.

Happy week

Pamela said...

Apple pie to me is pure heaven!! Love the heart mold ...especially since I'm crazy for hearts!
You find the neatest things Koralee!
Pamela xo

Marilyn Miller said...

I saw these pocket pie molds in W&S and wasn't sure why anyone would want one. Now I see how fun it would be to have one. Love the heart. My mother use to make pocket pies when I was a little girl. They were such a treat. Now I must run, William and Sonoma is calling me.

thea.e said...

Ahh,.. yummi. I love the heart mold. And I love apples. And I totally love autumn.. Happy thuesday to you;)

Carol said...

Perfectly yummy...think I'll have to get one...means a trip to Seattle!!

Happy Labor Day to you, Koralee!!

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, my goodness, Koralee! No one's every made me my very own sweet little apple pie before--thank-you!

That's too adorable...guess I need to go find a couple!

Hope you're having a lovely day, my friend!


nerines said...

Oh that is very lovely! Happy Labor Day, too!:) xo

Rizzi said...


Elyse said...

wow! i love this little mold, or should i say, i "heart" it.

so adorable. thanks for sharing, koralee!


heather said...

Aww, thank you :D This little thing is amazing! LOVE it love it love it! And that little heart on top... just the perfect touch!

Sue said...

We went to our area orchard yesterday, the first of the apples are ready! It will be apple everything at our house for a while!

I must get to a Williams-Sonoma, that is the second thing I have on my wish list.

Vintage Home said...

...oh my the sweetest mold is right!...Thanks for the warm words Koralee....I miss her greatly but it will fly by!

June said...

What a sweet heart mold Koralee. There is nothing better than warm apple pie, as far as I'm concerned.
I adored your previous post. Just beautiful!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Sooooooo cute! I would love to have a darling little mini pie. Yum!

Becky said...

Soooo sweet K! Love this little confection :) I wish I was eating it right now :) Hope all is ok in your neck of the woods...have a fantastic week.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh I was tempted to buy one of these recently too...I might just have to after seeing yours! Hugs!

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Koralee, this looks soo yuimmieee!! I really love these photos so much...the perfect green and that wonderful apple pie! You made my day and made me smile! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


Jacqueline said...

Oh Koralee, i forgot to mention that i have updated my little shop with the purses that you adore. Love to you!


Free Pretty Things For You said...

omgosh!! that little mold is like the best thing!! im going to HAVE to get it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh now that is adorable.We dont have that store here.I would love one of those too.Thanks for sharing,I will have to keep the online store in mind maybe one day they will have it.

Miles Of Style said...

mmm i think i just caught a whiff of that delish looking apple pie! =)

the mould is too cute...great find dearie!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, that looks like a delicious little sweet pie! And it makes me want to buy some apples and make my first applepie of the season! (as I don't have a heart shaped one mold, yet)

Happy autumn!


Vivre Le Jour said...

Ohh I want one, too! I am sure those little pies taste extra sweet with that little mold. Too cute.


Catherine said...

How cute is that pie? Very cute and yummy looking! :)

xo Catherine

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that is absolutely adorable! Your pie looks incredible! :)

Not Just a Waitress said...

And looks DELISH!! :)

Lallee said...

This is so adorable. I went straight to WS and ordered the apple version!