Sunday, March 2, 2014


believe that friendship is an honor and privilege

thank you dear friends
each and everyone of you for 
your sweet comments in my last post

Mr. Random Generator picked
lucky number 7
~really and truly~
Teresa Kasner

you are the winner of a set of my artcards
and a few other little goodies

hugs to ALL of you my friends
hope you are enjoying a bit of spring weather 
where you are
{ours comes and goes}



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my friend, that winner is so lucky to receive a bit of sunshine and color from your studio.

Friendships are precious, and sometimes they seem to fail, but perseverance is a friendship's greatest asset. Thank you for your bright world that comes to me today on this sun-filled day, though cold!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Koralee! I am again enjoying a sunny day, though I look out my window at TONS of white!

I so understand what you are saying about this crazy weather and time zooooooooming by! I cannot believe either that it is March, partly because it still feels like the middle of January! On March 6, it will be my 32nd wedding anniversary, and on that day back in California, we were sweltering in the heat and I was suffering from spring allergies!

Your little birdies are as confused as mine; the other day we had a thaw of 45 degrees and immediately, the birds came out to sing. Then we dipped back to -20. The earth is so confused, poor Mother Earth!

My spring break comes at the last week of March and is one week long into the first week of April..GLORY BE! Now you are going to enjoy two full weeks? YIPEEEEE! I so hope you will be able to putter around in your garden! I hope to at least do some much needed spring cleaning!

Much love to you my most precious bluebird of happiness, Anita

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Koralee, I'm *SOOOO* excited to be the winner of your generous and exciting giveaway! I use cards a lot to correspond with friends and family and am thrilled that I'll be able to use your little works of art!

*T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!*

I'm off on an adventure, I'm glad I saw your note first!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

sky-blu-pink said...

Friendship is indeed an honour and a privilege - I treasure mine. Thankyou for the bouquet. When it stops raining, I hope Spring will be just round the corner!

Seawashed said...

How wonderful. Sorry I missed it. Your artcards are so lovely and cheerful.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Congrats to the sweet winner! Wishing you a lovely sweet Sunday!! xo Holly

Dagmar said...

In agree, friendships are so,precious and your friendship means so much to me...I saw there is more snow in BC..sending you love and sunny days ahead! Xox

It's me said...

Love you....x !

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Congratulations to Teresa! I know she is thrilled. I thought of you yesterday...we went to a park called Bluebird Park. Sweet hugs!

emilyandtheyellowhouse said...

We're mostly winter here yet. It will be good to see daffodils again!

Claudia said...

Congrats to the happy winner and Thank you again for this loevly Giveaway!
Have a wonderful new week, my dear friend!
Love and hugs

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Congratulations Teresa! Koralee, your blog is beautiful, of course we can't help but continue to visit. Beautiful words are always accompanying it too. Have a great week.

Helen Philipps said...

Congratulations to Teresa, a well deserving winner! Your cards are so pretty, Koralee, and you share such sweet sentiments with us.
Wishing you a happy week ahead.
Helen xox

Martina said...

Bits and pieces of spring are behinning to sjow here - yes! Awww, i love the lighter mornings now! Cheers to a lovely week, sweet friend!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Congratulations to Teresa, she will be thrilled as I know how beautiful your cards are, love mine and the beautiful sentiment, thank you.
Happy week, dear friend

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, Spring is coming and going here from one moment to another. Today it felt like Spring with gorgeous sunshine, then pouring rain.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner! Your beautiful bouquet has lifted my spirits today - thank you, sweet Koralee. Have a good week - hugs xo Karen

Crafted by Carly said...

I love visiting you here - your beautiful photos and wise words always make me smile!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Good advice. Those people can usually see the not-so-greatness parts, too. But because they love us they focus on the things that will make us become better people.
Congrats to your winner!

Palomasea said...

Amen to that! How precious friendship is.
Congratulations to the lucky winer, what a treat!
Sending love and friendship your way, dear Koralee...
- Irina

Taci simmons said...

That is so exciting my dear friend Teresa won... You are so generous Koralee. I'm so happy for her :)