Monday, September 19, 2011


so happy to be back

St. Paul, Minnesota
was amazing

a big welcome hug
 to all of my new friends
that I met there 

this year cooking classes were added
so  being the foodie that I am
I just had to share with you
some of this yummy

 TasteBud's Floral Kitchen
a class presented by
lovely English tea treats
were so romantically displayed
using beautiful edible florals

the cupcakes at the 
Cupcake Farewell Party
were not only pretty but delicious

lots more to share with you
but for now I have to catch up with all of your posts I missed
can't wait to see what you all have been up to.......
leave me a comment and I promise I will stop by and visit you

Hugs and love for a great week
{it's back to reality for me}


Linda said...

You would post this around my supper time! Now I'd rather have a cupcake than cook a real meal! :-)

Sem Nome said...

So sososososososo...sosososo...soooooooooooooo delicious!!!!! Koralee, you rock!!
LOve, Bela

Unknown said...

Hip-Hip-Hooray... Did you read my mind? I for one can not wait another second to hear all about this trip. See each and every one of your new friends blogs. Get all the juice-c details. Welcome home KoraLee, you have been least here in my garden.... Guess I have to go and fix dinner now....but first...

Alessandra said...

ooooh, I would be right at home there with cakes and flowers :-).
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

Ciao and XXX

Lulu London said...

Oh noooo!! I didn't get to meet you there!

Sandra van Doorn said...

What asweet post! (literally!!) i wish i could try a few of these yummy, beautiful cakes.

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...


Love these photos, and those classes must have been amazing!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We're all excited to hear all about it! Did you take your sock monkey slippers! I have some of those! heehee! ♥

Hearts Turned said...

Sounds so wonderful, Koralee! So glad you got to go and soak it all in...can't wait to see all that inspired you, dear friend!


Marilyn Miller said...

Welcome back! I am so happy you had a wonderful time. How I would have loved that edible flowers for tea things. I would have loved so much about this event. Missed you!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Glad that you had an amazing time away and welcome back. The photographs are so beautiful and love the pretty colours and the food does look like yummy joy!

Happy new week

i.ikeda said...

Look at that gorgeous food! Hmmm, I may have to make some cupcakes soon, although they will be nowhere as beautiful as that one. Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Always so pretty, always so yummy to visit here with you Koralee!
I'm so happy to hear you had a fun time! I'm sure plenty were thrilled to meet you in the flesh...!

Ciao Bella


Anonymous said...

Drop in and enter my giveaway!

Ciao again


Blessed Serendipity said...

So many pretty sweet treats. You are making me hungry! I am happy you had some fun on your trip.

hugs and love,

Vintage Home said...

OH Koralee ..welcome home...Lucky us with sunshine today!
I am so happy you enjoyed yourself so much!...Yeah!
Enjoy your family and hope to see you sat!

Maria said...

So glad you had a wonderful time, Koralee!
I was there in spirit, imagining the incredible


of creative energy all through the air!

At my house, there is dust in the air :o)
Our kitchen redo is well underway, installers are coming on Saturday, so we have to be ready. We've done a lot already, still more to do before they come!

I can't wait to learn more about your time at the CC. Koralee, you never cease to amaze me! How much you have accomplished in the time I have known you!
God has blessed you ~ and the beautiful thing is that you multiply the blessings by sharing them with us ~
Thank you for being such a dear ♥

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a great time!

polkadotpeticoat said...

I'm so glad your back and you had fun!

red ticking said...

that big blue rose brought back a wonderful memory and also made me almost taste a bit of frosting that i loved at a child. i remember my birthday cake and although i would gag now... it was one of the best things i ever tasted in my life...

have a wonderful week darling friend... xoxoxoxoxo

tinajo said...

Just wonderful - and glad you enjoyed your time! :-)

Teresa Kasner said...

I just can't imagine how amazing that conference must have been. All women, all crafty stuff.. wow. I look forward to hearing more about it and seeing photos.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

manon 21 said...

Magnifique ,vive la gourmandise.



It's me said...

Welcome back darling !!! yeah !! i am happy with that......lovely day...yammie food.....o from

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koralee, THAT was one magical morning for me to come down the escalator to the lobby and see you sitting on that bench; I KNEW IT WAS YOU even without seeing your beautiful face from the front....and then when I called out your name, you turned and it was you. Your reaction to me was so fresh and happy, our meeting was just what I knew it would be because the happiness you share HERE on your blog is really WHO YOU ARE.....thank YOU for a Saturday I will NEVER FORGET....and these creations are so lovingly captured by your talented eye for color and light. I am going to be blogging a post this coming Friday on my meeting with you. MAY I USE one of your pictures of your feet? know, one of these fabulous colorful photos where you photography your feet or a cupcake or something light and pretty? I will link back to you...let me know. It was just too magical of a meeting not make a post about YOU!

GLAD YOU ARE BACK and now, it is back to the clasroom, hey? I MEANT TO ASK YOU, how is your back????


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Yummy! Looks delish! xox

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Yummmm! everything looks delightfully delicious!I'm gonna need some sweet ideas for a special shower I have coming up in November. Glad you are back. Thanks for sharing!

andrea creates said...

looks delicious-i love that blue rose especially ;)

Anonymous said...

ah you absorbed more sweetness!!!
glad you had a great time & safe trip :D

Prudence said...

those cupcakes were good! I can't wait to see photos of the classes you took!
My wonderful hug from Koralee will get me through till next time!

Bring Pretty Back said...

All is right in the world because Koralee is back! I am so happy ypu had a wonderful time!!! OHHHHHH! Yes! Juggling it all is the hard part isn't it.
But... when you are doing what you love and are passionate about... doesn't it make it so much easier? And happier? YES IT DOES!
Have a pretty day!

GwendolynKay said...

Oh what yummy treats! I want that sweet blue cupcake.

Cindy Albert said...

Flowers and baked goods...two of my favorite things! My first job was in Solvang--Danish community near Santa Barbara. I visited the bakeries so often that I earned the nickname "cookie queen."

Have a wonderful week.

Lisa Graham said...

I keep running into things about the Creative Connection event. I first read about it on Kelly Rae Roberts blog (love her work) and now I am intrigued. Perhaps will have to make an effort to go next year.

Your blog is soooo pretty! I love all the colors and inspiration you have on here.


Jaci said...

OH Koralee! I love your blog! It was so fun to meet you and hang out with you at TCCE! I hope to see you next year!

Unknown said...

Welcome back... you know Dorothy was right... there is no place like home ♥
love the rose petal cake... yum!

Becky said...

Welcome back Koralee!It sounds and looks like you had a lovely time.Oh those cupcakes yummy,and so gorgeous.Best of wishes returning back to school.~~Becky

Anonymous said...

Those are so beautiful! Enjoy!

Elyse said...

can't wait to see what YOU'VE been up to, cupcake!


Sue said...

I'm always so impressed when I'm served something with an edible flower on the plate. Of course I have never been able to make myself actually eat one...but, it makes a meal so special!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

wonderful to have had the opp to experience such a getaway! i'm all about those cupcakes!!