Thursday, February 17, 2011

kitchen life

our kitchen is our gathering place

it's the best room in our home for
creative thinking

and joy making

my black and white kitchen is perfect for Friday Pretties

in what room do you gather to be inspired?

for more friday pretties please visit joyce here

warm weekend hugs to you all



Shelley in SC said...

Love the pretty picture with the spotted ribbon tumbling down!! We are definitely inspired in our family room . . . chats by the fireplace, books read aloud, cuddling with the dogs, knitting : ).

Anonymous said...

Hi Koralee,
black and white kitchen flooring is a long time love of mine. I am inspired when I'm anywhere my family is. The family room, kitchen and garden are my most inspiring rooms.

Lisa x

Not Just a Waitress said...

I just posted a blog about all sorts of kitchen creativity! :) :) :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen. For years and years I have fantasized about a black and white kitchen with RED RED RED. :)
Maybe someday. :)
Blessings, Koralee!

Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
Oh I love your kitchen! It's so cheery {couldn't imagine any other way}
So bright ~ so fun to bake in!
Love Sydney's cute outfit for baking ~ a must!
{except for Saturday mornings when I love to bake in my flannel pj's :o)

Chris and I are trying to choose new cabinets... to replace the well worn ones that saw 25 of the 27 years of child rearing. Oh I love all the possibilities... the whites and the beautiful wood grains.
I love working in my kitchen. I also love the calm and rest I find in the sun room - even on rainy days*
I'm off of school for a week - yipee!
Wishing you a sweet weekend, dear Koralee,

Anonymous said...

I love the kitchen!!!....Our kitchen and dining room seems to be where my family and myself always are, we talk about our day and plan our future in these rooms, I'm sure the kitchen is most popular, it's where all the cupcakes and cookies are hehehe Xoxoxo

Unknown said...

ooohhhh i would love to see more of your kitchen what beautiful pictures, it looks a gorgeous place to relax in i love the black and white. My favourite place is my 50's inspired kitchen i live in there its such a cosy space and as i love to cook and bake its perfect for me and my friends when they come round. have a lovely day dee x

Hearts Turned said...

Such sweet pictures, Koralee! I LOVE your black & white kitchen--inspiring, indeed! I love my kitchen, too...warm wood, warm colors...makes us happy.

Wishing you a wonderful night with your dear family, my friend!


Ann said...

Gorgeous kitchen you have there,
and mine's also a very busy space,
a place of chit chat and sharing among family and friends. Not to mention the room that always needed cleaning:)

It's me said...

Also our kitchen ...where i sit and bloging !!...but our kitchen is also black and white and PINK ..our pink smeg !! is the centre of our kitchen.....and me of course...hahahah!! happy weekend love love

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous kitchen!
Have a nice weekend.

Alessandra said...

Creative thinking, sharing, all that... i agree with, and at a party the Italians always end up in the kitchen :-)

Rose said...

How I lovvvve your black and white kitchen! How could one not be inspired in such a room, Its just amazing. I have always wanted a pale blue and white day :)


Sem Nome said...

So pretty kitchen, dear Koralee!! WOW! I love it!! And the baking might be wonderful!!
Much love to YOU ALL this weekend!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your kitchen is the coziest, Koralee. I adore black and white together, your touch of mint suits lovely. So much to see in your pictures. Our kitchen is also the center piece of the home. Talking, eating, laughing, my little ones sitting on the sink while baking or cooking.
Enjoy every moment in your kitchen during the upcoming weekend, my friend. Love to you xxxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

KORALEE! YOU AND I HAVE THE SAME FLOOR IN OUR KITCHENS!!! My room of inspiration...let's see....well, for the last 14 years, we have had MANY times of creativity and laughter in our old living room and my studio....but now, the new room is beginning to take shape by those moments of laughter and surprise....I cannot wait for the TEXTURE to begin so I can start to share the JOY in our home! IT IS FRIDAY...I AM HAPPY...I KNOW YOU ARE TOO! BAKE AWAY DEAREST! LOVE YOU, Anita

B said...

Just how gorgeous is your kitchen?! Too cute. I love my kitchen too :O)
B x

andrea creates said...

what beautiful photos!
i get most of my inspiration in my studio.

Anonymous said...

we're most comfortable in the kitchen
sitting, talking, eating...
that's the best view of the bird feeders =)
adore your black and white...
enjoy your weekend, sweet friend =)

Martha said...

I love your kitchen...its beautiful!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have always said that my kitchen is the heart of my home.
I just wish I looked so cute when stirring it up

Wanda Metcalf said...

Our kitchen and family room are kinda one room I think that is our "inspiration room" and for all things "the heart of the family".

Just love the black and white I have always wanted a black and white floor and for some reason the husband doesn't hummm I love B&W rooms!

gillyflower said...

Just found your blog, what a beauty! I love your photos! Your kitchen looks wonderful, love the black and white floor.
Our kitchen also seems to be the main hanging out place too.

malia said...

what a gorgeous kitchen... i bet you make so many happy memories there

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

We definitely gather in the kitchen! When we built our house the builder asked me what was the Most important thing I wanted in my future home and I said a BIG kitchen! So, that's what we have and we have used it. Food is Key! Along with Love and Laughter!!!
Pretty Pretty Friday over here in Bluebird Land, as always. :)
Love, Joyce

Vintage Home said...

Your kitchen is inspiration to all of us!..Thanks for sharing...
I love seeing visions of your home!

Makkie said...

Wauw jour blog makes me jalous (i'm sorry my English is not well jalous looks very silly to me so I think it's not a good word) Thanks for visiting my blog!
All sweets,

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

I love it!!
kisses from Chile

Everlasting Blooms said...

Your kitchen looks like such a lovely place to sit and visit, and bake yummy goodies. Would love to see more of it! :)

~ Thanks for sharing friend...xoxo

La Maison said...

Hi there, I love your kitchen pictures. My favorite place in our house is the living room.
Reading, blogging and talking. Of course I cook every day but I have a small kitchen and no place for a Large table.

Hermine xx

Anonymous said...

I love the pop of yellow on the walls! Such a classic choice for black and white.

Have a lovely weekend, Koralee!

xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

jeanette from everton terrace said...

When we have people here, we gather in the kitchen but for inspiration by myself, I like to be in my studio. I spend all day in here and I love it. I did the kitchen in my last house black and white :)

Heidi said...

Our those congoleun tiles did I spell that right? I have always wanted those in my house I love them....your kitchen should be in a magazine!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

You have a beautiful kitchen!!! I totally have that cake stand from Home Goods! It's adorable!!! I'm inspired in my kitchen too!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Luiza said...

The kitchen is the heart of our house, too!

Your kitchen looks wonderful!!!
I love the black and white =)!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pinecone said...

We definitely need to see more of your kitchen!! It is gorgeous!
The photos are perfectly magazine quality styled too!
Happy Friday,

Michaja said...

Love your floor!
Me I get inspired at the dinningroom table. It's there where I work as I don't have a craftroom.
Have a great weekend my friend!

Unknown said...

You little B/W sweetie you. I have not a clue where you find the time. Do you sleep or just create these great photo ops in your mind 24/7. In answer, to your question... I would have to say my favorite room is that secret little corner in my mind.... or maybe when I throw open the door and we all head outside....or even somedays when I just sit in that old barko with my hook and a yummie new ball of yarn. So, what I imagine I'm say is.... just about anywhere the garden bell wanders.

You know who....

Unknown said...

We gather in the kitchen too ... my kids love sitting on the counter tops as we visit. I wish my kitchen were twice the size though. More room for more people and visiting! These pictures are so cute - you are such a great stylist!!! LoVe! xoxo

Mayflower said...

Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog dear Koralee, you make my day.
What a beautiful kitchen in the black and white, I can imagine that is the place to be.
Your blog is beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Warm wishes, Mea

Ana Degenaar said...

Amazing! I love this, oh, so much!

Gloria said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! :)I love it! Your kitchen is very adorable, and sweet...just like you!

Our favorite gathering place would be our kitchen and our family room.

Have a beautiful Friday and weekend...:)

XOXO Gloria

Rizzi said...


Chrissie en Heidi said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! Your blog is amazing! We are going to follow you!

Greetings from Holland

birdie blue said...

love your pretty black and white kitchen, koralee. all the magic happens in the kitchen...

i hope you have the loveliest of weekends.

Martina said...

Koralee, so pretty that black and white kitchen, and your matching outfit ... WOW! I am so inspired now! Happy weekend to you!

Teresa said...

That is by~far the CUTEST kitchen I have ever ever seen!
And I know the sweetest TREATS in the world are whipped up in that kitchen!
Seriously there anything about YOU that is not CUTE!!!!

paperbird said...

Your kitchen is darling .
I remember years ago saving my pennies to purchase a black and white checkered couch!
I have always loved that look.
Your images are inspiring.
I love the sweet peeks into your home.

Have a beautiful weekend,

Tash said...

What a pretty kitchen, it's no wonder that you are inspired there! I'd have to say that my kitchen is where I get most inspired too, and I love it when we all bake or cook together , it's always a good time :)
Have a lovely weekend!
Natasha xo

Unknown said...

i love our kitchen too, probably the most used room in the house. i love yours! the black and white so classic! hope things are good with you!! enjoy the weekend! xo susan

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my sweet, sweet Koralee....we made it. I am still standing! And I bet you are too!!! HOW DID THE SUNGLASSES AND HATS GO OVER WITH EVERYONE? We have Monday off and I am so happy. WOW...fifty children to grade papers for, to rustle up, to care for...I feel like Mother Goose. I am so tired, and dear heart, all I want to do this weekend is sleep and visit you and all the other lovelies out in Blogland and DREAM...that is ALLLLLLLL!!!!

May you be filled with tender love and happiness as you take a break from dance competitions and such! Sending you warm hugs et grosses bises, Anita

Sue said...

Please tell me you aren't dressed that cute all the time...I feel like such a loser in my uniform of jeans and various tops! I was so surprised to see your black and white kitchen. I love it. I think I had you pictured in an entire home with nothing but pink and turquoise!

rosenresli said...

Much thanks for your nice cmment on my blog. My sweet little dog is a biewer yorkie and we have two of this funny and pretty breed. The white one is called Zorro and he loves snow as much as he loves us. The last post shows my first tryings about creating mosaics with photoscape.
I live in germany in the near of the beautiful french alsace area and if possible I make trips to this wonderful region and make many pictures.
Your black and white kitchen looks beautifully and your food recipes (especially the heart cake) looks so yummy.
I´m very proud that you have taken a look in my little blog.

Have a nice weekend,

LuLu said...

I'm smiling HUGE seeing where you are inspired, create!!! it's soooooo fantastic... your floor ~ my heart is a flutter!! i picture every room in your home to be specatular.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Black & white kitchen flooring - I love it! I would definitely be inspired in your kitchen too - it looks so cheerful and fun.

Teresa said...

Hey Sweet PEa!
Had to pop back over and STUDY this kitchen some more!
xoxoxox ;o)
I adore YOU!

Susan Houseman said...

Great kitchen floor. I find my inspiration in a variety of places, but mainly in my studio. xxx susan

georgia ~ gi gi said...

Oh, what a lovely, charming kitchen! I would spend a lot of time in there!
Have a wonderful weekend!
gi gi

Catherine said...

I think it's my craft room that brings me the most inspiration.

Wishing you a creative and inspirational weekend dearest Koralee!
xo Catherine

Marilyn Miller said...

It may be black and white, but I was happy to see touches of yellow and blue too. What a fun place to create and have fun. I guess mine would be my yellow, turquoise, with touches of cream and red kitchen. It is the most sunshiny room in the house and you just can't help but smile.

bikim said...

that is so pretty!
happy weekend

emily-kallista said...

Oh the black and white in a kitchen is divine! I have to say I am never more content than when cooking, glass of wine in hand and my parents sitting at the table talking to me. Cooking = therapy!! here's to a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment!
This is a very pretty place and what a gorgeous kitchen. :)
Vivienne x

francis said...

My kitchenfloor is also black-and-white ,
My favourite place ...that's a good question .
I'll wander around and be thinking of that question . Reading the comments is interesting ! We all are different and yet sharing and sharing and sharing . Unfortunately we cannot taste all the bakings .... for the better also ......
It's very healthy just look and don't taste !
have a happy week !

Simply Me said...

YUMMY !!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG So many yummy things

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Same! Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen...... must have jars of flowers and little collections of current favourite objects!
Enjoy your appley tasties, I can smell them from here, yum yum!

Love Sarah xXx

Marianne said...

I love, love, love your blog! Such a happy place ~ with so many pretty things. I want to throw everything I have away and start over ...

Dogwood said...

I (HEART) your kitchen so much.
The black and white are wonderful.
And, the yellow walls perfect.
Great set-up for photo shoot.
Smiles to you and have a fun weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Your black and white kitchen is delightful and the photographs are just gorgeous.
Thank you for giving us peeks of you, the baking, and your beautiful life. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and really I think it is, the warmth, the smells of cooking and to be able to share conversations.

Have a happy weekend

Caleen said...

You have a beautiful kitchen. Love the color palette. The kitchen is a gathering place too for us. It is a "Happy Place". Love your pictures. Thank you for always sharing "Beautiful Things"

Maria Medeiros said...

Really sweet and beautiful! Lovely! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave comments. Its so sweet. Thanks!


Monica said...

I've never thought of a black and white kitchen, but yours is lovely. And yes, I agree, the kitchen really is the best place to spend quality time.

à la parisienne said...


I am not surprised at all that your kitchen is the sweetest and most adorable! I love the pale yellow walls and the mixed chairs.
I bet you have the most cheerful and welcoming house.
The most inspiring places in our home are Amelia's room and our room (at least that's my opinion). The sunlight floods these two rooms and I could sit by an open window and watch Amelia play (and play with her:) for hours!

Have a happy week,

michelle said...

Hi Koralee! Oh your kitchen is gorgeous!! I love the black and white! I would gather in there as well, so much inspiration and love! I just adore your pictures my friend!!

Hello Grey Day said...

Hello hello! My first time visiting your blog and I am instantly charmed by our twin black and white kitchen floors! They are so cheerful aren't they?
I go to my little study/guest room to be inspired and recharge during "nap hours". With all my papers, paints, and favorite old books at hand reach; and my bright pink chandelier, it definitely feels like MY room:)

Ps- That jadite muffin pan is to die for!