Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty in paper

I bought these pretty little Spring cupcake liners

to make this darling garland
{ found in donna hay magazine }

I think it just screams
"spring merriment"

so perfect for
Friday Pretties
{see more pretties here}

happy friday sweet friends


birdie blue said...

isn't that garland perfectly springy.

love the butterflies, and all of the
soft, pretty colors.

it's perfectly sweet, just like you,

happy friday pretties.

Unknown said...

You crack me up. So clever, but just how many of those cupliners do we need. I'm thinking quite a few. Did you buy out all of Canada? Sorry, it's been a long day and I think I might be losing my mind tonight. I'm laughing so hard my side is hurting and I can barely type. I'm guessing you know my sense of humor by now.

Craft on, I can't wait to see the whole display,

You know who.....giggling-giggling.

Hearts Turned said...

So springy & pretty, Koralee! Reminds me of all the cupcake pretties you made in "Where Women Cook"--my girls and I have been going nuts over those--next up on our mom/daughter creating days!

Hope you're having a wonderful night, my friend!


Wanda Metcalf said...

I love the butterfly liners so pretty. I know you said Spring, but I see little girl Birthday Party! How cute would that be to have strung all across a window!

Very Pretty Friday!

Anonymous said...

sweetie you need all the paper liners you can get ... with as much baking and treat-making as you've been doing lately =)
but a garland would be wonderful too!
me and hubby had a baking discussion tonight ~
which do we prefer a. pie b. cake
it was a unanimous decision PIE

BEAR HUGS Friday Pretty

Not Just a Waitress said...

Using them for garland is such a great idea!!! :) There have been times I've almost wanted to keep the liners because they're too cute to use.
OOOH!!! I just thought how cute it would be to get ones that are the theme of a child's party and make garland AND cupcakes!!
As usual, you have inspired me, Koralee.
Also, I got your message:) I couldn't be happier that you like your little gifts. :)

Libbie said...

Now that will brighten up any party! I have never seen that done before...I'll have to remember that one!!! :)

Susan said...

Funny how cupcake liners even without the cupcakes can be so DELIGHTFUL! :)
The colors~ the butterflies~ the garland~
put a smile on my face! Another wonderful idea! Bless you, sweet friend! ((hugs))

lilisinha said...

Grande idéia!!!! linda demais! Bjos Carinhosos

Terra said...

I like the soft colors and the cleverness of this idea.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

What a sweet idea, love the cupcake liners and the garland. The colours are pretty and welcomes spring!

Happy weekend, dear friend

Vintage Home said...

Love that for little/big girl/boy party!

VICKYFF said...

Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!
Sweet memories.
Titanium Necklaces Titanium Necklaces

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Fantastic shots! Beautiful cupcake liners, fun post!!! Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

I love it you come up with the most interesting ideas i would have never thought of that, its simple but gorgeous at the same time, have a lovely weekend,dee x

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful idea! I love the photo you took of it too, you are so talented!

tinajo said...

Aww - you know I´m a sucker for these things! :-)

You´re absolutely right, no grilled cheese for a headache head - it did disappear during night though (thank goodness)! :-)

Anonymous said...

There are so many gorgeous paper liners. I buy them just to have on display and look at. (Well I use a few for their intended purpose - the rest are for display). Love your wreath.

Warm Hugs,
Lisa xx

Alessandra said...

I love cupcakes' paper cups, sometimes I feel like collecting them, is it silly?

lilybets said...

Happy week end dear !!!.

It's me said...

Nice !! great spring friday pretties !! happy weekend love love

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

A cupcake garland, never thought of that! It's perfect for the Spring party in our home Sunday 13th. Thinking about a yellow and white theme. The pre-joy is so much fun already.
Anyways, I will definitely make this garland! Thank you for another sweet idea, lovely Koralee.
Have a haPpY HapPY weekend, my friend xxxxx Is Molly in Sweden already? I believe temperatures in Sweden are a bit lower than in England.

jane said...

I have a little collection of these paper cases that I never use (too pretty) now I know what to do with them :) Thanks for sharing x x x

gillyflower said...

What a great idea - they are so pretty!!
Gill xx

Sem Nome said...

Koralee, so pretty liners you have!
Our Friend Saskia sent me some from The Netherlands!!! Hummmm!!! Gorgeous!!!
Much love to you!!

andrea creates said...

it is perfect! how fun :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

NOW THAT is a great idea. I am loving these little paper liners these days...and what a wonderful way to keep them in tact, to enjoy them and display. Koralee, you are magic. I am loving this year of getting to know you and love you...thank you my friend for always beaming a ray of SONshine in my life. BISES!! Anita

Jen Price said...

Can't wait to see the garland!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I, too, just bought some little cupcake liners just because they were so cute. Perfect idea for them. Please show all of us the finished project when you are done.
Happy, Happy Friday's, Koralee!

Rose said...

I can never resist lovely cupcake liners!
Happy weekend Koralee :)


erin's art and gardens said...

totally cute...that inspires me!
have a spectacular weekend,

Michaja said...

They are so cute. Love all the different colours!
Will now make your m&m cookies :)
Have a lovely sunny weekend

jeanette from everton terrace said...

It DOES scream spring merriment. Merriment is such a great word, conjures up all kinds of smiling fun.

Missy said...

so pretty! I should start buying spring color paper for spring cupcakes.


Martina said...

Such happy colors - yes, perfect to get in the mood for spring! Cheers to a hopefully sunny weekend with much inspiration and fun!

Megan Coyle said...

how lovely :) they really make you think of spring...and cupcakes. both of which are equally fabulous.

Ruth Yoder said...

Where do you get such cute cup liners? I want to do this!

found and sewn said...

Love those cup cases, great idea

Monica said...

What a fun idea! I'm always admiring cute cupcake liners in stores. You will have to post a picture of how you are displaying your garland. Happy Friday :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

IT IS FRIDAY MY DEAREST and this Sunday is my 29th wedding anniversary!!!! YAHOOOOOO!! We are celebrating ALL WEEKEND, starting tonight, FRIDAY, the most wonderful day of the week!!! HAVE A GREAT ONE CHEZ MAMAN!!! Oh, I am so glad you are better! Beautiful post, again my happy!!!! BISES, Anita

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ooo I love the lil butterflies on them!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Prudence said...

I need some cupcake liners, I'm all out as I've been baking up a storm. I just bought the new issue of Where Women Cook and I was paging through it and I immediately knew which page was yours before I even saw your name... the bright, pretty, cheerful photos! Love your spread!

Pinecone said...

Love your garland idea!! Have a great weekend!

June said...

Spring merriment for sure Koralee!
your blog makes my heart happy!

Unknown said...

i have seen a cupcake garland recently and thought it was just so clever! i adore your colorful spring papers!!! enjoy the festive feeling they will bring! have a great weekend my friend! xoxo

Unknown said...

LOVE the butterfly cupcake liners, where did you get them from?
Have a good weekend tereza

Privet and Holly said...

You are right ~
it does : ) !!
I thought of you
as I wrote my
latest post, since
you have a daughter
all the way over
in the U.K. I hope
she is still loving it!
Happy Friday,
xx Suzanne

Madelief said...

Hi Koralee,

Such a good idea. I like it very much!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Monica said...

So, so pretty and colorful, Koralee! Thanks for spreading cheer!!
Monica x

paperbird said...

I adore your Friday pretties!

Have a beautiful weekend dear Koralee.

Caleen said...

So sweet. They are pretty and have many uses. Who'd have thought! Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend. :)

Helen Philipps said...

What a pretty idea! Such a sweet garland, I must make one like this - thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Helen x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

super cute


bikim said...

LOVE the colours!!!!!!!!!
happy weekend!

Elyse said...

hi koralee,

you KNOW i am adoring this post!

happy weekend ~


Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
Three cheers for Fridays,
for pretties
for feeling better
for the sweet women in our lives that encourage us and make us smile
for fun ideas that lift our spirits and bring joy to others.
Happy weekend dear ♥

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening precious friend!

We just got back from a little Friday night dinner, but Saturday and Sunday we will be out and about, doing what we love: WINDOW SHOPPING, EATING, LAUGHING, DREAMING, READING, WRITING, PLAYING MUSIC, TOGETHER.

Thank you so much for your love....enjoy a quiet and peaceful weekend, IN HEALTH!!! BISES, Anita

Tash said...

Spring merriment YES! So lovely as usual Koralee! Happy friday and weekend to you my friend!
Natasha xo

By the Bluegrass said...

Oh, these would be so great for a birthday party! I think I'll do this for my little one's forth birthday this summer. Thanks for sharing.

(p.s. I hope you join in on my very first give away)

Marilyn Miller said...

What a creative, springy thing to do with those pretty cupcakes papers. There are so many cute ones out now, I am always tempted to buy them.

Teresa said...

Those are the cutest cupcake liners I have ever seen!
Where in the world did you find them?
Everything you have is cute!
You are cute!
Your world is CUTE!
Hugs to all the CUTENESS!
Sending you oooooodles of wishes for a HAPPY weekend!
The garland is uh~doooor~uh~bull! xo

emily-kallista said...

Ones with butterflies?! heaven! hehe, hope you had a lovely weekend :)

hjn said...

How stinkin cute is that garland? Makes me all perky and happy inside!
Happy almost Spring to you my friend!

Pearl said...

That is sooooooooooo flippin cute!
I'm so gonna do this!