Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~my new fetish~

lately I have had a hankering for
 doilies and vintage wallpaper

doilies are being pulled out of granny's closet
and can be found everywhere 
recreated into anything from lampshades to handbags
bunting to bracelets
I have found oodles at my local charity shops..le cheapo to boot!
I always feel bad cutting them up as I know some sweet granny spent hours of love creating them.

On the other hand I never feel bad about cutting up my rolls of vintage wallpaper
just found a stash for .25 cents a roll 
I snatched them up so fast and ran out of the door before the store ladies could realize their 
true value 

Happy dance
{I felt like that lady in the old Ikea commercial......telling her husband to start the car and hit the gas}

a good day is even made better by
 a new panini maker.....fresh sour dough bread 
jalapeño havarti cheese.....plump tomatoes and pesto  
grilled paninis for dinner
the easy route



Anonymous said...

love the doilies,, I have quite a few my Gramma made,, I can't bring myself to cut them though,, she might be watching,, supper sounds good,

Alessandra said...

I have tons of doilies, some my mum made, the don't get used enough... any ideas?? :-)


Blondie's Journal said...

I've always had a thing for doilies...I think they bring us back in time!


Anonymous said...

I love when doilies are used for buntings and I love vintage wall paper and vintage gift wrap, I don't know why, I just do! Xoxoxo

Shannan Martin said...

I almost bought a stash of fun yellow doilies yesterday. Dang! I wish I woulda. :)

Maria said...

hi Koralee, I,m at Best Buy with Chris trying out tablets . . . talk about opposites today. Your vintage and all this high tech! You know I love vintage! Your description of vintage shopping is hysterical! You should see me try to type on this screen! I am not sure I can do without a 'vintage' keyboard :) ttyl *Maria

Marilyn Miller said...

A panini maker and vintage wall paper all in one day, what glee! Love vintage wall paper, I have a couple rolls I have been hoarding. Also have a couple large rolls of vintage fabric, also hoarding. Enjoy all!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YIPEEEEEEE WHAT DEAL DEAREST! AND PANINI??? We have been making it too with baguette, basil pesto made with basil from my GARDEN! SUN DRIED TOMATOES, SLOW COOKED CHICKEN...let's see, what else....OLIVES, SPANISH CHEESE and SPINACH! Ahhhh, has summer started for you? YEAHHHHHH! WE ARE ON A ROLL HERE! ANd I love your finds. I have done that before where I get a good deal then I RUN!!! HAVE FUN, Anita

Unknown said...

I can relate. I am so waiting for hockey season to be over so I can have my husband back!

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...


Love doilies!

~ Gabriela ~

Anonymous said...

I want to find some nice doilies to make a round lampshade for the living proving not easy here in Ireland, will continue tour the charities... :)

Teresa Kasner said...

Doilies.. I can't imagine cutting one up! Horrors! :-)
I have decorated out 100 year old farmhouse with antiques, so my doilies are used for the original purpose - decorating tables and protecting the tables from scratches from vases and other decorative items. I've even made doilies of my own. If you crochet a doily, you would never cut one again.. LOL

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Elyse said...

how fun, koralee!!!

enjoy your tv dinner with your sweetie!


Linda said...

That cake plate makes that pile of doilies look good enough to eat. It reminds me of ice cream!

Anonymous said...

I have been doily crazy, too. I have a room full of ideas, but no room to put them in!

i.ikeda said...

Jackpot three times over! You lucky lady! Love the doilies and the wall paper, but then on top of all that a new panini maker? *swoon* Can I come over sometime? *hint hint* Hope you're having a wonderful week. Xoxo

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

My Mother was one of those Ladies that used to be always crocheting and knitting doilies and pretty things and I have a lot of hers. Your new fetish is a neat one, aren't the old wallpapers wonderful.
Laughed with the thought of you being like the Ikea Lady and doing a quick getaway.

Happy Thursday

tinajo said...

That is lovely!

Haha - yes, but your blog is so big that if you offered you´d be totallt swamped! :-D So far the responses are possible to handle - no need for me to sell my home to pay for postage..! :-D

liz said...

What a happy bunny you must be, and rightly so. They look lovely. That Ikea advert is so funny, I can see you rushing out the door! Liz xxx

liz said...

Wow, I'm allowed to comment again. Whoopee! Liz xxx

Unknown said...

Textiles, of my biggest weaknesses!!! The possibilities are endless!
Have a great week!
Chris :o)

Deborah said...

Wow, love this post! well done on getting the vintage wallpaper out of there! ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning sweet one! I am wishing YOU a productive day in your classroom AND in your NEW HOME! Are you loving your new space yet? Is there a TON of unpacking to do? Another dear blog pal just moved into the sweetest little white Victorian cottage and she is now moved is such hard work, but I know you will make it a home soon. SO GOOD TO FINALLY GET INTO FB and see you! PAINT THAT PIANO WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE!!!! Now off to the LAST DAY of those teacher conferences. Oh dear, I nodded off a couple of times yesterday after lunch...not good!

BISES, Anita

It's me said...

How fun !! enjoy dinner with your love

andrea creates said...

those are some of my favorite things too :) i love adding doilies to my projects!

Barbara said...

I have a nice supply of doilies from my grandmother. The blue one you have in your cute pile is quite unusual.
A panini is the perfect dinner. I like brie and turkey best!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey K - I have a bag full of granny's doillies and need to find a way of making some of them into something else (have lots of ideas but no time! story of my life)
I can just see you scooting out the shop!
fee x

Ana Degenaar said...

Love THEM!

Anonymous said...

lovely finds sweet friend
haven't gotten into the wallpaper thing
but i love my doilies...
love the image of you running to the door
before the goodwill ladies their loss!!!
p.s. chocolates have melted away :D
{{{on my tongue}}}

polkadotpeticoat said...

They are just little works of art!

Unknown said...

Oh .. how I love old laces ... and do hate cutting them up but feel I am breathing new life into them for another generation to love... and wallpaper.. don't get me started there♥

Enjoy your panini grill.. it's next on my list!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Koralee,
I am sure that there are millions of grannies out there ( and, even up there !!) who are very grateful that their doillies are getting a new lease of life.
They are so pretty as is the wallpaper. I think that wallpaper is becoming very fashionable again, isn't it ? XXXX

fernandflora said...

that is quite a lovely fetish you have! So pretty and romantic...

And you're moving?! New house? Bigger house? smaller house? Near or far? You probably do need a cute moving headband, then don't you? :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I enjoyed this post very much and such unique pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend sweet Koralee xo xo xo xo xo

Madelief said...

Hi Koralee,

I have several rolls of vintage wallpaper in my closet as well. I love to use them to wrap presents in.

I never heard of the word 'doilies' before. I think it is a perfect word for those lovely crocheted cloths :-)

Happy day!

Madelief xox

Gloria said...

Very sweet doilies! I love them mom has made me quite a few. I love adding them to all my decorating displays. That vintage wallpaper is to die for too!! :)

Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend, enjoying your visiting daughter...& family.


Unknown said...

you are just too cute koralee! i can just picture you doing a happy dance! those doilies look adorable on top of the cake stand - very creative! i have seen them sewn together as a table runner recently and thought that was pretty darn cute too! have a happy day! xoxox

Unknown said...

Bless you, you did make me laugh with the ikea comment ;-)) ha ha ;-)) Great wall paper and i love a crochet dollie. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

jane said...

I can picture the scene, wallpapers tucked under your arm..doilies going everywhere...brilliant :) can't wait to see what you do with them
Jane x x x x

malia said...

how fun and you have made me ravenous with your talk of fresh sourdough! xo

Faded Plains said...

I love old doilies too...and in my office I have lots of vintage wallpaper scraps taped to my wall for inspiration.

Anonymous said...




Ciao Bella!


Rizzi said...

love your dollies and wallpaper.......they have the vintage look, and i love that. my gram made dollies all the time, and they were beautiful.
have a sunny weekend, rizzi

à la parisienne said...

I also LOVE vintage wallpaper...wish I could find some for a quarter a roll! I also love those doily bracelets that you shared in the other doily post. Your blog is always brimming with inspiration.

P.S. I saw in the Where Women Cook magazine that you are a contributor!!! WAY TO GO!
What a perfect match. I look forward to reading your features.
Bon week-end,

Pink Piccadilly Pastries said...

I just got back from a holiday relaxing at the lake and was treated to all of your posts that I missed!! It was like receiving a favorite magazine in the mail!! LOVE LOVE the cakestand full of vintage doilies!! I would love to find some vintage wallpaper for some cute projects! And I find myself all of a sudden craving panini!!