Thursday, August 5, 2010

{turmeric & beets}

tie dye
cheap white ts
oodles of beets
turmeric powder
molly's friend

lets just say
a fun time was had by all
boy does turmeric stain
and the scent is still l i n g e r i n g in my home

{i will announce the winner of my giveaway in Friday's post
you still time to enter today}


Luiza said...

It´s so good to be back, just to wonder around all the blogs!!!!
Getting inspired =)!

Love your little experiment, very colorful =)!

Going on another trip, over the weekend, to Germany and The Netherlands,leaving tomorrow morning, but will be back before you know it =)!!

Have the most wonderful day!

harmony and rosie said...

I absolutely love the affects you've got there, beautiful cheery colours and definitely one to try with the kids this Summer.

Kate x

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Koralee Sweetie...

What a fun share today. These t's bring back such sweet memories of the 70's. I loved my tie dyed shirts. We had so much fun making them.

Looks like you gals had a wonderful time too. Just look at the color combinations and designs. Beets and tumeric powder. I have never tried that. But your results are phenomenal. I love the pinks.

What a lovely day you had. It sounds as though it will be remembered for awhile with the lingering odors. Time spent with family and friends...Priceless. So worth it.

Thank you for sharing today. I enjoyed my visit and the memories it brought about.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Vintage Home said...

...Love the tshirts Koralee!...r they for sale?.our youngest could use one
on her australian travels!.........Great artisitic job there!

PCovi said...

I'm staring at the zinnia on the right and the tanktops OH those colors!! I can't think of the smell of tumeric...but I think I will soon find out :)
Let's see a fashion show with you guys wearing these :)

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Those tank tops are gorgeous Koralee. I knew about beets as I have stained things with it before (not all on purpose)but I had forgotten all about tumeric...I may run out and get some!
Tina xoxo

Elyse said...



Teresa said...

Oh Koralee!
We are such KINDRED spirits!
We really are!
ONLY you though...would tye dye with real BEETS!!!!
The ts look so FUN & FAB!
We tye dye every summer when we spend the summer at the farm!
{not this summer though} :o(
I am the QUEEN of tye dye!
For years after high school...through college....and there after I was a counselor at summer camp!
I was ALWAYS in charge of the tye dye!
I run around in all kinds of tye dye tee shirts!
My niece Lily tye dye's boxer shorts to wear around.
So MUCH fun!
It really is a GOOD time!
Happy Day Sweet Pea!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your tanks are fabulous, so cool and colorful! I didn't realize turmeric had much of a smell but I guess it would on its own rather than in a nice curry dish where it is overtaken by all the other spices. :)

Best wishes, Tammy

rachel awes said...

these are awesome!!!!!!!!!
tied die loove! xox

Gloria said...

Beautiful! They match your flower (pic of the day) perfectly!! :)
At one of our family reunions my younger sister bought everyone white t-shirts and we did this tie dye as a fun project. The kids all had so much fun!!! Great memories!!
Have a fantastic day!
@}~`}~~~ Gloria

jeanette from everton terrace said...

They are great! I use these things to dye my Easter Eggs. Other great natural dyes are - coffee, onions, red cabbage, blueberries and cranberries!

Dogwood said...

What a fun summer of the '60 project. Those colors are wonderful and so bright. Fun.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You are one "hipped'" fun for Molly and friend and you....but yeah, the smell of tumeric leaves much to be desired! They look GREAT, however!

Oh dearest, when do you go back to school? I went back yesterday for a meeting. I have some new curriculum to learn!!!!


GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh what pretty color you got from those dyes!! The t-shirts look really lovely with the dahlia in the previous post! My Mom has some of the blue moonstone too.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Fantastic! I'm going to try this when we have a dry day here.

theUngourmet said...

We love tye-dye at our house! What a fun way to do it. My daughter comes home from camp today. I'll have to show her this! :) Happy Thursday to you!

Unknown said...

We love tie-die at our house too! In fact, as I was doing laundry the other day I commented on how many shirts my kids have done!

Yours are fabulous!!! What incredible colors - I love them! And the best part about it? "A fun time was had by all."

(Good luck with the smell though.)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How pretty...and fun! I'm looking through your posts and loving your blog! You are so positive and enjoy life! I'm going to add your blog to my favorites list so that I can come more often! ♥

Unknown said...

If this doesn't look like oooodles and oooodles of fun. You know I'm all about the dyeing of things. Mostly, the yarn. But, next time I will be thinking of the T and you my friend, should be thinking about a little skein of yarn thrown in the pot. I will teach you how to hook from there. Easie-Peasie....

Thanks again for you kind words today, On the mends and getting back in the spirit of blogging. Just needed a mental health day or two, to deal with some family stuff.

So just what does Turmeric Powder smell like,
Kate - The Garden Bell.

Sue Jack said...

Love the colors....rosy pink and golden yellow are wonderful! How brave you are to take on such permanent dyes, too.

Looking forward to your future daughters and I always love them!


birdie blue said...

so pretty! they match that beautiful bi-color dahlia on your last post.
the colors are so fresh and sweet, just like your blog!


Ana Degenaar said...

This is amazing! I love love love love love tie dye! Love it!

paperbird said...

how very creative and beautiful Koralee. They look so pretty drying on your line.

Jessica said...

lovely colours! thanks for your wonderful blog; it makes me happy
would love to enter in the give-away!

many greetings Jessica

Ticking stripes said...

Wow - to dye for!

It's me said...

Wowwwwww....amazing...i like these colors..........lovely day Ria...

Ingrid said...

Hi Karolee,I love the colors too!!real summer!


Anonymous said...

Busy bee you are always.Its nice, and well worth the time to share with your daughter.Im afraid beets and me wouldnt work, lol.I would have them everywhere.Happy friday ahead!

Faded Plains said...

How cute are so wish we were neighbors ;o) said...

Nothing wrong with that kind of smell lingering would make me want to cook a curry!

Cristie said...

Tumeric is deadly in the kitchen for leaving stains, I can only imagine using it in large quanities! Oh, my! Brave, adorable woman you are :)

Stop by my blog if you get a minute, I have a give-a-way of a cookbook with an artist work that I just love.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, how fun! Reminds me of the seventies all over again.

Maria said...

Hey Koralee!
I wonder if that was one of your "wild and crazy creative projects!!!

Well... your project may still smell a bit...
but at least it's "all natural" and you won't have to worry about the chemicals!

They came out great! Now you should all go out for rainbow sherbet together :D
~take care dear ♥ ~

Anonymous said...

That was fun...Super Mom...

Love the flower too...

Can we expect a post of 3 chicks modeling tie dye ts???


Cathie said...

they look great, reminds me of high school experiments.
that turmeric really does stain! we use fresh turmeric & the chopping board is permanently yellow.
happy friday sweet one.

p.s could you please email me your address

nerines said...

Oooh they're so very pretty but :) xo

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Oh this brought back such happy memories, we used to do the same tie dying and yes, I remember how they used to stain the wooden spoons and everything.
Love all the pretty tees you have made.

Have a happy weekend

NENSA MOON said...

Those all lovely Koralee!! I love it!
Have a great Friday!!

Sue said...

Well, it has been a long time since I tie-dyed anything! It sounds like fun...but, I think I might have liked them better in your signature robin's egg blue and rose! I don't think tumeric is my color!

Sarah B said...

What fantastic results!

à la parisienne said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creative flair and gorgeous use of vibrant colors!

Have a great weekend!

vintagesue said...

love those tanks!!! i used to use those spices to dye paper when i was in art school and needed cheap supplies!! spices work tumeric works great, but the smell does linger...that is for sure!
love the idea of tie dying. super fun!!
thanks for sharing.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Girl, you really know how to have a good time, don't you? :) I was a young, YOUNG girl the last time I dyed something like that. :)

Lisa said...

I love the tye dye,,,brings back memories, I used to have some just like these! Dare I wear one at my age, YES!
Sorry I've been absent, but I'm back.

Be well,

Unknown said...

They look great!! :-)

Martina said...

What a lovely color combination - reminds me of experiments in my own teen-days. I loved to buy grandma underskirts and nighties and jazz them up with dye and paint.
I'm glad the mag arrived safely - and it didn't even take that long to get to you! Thanks for your sweet reply, so glad you like it. The flower buddies are so inspiring - and so is Elsita, the woman who did them. See you at friday pretties! xx, M.

D. Jean Quarles said...

Those turned out awesome!

KarenB said...

Very fun! I can't wait to see them on!

Rizzi said...


DaShannon said...

awesome! sometimes creativity just stinks... i mean in a good way!

K A T H L E E N said...

ive always wanted to try making tye dye shirts they look great! come follow me xoxo