Monday, May 9, 2011

~comfort food~

what foods give you comfort?

I have many

be good to yourself today



Unknown said...

Hope you had a great mother's day :)

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

....all i can think of is PIZZA !!!! my favorite food... looks so very pretty here today....

so HAPPY to stop by for a's been too long, my friend

sending love.
kary and teddy

Coco Rose Diaries said...

I have done way too much baking recently, so now I have to be good! Fruity yoghurt topped with more-ish granola is my food of choice at the mo..........ummmmmmm yum yum!!!!!!!!

Have a super day my lovely!

Vanessa xxx

Anonymous said...

Almost every food gives me comfort for the exception of snails (ahem) escargot, crawly things from the ocean, and foreign little weird raw eggs.

Shelley in SC said...

Hot casseroles that remind me of my childhood . . . scalloped potatoes and ham, macaroni and cheese, chili relleno casserole. Needs to be very high in carbs, protein, and fat. ::sigh:: Which is why they are not served often in my home. And why I remain . . . uncomforted : ).

i.ikeda said...

So many I couldn't count them on my fingers. I like food, especially cooking it. I will certainly try to be good to myself today, as soon as this exam is done with. :)

Hugs to you on this lovely beginning of the week. Xoxo

Rubyred said...

Hello Koralee,
for me it would be a bacon sandwich with brown sauce on, or risotto, or cheese on toast!I'm sure I have many others too!
Just found you on Facebook today, I am totally confusing myself with the whole thing!
Love your photo!
Rachel x

Unknown said...

Hmmm, a good comfort food for me is soup!!! I especially love crepe soup!
Have a great week!
Chris :o)

Lesa said...

I have too many..

Rizzi said...


Unknown said...

I am not really a comfort food eater i go the other way and don't feel like eating. But a bag of Dolly mixtures would put a smile on my face if i sat down and ate a whole bag ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee xx

Libbie said...

Trust me...I was toooo good to myself yesterday :) I have to be good to myself this week by not eating comfort food ;)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

That's a very pretty bowl, the soft pink is gorgeous. A sandwich with cheese for me, please ;)
I bet you started a countdown sweet friend. Molly will be home soon.
Love to you xxxxxx

Pauline said...

Just about everything I eat, lol, see current post :o)

The Indigo Sessions said...

my mama's home-made organic pizza :-)

x x x

Come and visit us!

It's me said...

That looks good!! favorite food......hmmmmmmmm........i like sushi the most i think........lovely week

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Koralee! Oh, that picture just about tells what my comfort food is: CEREAL WITH FRUIT!!! I love my oats and blueberries or yogurt with raspberries and cocoa powder! YES! SOOOOO GOOD!

I just got back from the doc's and she was not concerned about the pain. My range of motion is excellent and no arthritis symptoms. She said that by the sound of the symptoms that it is a ligament injury! YEAH....every thing else looks good so I will just move on now and get ready for school tomorrow and keep eating that cereal/comfort food!!!!

How are you precious? How is your back now? Any more news???? Whew, for a while there, we were having some real problems, weren't we? IT IS SPRING HERE, FINALLY! We got a beautiful hail storm this morning and now the gardens are so happy, and so am I!!!


Ana Degenaar said...

It even gives me comfort just by looking at it.

Pretty Zesty said...

That looks lovely!

Lets see. I think I have two different types of comfort foods.

1) The kind that makes me feel good while eating it but then I feel like crap: mac n cheese
2) The foods that makes me feel good while eating and after: an amazingly fresh fruit salad OR broiled salmon. My favorite way to cook fish. :o)

fee @ chipper nelly said...

I find i can be comforted by pretty much anything food wise...but my comfort food of choice (and sometimes no choice - just driven to eat it) is toast!
Has to be cold toast though - I'm fussy about how it comes and prefer to make it myself!
fee ♥
(found a birdhouse full of family blue tit today - off to see if any of my dodgy looking photographic evidence is blogable!)

Unknown said...

Ice cream.......

Pinecone said...

Pasta, pasta, pasta!!

Gloria said...

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, panocha (brown sugar) fudge, chocolate fudge, cinnamon rolls (all of these made by my mom), and Mexican food (enchiladas, rice, beans, tostadas)...the foods my family went out to eat growing up! :)

Due to my mom (& dad) living so far away I have had to learn how to make all of these myself now! :)

I hope you had a very wonderful Mother's Day, dear Koralee!
I have said a few prayers this weekend for your back to be better. I hope your physio is going well, and helping you!


Unknown said...

oh my goodness ... food in general seems to be of great comfort to me!!! i am such a meat and potatoes girl and i love eating that but it has got to be really good chocolate. well, and that mint chocolate chip ice cream cone i recently blogged about! oh, and those brownies we made last night ... (see what i mean?!?!)

Unknown said...

Oh, Koralee, I flunked this for sure! Nothing healthy ... all sugar & spice & anything sweetly nice. Then throw in an occasionally Cheetos. Occasionally, fresh fruit ...

Bet I about made you sick, didn't I!

I am so bad, chuckle!

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day ~

5 Day GIVEAWAY, pop over.

Tash said...

Meatloaf, rice pudding, ice cream... I could go on ;) Your messages are the absolute best Koralee :) Have a wonderful week my friend!

michelle said...

Anything sweet!! I am not picky. :) Actually food in general is comfort but I am really carving ice cream right now!
Have a wonderful day!

Kaylia Payne said...

Wonderful like always :) This week has been allll about comfort food for me, as lame as it sounds it makes me feel so warm and cared for :)

By the Bluegrass said...

Ice cream! I just love it so much! Baskin Robbin's mint choclate chip and pralines and cream, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and Grater's black raspberry chip. OMG! Also, I love anything that my mom made when I was little.....soup beans, this special slaw that is made w/ vinegar, beef brisket, homemade vegetable beef soup and her chili are my favorites!!! She still makes them for us on a regular basis and now they are my kids favorites as well.

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Mmmm, let's see . . .
Macaroni and cheese
Mashed potatoes with butter
Chocolate cheesecake
and what do these things have in common? Calories!
You got us all thinking today Koralee! Thank you for a few minutes of creative indulgence - yum.
Love, Linda

Vintage Home said...

..rhubarb crisp...the best!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

I love comfort food, especially in winter with a nice bowl of soup, or stews or casserole.
Lovely post and wishing you a beautiful week


Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Koralee, happy mother's day and i hope you had a lovely merry happy celebration! Loving your gorgeous happy image. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


Alessandra said...

My comfort food is this one

but you know that already :-)


Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
Hmmm there are so many foods that comfort me ... Tonight, after doing some last minute grocery shopping, I simply made a piece of toast with a tiny bit of butter and enjoyed it with a cup of tea and milk. Even that can be so comforting.
Wishing you lots of joy and sunshine this week!
*blessings to you*

Anonymous said...

PASTEL DE CHOCOLATE ! y todo lo que tenga chocolate.

CHOCOLATE CAKE ! and everything made of chocolate.

June said...

Hi sweet Koralee,
When I think of comfort food I always think of a good vegetable stew, or maybe a scalloped potato bake. I am an Idahoan afterall. heehee
Chocolate always does the trick too.
sending hugs...

Angel.Pearls said...

Koralee..I'm so surprised and happy about your order!! Thanks, I'll send it to you tonight!! Sweet hugs and a great day to you/ Eva

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Koralee,

I seem to have periods where certain foods have to be part of my day...these days it's French Toast with confectioner's sugar and syrup. YUM ♥

Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie ♥

lilybets said...

...all!.I'm like a little pink pork!.Especially pasta and pizza,mussels and fish!.

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Oh..too many to mention here lovely friend!...our kitchen is always a hive of activity...
Have a great day Koralee,
Susan x

Aprendeconvale said...

a home made chocolate cake and a cup of Italian coffe...:-)))

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU ARE ABLE TO RIDE YOU BIKE AGAIN????NOW THAT IS FABULOUS NEWS, KORALEE!!! We seem to getting back our mojo at the same time my dearest! We really fell into winter's chilling and stiffening grip there with the injuries, but now that summer is on its way and stress will be reduced, we can get these kinks out of our system! I am SOOOOOOO happy to hear you are on the mend and wow am I relieved that SO FAR, I am fine. Further blood tests that I have to schedule will HOPEFULLY rule out lupus, but the doc thinks the rash on my face is merely roseaca. I have had that before and it seems similar. YEAH!

Now to get to school and see what damage (teeeheee) was done while I was gone!


Martina said...

Comfort food - hmmmmm, i have many too! A hor veggie soup. warm bread with paté and rosé wine, mousse au chocolat, anything with whipped cream .... am starting to get hungry! Lovely photo, as always! xx

Lulu and Co. said...

oh i adore comfort food....flan brings me comfort {custard goodness} makes me think of my mother's kitchen!!!!
and of course my daily latte brings me comfort!!!
here's to good things!!!

Ruth Yoder said...

hmm..comfort food. .iced coffee?...vegetables baked with cheese in a cream sauce. i'm in!Hope you are doing well!

Unknown said...

I've started to try eating better and healthier and my comfort food today were two chocolate eggs filled with caramel after I got frustrated about only eating salad ;D

Once again I love the picture! Simple and so pretty and yummy!

Anonymous said...

lots of different foods
but today it was a sweet
orange cranberry muffin
that i had with my morning coffee :D
love your always

paperbird said...

I love seed toast with eggs cooked over medium- It is one of my very favorite comfort meals.
I find so much comfort here visiting your pretty blog :-)
Thankyou Koralee for the goodness you share and for the sweet comments you always leave my way.
Have a beautiful day sweet one~

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Potatoe, potatoe, patatoe.....

Sue said...

Mashed potatoes and gravy...mac and cheese...mmm, all things I'm not eating right now!