Thursday, March 22, 2012

inside out 

{my home today}

pop over here and see my new pillow
happy dance

Just wanted you to know about
.my friend Matthew Meads new book

Flea Market Finds
is a 160-page book celebrating
and offering inspiration for the
flea market enthusiast,
and will be shipped out to readers in April 2012
you can order your copy here

pure joy

Matthew always has been my source of inspiration

If you can dream can do it.
{Walt Disney} 



Becky said...

Lovely color Koralee.I hope you are doing well.Have a lovely rest of your week.

vintage grey said...

Beautiful photos! Love the purple! Thanks for sharing about Matthew Meads book! Yay! It looks like a great read!:) xo Heather

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love your lavender....the book looks wonderful cover envy!!

Unknown said...

inspiration everywhere...thanks

Paula said...

Hi sweet Koralee!

Your photos are so gorgeous and cheerful! I love the pretty pink and white tulips and the lovely sneakers and socks! Such fun! What are those little flowers? Thank you for sharing Matthew Mead's new book. It sounds wonderful! Sending you hugs and much love, Paula xo

andrea creates said...

beautiful colors!!
off to check out the book :)

Tiedupmemories said...

The book looks to be a wonderful source of inspiration! Love your inside out collage!

Dagmar said...

Hi Koralee...
Thanks for the FYI on Matthew Meads new book...
Love your photo and post today..incredible how MM inspires you and you inspire so many of us! ❤

birdie blue said...

your tulips are absolutely lovely, koralee. the variegated pink and white ones are my favorite.

i'm looking forward to mr. meads' new book. it looks like it will be full of inspiration.


Lynne said...

Love sweet pinks of joy . . .

Deborah said...

Love love love those pumps :) I was looking at this book on Amazon earlier today :) may have to make a purcase, hope you are keeping well sweetie, big hugs

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Unknown said...

loving all of this! it is definitely a spring day here (finally) so seeing your tulips is pure joy! xoxox

Anne said...

Wonderful photos! Hope you are having a lovely day:)

Anonymous said...

enjoy the
it's right
around the
corner :D

Pinecone said...

Thanks for mentioning it Koralee!!

Jelly Jam said...

Book looks great - all my favourite colours on the cover!

KaPaworld said...

lucky you!!!!I love flea markets...

Unknown said...

♥♥♥ love your "springly" photos .. so fabulous I could just jump right in!!!

I will make that part of my to read list! many thx!

It's me said...

If you can dream can do it................xxxxxxxxxx....

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I hope Walt Disney was right.....I do believe it however!

OH DEAREST Matthew Mead's works are just stunning, like YOURS! Tell me, when is your book going to be done?

AND THAT PHOTO OF YOURS, oh my goodness. I have to learn to take pictures with more light. Right now, my photos are SNAPSHOTS with poor lighting. You just have talent, that's it!!!!


Blessed Serendipity said...

Pretty purples today that make me want to smile. Hope you are having a joy filled day.


Monica said...

The book looks like a good one. I love the picture of your pink tulips ... so springlike ... now if it could only stop snowing here and we could see some spring ... for now I will content myself with your pretty picture.

Marilyn Miller said...

I wish I had your day, mine was a bit grumpy. It is getting better and I intend on having a super evening and nights sleep.

Love, love the colors of your collage, cute shoes too.

Teresa Kasner said...

That stripy tulip is nature's work of art.. love it! And your shoe and heather too. That books looks divine!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Trisha Brink Design said...

Gorgeousness! Lovely captures & can't wait for my copy of the book to come in the mail from Amazon! Wishing you well...hope you've been enjoying the sunny weather! :)

lilybets said...

Beautiful book Koralee,I belove your photos,we have the same passion for colours and mix of colors.

francis said...

Overhere lots and lots and lots of SPRING in the air and sunshine all around . I am wearing my slippers .... and we are in the garden ....My youngest Thomas is doing the work and I am doing lots of tea ......
Cannot wait to bring in the new plants .... pansies lots of them .
I have my favorite blue/white-striped pillow in my chair ... very old but still my favorite .
White tulips overhere in my vases .
It's new for me ...the white love ..
Elisabeth is doing well .
She loves spring too and she cannot wait to be done with the chemo's and having her hair back again . I think she will look absolutely beautiful with very short hair !
Hopefully this summer ......
Thank you for thinking of us .
Means a lot !
Happy weekend !

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Spring pops through my screen, loving your cheery colors and tulips, my favorite Spring flowers.
Just ordered Matthew's book through Amazon, must wait until the beginning of May ..
Did Sydney arrive safe and happy in Mexico, Koralee? I bet the voyage was big fun already!
Have a sunny weekend, my sweet friend xoxoxoxo

Tracey Fisher said...

I agree Koralee - Matthew is amazing. I have been having the magazines mailed to me so I can't wait to go pick this up. Hope you are enjoying your march break. Xoxo tracey

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Koralee

I hope you are well today, such pretty colours, I laughed at the bit about balls of wool in your last post, I too have bowls of pretty wool, and havent a notion of knitting but have made pom poms!

Take care and enjoy your weekend!


B said...

Loving those shots of pink Koralee.
Have a great weekend,
Hugs, B x

Bestdayblogger said...

:D Lovely! :D You are an inspiration!

Helen Philipps said...

Loving your bright pinks and sweet tulips today! Just sooo delicious! Matthew Mead's book looks wonderfully inspiring too.
Have a happy weekend, Koralee!
Helen x

Paula said...

Hello again my sweet Koralee! Thank you so much for visiting and for your very sweet and loving comment! You really brightened my day and blessed me so much! You, dear heart, are one of the sweetest people I know, and I am so glad we found each other too! That is a precious gift from God! You are so welcome for the comments, it is my pleasure, and a delight to visit you! I always get so excited when I see a new post from you! I hope all is well with you and your dear ones and that your weekend will be beautiful, warm, sunny and happy! Thank you for being my sweet friend! Love to you dearest! xo~ Paula

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

beautiful pinks! love your blog. I'm your new follower.
I’m giving away a leather and sterling silver jewelry piece this week. Don't miss it, darling!

Elyse said...

how fun! thanks for spreading the news about matthew's book!

happy weekend, sweet friend


Palomasea said...

Gorgeous lavender photos, Koralee...YOU are inspirational! (Though I will have to check out this book) :)
- Irina

malia said...

Lovely lilac(s)! And Matthew Mead's work is quite lovely too! xoxo

Mona's Picturesque said...

I love what you do ♥♥♥ Great job! You got a new follower ;)