Sunday, March 27, 2011

~mini doughnuts~

do you find that anything





teensy weensy



is simply adorable?

i do

spent part of my day making these

bite sized sweeties

hope you were able to fill your day with something irresistible



Two Shades of Pink said...

Yes, yes...a thousand times yes! Especially when I can eat it! But these little doughnuts might actually be too cute to eat! :)

Alessandra said...

I love little things so much... especially if they are sweet!

I showed your blog to some friends, they all loved it!!!

Have a good week


Blessed Serendipity said...

I have always thought that the doughnuts with the sprinkles tasted the best. You are so right they are CUTE!


michelle said...

These are adorable and look sooooo yuummmmyy!!! I love your little donuts and these remind me of the birthday cake donuts at Starbucks!! You are amazing my sweet friend!:)

It's me said...

So sweet sweet and pink !!! love it......lovely

lilisinha said...

Acho que nunca comi esses docinhos lindos, humm
Mas passei meu domingo com os netinhos, fazendo cestinhas para a Páscoa,ameio meu lindo dia.
Ótima semana pra ti!!!
Bjos Carinhosos!

Kaylia Payne said...

I love little things! Especially anything sweet and delicious :) They look great!

Vintage Home said...

Oh Koralee itty bitty is the best...especially when it comes to pink sweet & yummy!...hmmm I could use one of those right now with my latte!
Such a delightful entry!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Yes, anything tiny... or for that matter anything with pink icing and sprinkles... All adorable! :-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely especially when they come in pretty colors.


Marilyn Miller said...

Definitely adorable! My day included Red Velvet cupcakes.

Stevie said...

Yes!!! They have a donut maker at Kohl's I must get! These are so lovely! xoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh darling Koralee! I just got up from reading a French story, sitting there in my lovely new room, with Ruben sleeping. We also have a new SPRING VISITOR in the garden, a chubby little rabbit that finally has some grass to eat and a place to lay in the SUN!! THE SNOW IS MELTING! SO Ruben and the rabbits are resting right now!!!! I come to see you visited, and that ALWAYS makes my day...oh dear one, you hurt your back??? I did something with all this moving around of furniture, and WOW the pain in my sciatic and leg is killer. But is standing helps you, all the better! LOOK at these wonderful little goodies that you mom used to make homemade donuts, and us kids would do the decorating. Yes, I am enjoying the fact that I have NOTHING TO DO TOMORROW but putter around the house and create, whatever I desire, or sleep, if I want! I do hope your plans are not ruined by your injury...yes, ICE and I wonder if stretching will help???? BE WELL MY DEAR..I will check up on you tomorrow. What sweet donuts....THANK YOU FOR THE TASTE!!! BISOUS, Anita

Pamela said...

These are adorable!!! I love mini things too!
Last week I came across mini bagels and I was so
happy...the sillest things make my day!
Pamela xo

Rosy Inspiration said...

Those pictures are simply adorable and delicious. Your blog is beautiful.

Sue said...

Why is that? I love anything tiny...little cupcakes, those tiny syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel...

Our day was filled with painting, varnishing and moving things from one place to another. Hopefully it will all come together again in a few days!

Teresa said...

I too adore all things tiny and MINI!
I know these were so YUMMY to just pop in and ENJOY!
Love the WHITE jimmies.
Love the PINK of course.
Let me see...what have I ENJOYED that's mini lately?
I believe that would be the little mini wild daisies growing about in the bright green grass.
They are all about as we walk.
Hugs to you~
Looking forward to hearing more and more about The Creative Connection.
Wondering what the expense will be?
And HAPPY week!
Doogan sends HAPPY wags!

Monica said...

Yum!!! And so pretty too :)

Alecia @ Hoobing Family Adventures said...

Absolutely, especially those wonderful donuts. Now I am hungry!

i.ikeda said...

They are adorable! I'd feel bad eating one because they look so cute. But then, they also look delicious, so I'd end up eating them anyway, haha.

And what's this comment I see on your blog? Portuguese? Voce fala portugues?

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

these are the prettiest, teensy weensy doughnuts, I have ever seen. I want to take a little nibble.
Your posts make me smile and thanks for all the joy you share with us.
Hope that you have a lovely week


{oc cottage} said...

Yes, I do...and it's a sickness! Pleas don't tell, but I get the pink mini-donuts from Starbucks JUST to takes pictures of them! They taste like blik! But they are a-dorable and quite photogenic ;}

m ^..^

icandy... said...

yummy. adorable... that's all i can say.

YHOSIE said...

yummy yummy!!
makes me run to the nearest store and try to make one myself..

cross my fingers.. wish me luck :D

Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
Oh it IS late over here! My family was here late ... getting as much "Jason time" as possible before he moves to Austin...
Next weekend we are going to have a going away party for him...
Your sweet minis... my dear friend, are making me smile tonight. I am celebrating as many moments, any size, even "mini" ones... with Jason!
We know we must treasure each one... no matter how small ~
Sometimes those little moments are the best ones!
~ sprinkle love on all of them ~
Blessings for a new week of rest for you*
Enjoy it all!


Jen Price said...

Those look so yummy!

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

yes!!! me too!! xox

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DING DONG! Just makin' my rounds up here in BC...going to see Rosie dear and I made a detour to see how you are feeling this morning sweet Koralee! HOW IS YOUR BACK? Do you think you will be able to get your plans up and running today dearest? I HOPE SO! Oh, yesterday after church, we had friends over. Then after they left, Ruben and I read a bit, he fell asleep and then I followed suit. There we were in our new room with the light streaming was about 6:00 when I fell asleep and I HAVE BEEN SLEEPING SINCE! 6:00pm-4:00am now I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT and did it feel fantastic!!! Oh, have a lovely day my dear dear friend. BISOUS, Anita

manon 21 said...

Petit et adorable...

Belle journée


Unknown said...

Hey, Blue Bird, they look delicious!!!! Oh mine!!! All my kingdom for just one little pink!!!
Love, Bela.

francis said...

Hallo lieve Koralee ..... I am eating my salad and tomatoes . No sugar for me's working .... watching your mini donuts you lucky girl ! Just watching ...
I am watching lots of tv these days .
The cooking programs are my favorite ....
Nigela ....with all her chocolate delights ...
Oh my......
But ... I want to be a shining grandma in May so salads it is for me .
Have fun sweet friend .

Ann said...

looks real yum!
Pink and sprinkles...
and bite size too...perfect ♥

Shelley in SC said...

So sweet and tiny. And, as everyone knows, the calories don't count in sweet and tiny either. Hope your back feels better. Thanks for the sweet morning pop of happiness : )!

Odile said...

Vraiment trés joli, j'aime bien les petits donuts, si roses! miam miam! des photos trop belles. Bonne semaine et coucou de l'espagne.

malia said...

i wish i could reach into the photo and grab one... or two... probably quite a few!

Tash said...

Oh so pretty my friend! I too fall for any mini dessert, they're always too cute for me to resist! ;)
Happy start to your week!
Natasha xo

birdie blue said...

it's a well known fact anything in miniature is always 'that much cuter'.

i hope you're having a fabulous monday, miss koralee.

Unknown said...

wow you made those ;-) there yummy my boys would be eating them all at once if they had there way ;-) enjoy your week, dee x

Prudence said...

I love these, sometimes I treat myself to one from starbucks.

Michaja said...

They are adorable and I'm sure they taste nice as well!
Have been making bibs today!!!

fernandflora said...

Ooo. What I would give to enjoy one of those little gems!

And yes - funny you should ask because my husband I were discussing just last night why little tiny things are so cute. We were watching the nature show Planet Earth and there was footage of little baby grizzly bears coming out into nature for the first time with their giant mama and they were the cutest thing ever. Why is that??

Have a lovely Monday friend!

Unknown said...

"mini" is so relative... I would much rather enjoy one scrumptious mouthwatering bite than a so-so plateful!!

~ Delightful! ~

Have a glorious week!!!

Pinecone said...

Oh goodness, it would just give me an excuse to eat more of them...ha!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW, this is such a pretty post dearest! Oh, I am so enjoying the day. We have cool weather, a bit TOO cool to be out, for there is snow on the ground. BUT, Ruben and I hear the birds calling us, so we are going to go outside to prune the most darling little tree we have next to the window. It blooms pretty white flowers, and NOW is the time to prune it. I can FINALLY enjoy the bright sunshine from INSIDE my home now that we have more space. I bought carrots this morning for the wild rabbits that come...not much fancy stuff to do today, but these little things GIVE ME A TICKLE IN MY SOUL! teeeeheeee...I too have that blasted pain here and there in my hip that runs down my leg, but I am still going about.....have a FUN DAY finding an alternative plan my friend. BIG HUGS, Anita

Rizzi said...


Stina said...

donuts, jammie dat ziet er lekker uit.

groetjes Stina

It's me said...

I am so so glad!!..the magazine arrived.....and more....beautiful things !!! it verry much thank are so so kind !!! love

Carol said...

Darling little donuts...and Oh so yummy....I know!! Hope you feel lots better quickly !!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey, surely they are SOoooo small you could eat 6 (or 7...8??) before you had eaten a whole one in real life?
Hope you are feeling better too...fee ♥

Pretty Zesty said...

They are so so pretty... and I bet delicious!!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I love love your pink lovelies, sweet Koralee.
I am soooo late in answering the last few weeks, how I wish there were more hours in a day...
How are you enjoying this first day of a no-school week? Do you have some fun projects coming up?
Have a relaxing, joy-filled week, my friend xoxoxoxo

Madelief said...

Hi Koralee,

Yes I do!!! Your doughnuts look delicious. I wish I could grab one from the screen and taste it.

Enjoy your two free weeks. I hope you will have a lovely time!

Lieve groet,


Unknown said...

G'day Koralee ~
What deelish darling delicacies ... pink pretties! Yum!
Got that teapot brewing ...?

Have a beautiful day ~

PS Just checking, are you following me, I can't find you but blogger may have dumped you also ... it has been giving us fits for weeks now. TY LMK

Maria said...

Wonderful small cookies, yummi!

Libbie said...

Pink + Mini = LOVE :)

Hope you got to enjoy a few! Wish I was there to enjoy some with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Miniature, Pink, and Sugary! These are the kind of things I dream about.
Yes I absolutely LOVE tiny things. I obsess about the day, when I have the time, that I can make lots of miniature things. Doll houses ... miniature carousels ... miniature gardens ... etc ... I love the idea of the grandchildren I might have someday, coming over and playing in a world of tiny things, and I would bake them tiny treats like your beautiful creations. Your pictures speak to my heart! xxoo

found and sewn said...

what can I say - Yuummmy!

By the Bluegrass said...

I have never seen mini doughnuts! These are so cute! Do you still feel guilty when you eat ten of them? It just doesn't seem like it would be as bad as eating a regular sized doughnut. ;)
Yum yum! Have a lovely week. Was it as pretty there today as it was here?

Unknown said...

what a sweet treat to pop in and see. Lots going on here with my departure for Florida this weekend and my mom just announcing major surgery while I'm scheduled to be gone. Hope to get a post up soon. But, I must stop visiting your sugarie treats, as I crack a crown this weekend via the web...he-he... Ok, so it was the Hot Tamales....icks. When it rain it pours.

I'm thinking that one picture looks like Pink Lemonade Sherbet...yummmmmmm


Ruth Yoder said...

those donuts are so sweet looking ...yum!
I think my little girl is a bite sized sweetie!

Julie said...

Anything sweet and pink looks so good to me, I've been trying to be good which has just made me want them more!

Unknown said...

They look like they would just melt in your mouth!!!! Yummy tempting photos!!!
Have a great day!!!!!
Chris :o)

Anonymous said...

These are adorable! So cute! And your are right size does matter - the smaller the sweeter :)

tinajo said...

Looks absolutely yummy! :-)

Aprendeconvale said...

I can´t resist a pair of doughnuts!!! love them sooooooo much! yous look so sweet! congrats!!

Elyse said...

hi koralee,

i always prefer cute minis -- even in candy -- i'd rather have, say, 3 mini twix bars than 1 regular sized one. bite size is best!

beautifully scrumptious pics!

have a sweet day my friend


Marge said...

Hello Koralee,

Thank you so much for your visiting on my blog and your so kind words to me!:)
Now I found way to your blog;)
Your blog seems very delicious..;) So beautiful blog with wonderful colours!♥
I wish to your week sun shine and a lot of joy!

Unknown said...

I am DYING!!! These are sooooooo, sooooooo, (did I say sooooooooo?) cute!!! I LOVE all things tiny like that too! xoxo

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Those doughnuts look wonderful - I would have been eating them as they came out of the oven and there wouldn't have been any left to photograph!

Maria Medeiros said...

oh soooooooo cute!

SeelenSachen ♥ said...

your blog ist pretty beautiful!!

greetings from austria!