Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~ Take Note...A Letter from Me? ~

please take note this is very note worthy information
adorable sketches + pastel paper= pure stationary bliss
a while back I won a giveaway from the lovely kara
i received 3 packages of the sweetest note cards ever in the mail
her illustrations are simply amazingly lovely
{thank you ...thank you ....thank you....thank you....thank you kara}

perfect for my little bluebird notes

fifi in paris

chandelier love

kara has a new holiday line of cards and tags
{which i could not resist}
please please check her blog out here
{she is having another giveaway soooooo hurry over }
check her lovely shop out here

i am now officially hooked and i so want to get back
into the art of letter writing....
i wish i knew all of your addresses....i would write you a note
really really i would {will}
{if you have my email address send me your address or give me your email address so i can email you and get your address.... i promise i will send you a note on one of my new note cards...i love mailing letters all over the world...something romantic about it...dropping the lovely stamped letter in the mailbox and watching it go me crazy but it gives me the tingles...imagining how many places it goes to before it gets placed into the recipient mail box....the excitement of the recipient...oh i should of been a mail lady.....remember... .all i need is your address and you could have one of kara's lovely note cards addressed to adorable you from little old me xoxoxoxo}

you all deserve a thank you note for visiting me
and another one for leaving such heartwarming comments


Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Beautiful note cards. Lucky you!

Terra said...

I would love a note from you, and will send you one back, since I like the old snail mail letters and notes way of communicating.
My email is thekilns at excite (dot) com and when you email me I will send you my snail mail address.
The cards are very cute.

Andrea said...

OOH la la...I love the poodle.

Blessings, andrea

Maria Confer said...

Kara's work is so very gorgeous!! I absolutely adore her cards!

{kara} said...

Oh hello Koralee! You are soooo sweet! thank you so much for all your sweet words about me! I am giddy!

10 Minute Crafter said...

Oh such lovely stationary! Simple but perfect.

I would love to receive a note from you! I'll write back too : ) My email is near the top of my blog page!

Sheryn xox

trishie said...

I like the one with the poodle, so cute!

Unknown said...

Dear Koralee, this is such a heartwarming post! Congratz on winning these lovely cards! I would LOVE to receive a written note from fun and thoughtful! Thank you sooo much coming up with such a lovely idea! Have a lovely merry happy day and LOTS of love to you!


Gypsy Purple said...

Love thechandelier and the poodle one`s...yes I`m afraid we are loosing the art of letterwriting...such a shame

Vicki said...

Hello, Koralee,
Kara's notecards are very sweet. I have been quite concerned that letter writing was becoming a lost art. I would love to receive a note from you. That would be very nice. My e-mail is at Bunny Cottage on my profile page. Blessings to you, dear friend. Vicki p.s. Please put your return address so I can drop you a note, too.

Rheea said...

Wow.. beautiful notecards you've got, lucky you! And it was so sweet of you to want to give them away, Koralee! I love all her simple and pretty illustrations. Thanks for sharing these with us. I'm going to check out her blog right now. The next lucky winner could be me!! :D


Love the Decor! said...

Love these cards
You should check out Fifi's blog too she does great prints and note cards. Yes the one with the ooh la la is about a real person

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Are you the cutest thing ever? I believe so!

The art of letter/note writing must return! My favorite thing to do in the entire world is to write notes and send them on their sweet little journey to make someone's day!

The chandelier cards make me swoon! said...

I adore the chandelier illustration.

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Such pretty cards! What a lovely gift.

Jeanne Oliver said...

I love her notecards too....,and i love all paper products in general.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous note cards, Such a wonderful gift! Have a sweet day!

SLR said...

love that poodle! thanks for sharing!
Stacey @ A Sort Of Fairy Tale

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Koralee,congratulations on your prize!!!They are really special cards for a special person.Who else would suggest doing somthing that is such a labour of love in a really hectic schedule just for the sheer joy of it.The greatest joy in my life is giving unexpected presents, these are the best kind! I adore the fact that when ever I return to your blog I feel like a little kid excited all over again, about what I might find, life should be full of little magical moments like these! Sharon xxoooo P.S I would love to receive a card from you. My address is- Sharon Gibson, 16, Milking Stile Lane, Lancaster, Lancashire,UK,LA1 5QB

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Such charming illustration!
That poodle sure has an attitude...haha*

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh Koralee, you lovely crazy chick! Are you quite mad? I believe you are!!! I shall take part in your letter writing revival on the strict understanding you include your address in the card! Deal?

Love Sarah x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Me again! I cant find your e-mail address, I think you can find mine by clicking on my profile? let me know!

Sarah x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh, I'm so with you Koralee. I love letters and it's such a shame that it's a practice that will probably soon die out completely. I am having trouble obtaining email addresses from peoples profiles. If you could email me with your email address, I will send you a beautiful letter from England. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Oh they are sweet!I love Fifi in Paris!My email addy is cant wait to hear from you.

Kellie Collis said...

My lovely best friend kate is crazy about stationary too!x

Unknown said...

oh we would make wonderful neighbors :) you're so sweet! i too love a handwritten note seems that some have forgotten how to write. after my grandfather died we found out that he wrote letters all the time to many friends. he kept tons of notecards on hand to do so. these notecards are just beautiful and so lovingly done, you can tell! have a beautiful day. xo susan

Magdalena said...

Koralee, I'm with you!! I just love sending and receiving little notes in the mail. Her work is so adorable, love the poodle. If I am so fortunate to receive a little note card from you its going up on my inspiration board in my craft room for all to see!!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Koralee, I love those little cards! Karyn at French Charming actually sent me a set of Fifi in Paris and they are precious! I would love to do a card exchange too... my email is Bisous... Julie Marie

Jill said...

Oh! what absolutely delightful cards!!! and how simply amazing your sweet offer to send a post off to all your readers! You are such a doll!

LuLu said...

can i just tell you how sweet and fabulous that sounds... beautiful notecards being sent around the world from YOU, it's like sprinkling fairy dust all over the world when someone opens their mailbox! I want to send you one... for your heart is full of sunshine,
my email is:

Unknown said...

I just discovered Kara's blog recently and you're right, she has really wonderful note cards! I love the ones you won...have fun writing your letters (love this idea)!!

:) T

Sue said...

I love all things paper. I still get very excited when the school supplies come out and seem to end up with crayons and notebooks in my cart! I can't wait to check out her stuff. What a wonderful thing to win, the nest is so perfect for you.


Unknown said...

These are just gorgeous, I am heading over to her to see more :)

Winchester Manor said...

I have some of Kara's note cards too and I love them! What a fabulous idea Koralee...I'll email you my addy and when I get yours I'll send you one! I just love getting a old-fashioned hand written note!

Hugs and love!

Gabriel Girl said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Kissed by an Angel said...

I have left an award for your lovely blog over on my blog if you would like to come over and collect it!!

Kindest wishes and love xxxx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Please do, Koralee.I really want to send you one back. XXXX

Sierra said...

Oh I have seen her note cards before on my Etsy browsing, they are so adorable! I especially like the Paris cards. Hope you enjoy sending letters more frequently now, ha ha!

maría cecilia said...

Hi Koralle, I would love to receive a handwriting letter from you in the adorable note cards, but sadly where I live no postmen climb the mountain and I think I´ll have to figure it out how can I receive anything here where I live. I´m sure you´ll do what you promise to many other fans of your beautiful blog.
Muchos cariños
Maria Cecilia

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

I am with you there with letter writing and I know the tingling sensation it is when opening the mailbox and finding a lovely letter instead of a bill. My Mum, Sister and I still correspond every week.
The writing paper is so lovely and the French poodle is darling.

Have a happy week

Maria said...

This is such fun, Koralee... I stopped over to Kara's site... how sweet are those cards! I love all of them. I do have a few fav's but I'm going to take another look to see if she has an assortment set... Wouldn't that be great!?!
I'd love two of each!
God bless you, Koralee- You bring smiles to so many :D

Splendid Willow said...

ADORABLE cards! My favorite is the nest. I am going shopping for cards presto! And I so agree with you about correspondence being a dying art. I can't wait to send you a little personal note from Seattle! OX Monika


Cindi said...

Wow Koralee,

You are going to be one very busy pen pal! My email is I would love to share my address with you!

You are one very awesome, generous friend!!