Monday, May 6, 2013


favourite ice cream flavour ?
for me I have a few 
strawberry has always been one that tops my list

especially homemade using fresh berries

so I guess if I were to dress in my favourite
ice cream colour I would wear pink
 maybe mint green for mint chocolate flake

What colour would you wear ?

 There really is a reason I have you thinking about this......
My sweet friend Trisha has invited me to an
Ice Cream Social
 and I get to invite all of
{especially if you live in my area}
pop on over to
for your special invite

I would so love to meet you 
now isn't that a fun thought


a wee little note......
I want to share a sweet quote from a 10 year old boy  
"You stand out like a strawberry in a bowl of peas"
{Weston Twardowski}
Now I must say that's a very good visual

sorry if I have not visited your blog for a has been crazy busy
I promise I will soon......please forgive me........I miss you all


Teresa Kasner said...

I was born in Oklahoma and our aunties had ice cream socials all the time.. each family would bring a tub of ice cream still in the barrel from the old fashioned ice cream freezer. Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana, etc. We'd cook chocolate sauce on the stove to put over it. Thanks for the memories! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Things and Thoughts said...

Your posts are so happy and fresh Koralee! Strawberry ice cream is my favorite taste and if it is home made, it is heavenly !
Thank you for this lovely post and for all that you say and feel about your blog friends !

Claudia said...

Oh, I love Strawberrys!
I got some plants in the garden and now I am waiting for getting fruits ;O)
Have a lovely week,
Big hugs to you,

Duni said...

That quote is wonderful! And from a 10 year old!
The ice cream social sounds like a fun event - I'd certainly stop by if I lived there :)
I adore your strawberry images. Yum!
have a beautiful day, sweet friend.
Duni xoxo

It's me said...

Love !!! !!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Koralee,
Well, my favourite ice cream flavour is salted caramel and cookie dough but, I will eat and enjoy any flavour ..... I love ice cream !!
Have a lovely week Koralee. XXXX

andrea creates said...

oh, i wish i were nearby!
i think my favorite flavor is chocolate, but homemade strawberry is delicious too :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Where do I begin with this happy post?

Well first of all, STRAWBERRY IS MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR! YES! Give me homemade strawberry any time of the year! I can taste it right now at 5:30am as I type. I went over to the link to the social then to Trisha's blog; O two both have the brightest and happiest places. Wouldn't that be fun to be gathered together for ice cream? I wish you so much joy as this event unfolds. So your recent event went well? And thank you so much for using my cards as thank-yous! I want to redesign a bluebird card I have in my shop because I would love honor your bluebird of happiness.

I am off today and the weather is finally warm. I am working in my garden today and I am thrilled. Think of me as I go on my interview next Tuesday for that 1st or 2nd grade position!

Happy day my sweet friend! Anita

Crafted by Carly said...

Well, I think I'd look a bit dull at the party, as my favourite - by far - is cholocate (ALWAYS with loads of chocolate sauce too)!!! My second favourite's raspberry ripple - more promising for a cute outfit! :-)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Very definitely pink! I just love strawberries and ice cream well did before I had to be dairy free....the smell of strawberries....bliss! :) x

kt40s said...

lovely as always your photos and shared bits!
xo katy

Dagmar said...

Sweetness in pink! wish I could be there for tea.
Have a wonderful book signing.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

I think Strawberry is one of my favorites too! And Mint Chocolate Chip :) Oh how sweet the Ice Cream Social Sounds!!! I really wished I lived closer! Sounds like so much fun, heading over to visit your friend's blog :) Have a sweet day Koralee! xo Holly

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Koralee! SO good to see you as I come back in the house after having a most productive morning in my garden! I planted some PINK creeping phlox, hoed the soil, picked up more refuse from winter's fury and I discovered a sweet baby bunny hiding behind my fountain! I name him "Jean de la Fontaine" - the French writer of fables.....because "fontaine" is French for fountain! He was all snug in a little ball, just hiding! Heaven keep him safe....

AND I just had myself a bowl of cherry vanilla ice cream...oh the love....

Enjoy the little ones as they indeed grow under the sun of spring! Anita

mama bleu said...

I'm with you on the mint chocolate flake. That is on of my top favorites.

Paula said...

Hello sweet Koralee, Your photos are so pretty and sweet! I love strawberries and I love your pretty pink rose plates! You will be beautiful in pink or mint green for the ice cream social! It sounds like so much fun! I wish I could come and meet you in person! That is a very fun thought indeed and I would be over the moon happy! Loved your wee little note! Don't worry dear heart, your friends understand! Bunches of love, Paula xo

sky-blu-pink said...

Ooh an icecream social sounds amazing! So many flavours it is hard to choose, I like stem ginger and vanilla!

Sue said...

I have your book and I LOVE it! It makes me HAPPY! Can't wait to try some recipes! Your strawberry heart is perfect:)

Vintage Home said...

Can't wait! Hoping to make the wee drive over the border! Can't believe I get ice cream & a signature!

Vintage Home said...

p.s. I think any of the flavours in your book will be my favorite!

Lynne said...

You mahomemade ice cream look yummy!

Lynne said...

You make homemade strawberry ice cream looks very sweet and yummy . . . my favorite ice cream has the word chocolate in it . . .

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening darling friend! I cannot sleep; my beautiful upstairs loft is TOO HOT NOW! Soon I will be opening the window to let air flow in. What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Thank you for your kind words....nature to me is an extension of our heavenly father's creative love and it just touches let's see how little "Jean de la Fontaine" survives the local cats and hawks!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm with the second grade, but it's going to rain all day. The little ones are getting restless indeed, with the good weather lately!

Have a lovely Wednesday dearest. Anita

Unknown said...

How I wished that I lived close enough to go! Have favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate, but also love a berry swirl and I think that would look prettiest in a dress :-)

Libbie said...

Oh no...I'd be stuck in brown with peanut butter cups stuck to me :) Not a good look. Not as cute as your pinks for sure!

Marilyn Miller said...

Now this was the first recipe I tried from your book and it was the best strawberry ice cream ever. Oh YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

found and sewn said...

Homemade strawberry ice cream sounds pretty perfect to me xx

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

Hope you are having a great May Koralee!

Ooh we have just moved house and at last we have a freezer - hurrah lol! It is packed with peanut butter, morello cherry and mint choc chip at the moment - Luca is also getting big enough now to appreciate some ice cream :-) xxx

Shell said...

I adore Vanilla ice cream. Especially Bryer's! I would be wearing a romantic lace Vanilla colored dress.

vintage grey said...

So delicious does this look!! Oh, I am definitely a chocolate and mint chip girl!! I just bought a mint green dress, so that is what I would wear! ;) Have a beautiful and sweet week Koralee!! xo Heather

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Oh my goodness, I wish I could go to this!!!!! Please hold another one just so that I can come, K? As for flavor and what I would wear .... well I like pink and strawberries but I like mint chocolate chip ..... while wearing pink. How about I wear pink holding a mint chocolate chip cone at your next event???? ;-)

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

An ice cream social sounds so fun and yummy! I love your strawberry 'hearts' and if I were to wear my favorite ice cream color it would have to be stripes because I love too many! Enjoy your day! xoxo

francis said...

My sweet friend ,
I can still feel our hug at the trainstation ...................
I decided to be back blogging again .
So I will visit and comment like before . That feels so much better .
I am not good at facebook-twitter-instagram and all those things .
So Blogging is back on my number one priority .

about your ICE_CREAM question.
I am very inspired by your book .
It is a whole new world to me
When we were having coffee/tea in HOTEL_NEW_YORK you asked me about cooking ......
I guess a lot has changed for me
since I am no longer a teacher and since all my children left the house .
Living on my own is a whole new experience .
The house is getting reorganised
Rooms are getting new looks and destinations
And now .....big surprise
My garden is having a large MAKE_OVER .
so I have more space and above all
less maintenance.......
More pots and containers taht are on a friendly hight ......

One of my wishes is to have much space around the table outside so all the children can come and feel welcome and.....
we can eat and drink and enjoy .

I am now thinking of going to be an ice-cream-maker ....
I have never ever made icecream !
so my children will be very very very SURPRISED
I have to start very simple so I let you know !
my icecrean-journey !
Have a wonderful month of MAY .

Palomasea said...

So yummy! Love strawberry too...
I do hope to meet you someday, dear Koralee! :)

Anonymous said...

Your images are genius.
So inspiring.

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

your photos are so beautiful!!