Saturday, October 15, 2011

{blooming teacups}

pretty tea cups
some sweet grape hyacinth bulbs

looking forward to some
  blooming teacups 
to fill my home once
Mr. Winter comes calling

so easy to do
a my case a tea cup
some little rocks on the bottom
bulbs sitting on not cover with soil
more little rocks all the way around

May your weekend be filled
with joy and laughter

just a few penguin jokes from one of my students to help you get
started on the laughter part........
What do penguins wear on their heads? 
ice caps {cappuccinos}
What's a penguin's favourite footwear?


Unknown said...

How fun, teacup gardens. How do you do that & when?


Have a beautiful weekend.

Hearts Turned said...

Oh! I love the idea of spring bulbs in pretty perfectly perfect, Koralee!

I'll have to pass along those cute penguin jokes to my 2nd grade teacher daughter...she'll love them!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, dear friend...


Pink Piccadilly Pastries said...

What a wonderful idea! Again you have inspired me! I can just imagine how lovely the blooms look happily at home in the pretty teacups!! Oh, and thanks for the giggles from the penguin jokes! You are too funny!! xoxo Jina

Deb said...

I'll be back for sure to find out. Cute post. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Unknown said...

What a perfect way to start my weekend. A teacup of flowers already started. Thanks so so much for the reminder to start mine. I have to head out and get my tulips out this weekend too.

Hey, can I come sit in your class? I totally would have a hoot hanging out with your kids. What a great teacher you must be and oh, so much fun to have a Friday Joke telling time.

Sweet Weekend Wishes,

Kathleen Grace said...

Good idea. I always, always forget to plant bulbs this time of year. Too many things on my mind and the time for flowers seems past. I'll be looking for some bulbs now:>)

Sandra van Doorn said...

that’s going to look so pretty... (we can trust you for that! :)
have a great week end too, xo sandra

Blondie's Journal said...

The hyacinths are going to brighten your home!! And your jokes made me laugh!! Have a great weekend, my friend!!


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

What a great idea!


Sewn With Grace said...

Be still my heart! Love this!

Candylei said...

Very pretty teacups! I'm stocking up on gardening goodies too!

red ticking said...

one of my favorite things in life was drinking out of a little teacup at my grams house my whole life... and everything tasted better... because i was with her... still have the cup... such memories... xoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Bulbs in a cup is a great idea. I've never tried planting like that before but maybe I should give it a go. I loved all the ones I saw blooming around blogland last year for the holidays. Paper whites and something else that I can't remember the name of. My youngest son is always coming up with jokes he finds online and then shares with all of us. :) Happy day to you! Best wishes, Tammy

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Gorgeous Koralee - I havent received my bulbs yet, but I ordered them last week so they should be on their way, hip hip hooray. Your tea-cup choice is really pretty, I think I am going for an earthenware look, but will probably change my mind several times!
Have a brilliant weekend lovely,

Sarah x

tinajo said...

Lovely! Enjoy this weekend! :-)

Anna at the Doll House said...

Planting bulbs is a bit like saving for the future: there's such satisfaction knowing that, in time, we will reap the rewards.

I adore your idea of planting in teacups. I might even borrow it, if you don't mind.


Helen Philipps said...

What a gorgeous idea, so pretty! It's reminded me to get out my tea cups and plant some bulbs in them right now! In the summer I met a lady who sold vintage tea cups and she told me she planted tiny viola plants in some and had them in a row along the window sill. But tiny bulbs and a few chippings to stop the soil splashing....perfect!
Have a lovely weekend, Koralee.
Helen x

jane said...

I love that idea, I have some little cups so I'd love to do the same :)
ps I sent you a mail
happy weekend Koralee
x x x x x x x

Unknown said...

Much love to you, dear Koralee!!!
This cupcake is something!!!!!!!
love, Bela

andrea creates said...

what a pretty project! i bet you can't wait til they bloom :)

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...


What a fabulous idea!


malia said...

so pretty! i picked up a bunch of beautifully mismatched saucers yesterday at value village... your teacups would go beautifully with them!
wishing you a magical weekend

It's me said...

Like the tea cup !! enjoy a happy weekend....with love

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeeeeheeee.....I LOVE THE KIDS. They always make me laugh, die laughing, or on bad days, give me hugs that just make me melt. DEAREST! I HAVE HAD A WILD WEEK and on top of that, have a new email that gave me kiniptions!!!! AHHH! But I am all set up now and hopefully contact people with my new address. In the mean time dear one, I send you my love, my hugs, for I know how stressed the work week can be. I love this idea here for bulbs and I think I am going to try it with some grape hyaanchoieis....however you spell them!!!! LOVE YOU! Anita

polkadotpeticoat said...

I can't wait to see are always bloom'n with inspiration!

Jen Beaudet said...

Hi Koralee! As I love teacups and flowers; I love this idea! Thanks for being so creative! :) I miss reading you blog! Jennifer:)

Maria said...

Hi Koralee! Oh I do love the giggles and overflowing of joy that is in the hearts of fifth graders! And ... How their teachers work! It's another world with all the different teaching preps.

My fav consignment shop has hyacinths blooming in the winter. It is so lovely to visit there then. Their beauty and scent send warmth throughout the shop.
I love the teacup idea! Very sweet.
Happy weekend to you!

Martina said...

Spring flowers in winter is such a lovely idea - especially in teacups! Love the colors in your photos - so cheerful! Happy weekend to you!xx

FrenchBlue said...

Dear One,
I used to do this with my daughters! We would find a vintage teacup at the thrift shop and put wood chips in it with a bulb and watch it grow. They were always so amazed! Thank you for reminding me of those special days when they were little:)
Hugs and I hope your weekend is full of bliss!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

how fabulous! me being a person with a "black" thumb i don't usually think bulb...root...etc :) but this is a beautiful idea! thanks for sharing:)

The Pinkhouseladies said...

Owww what a LOVELY teacup :D so pretty :D! Have a great weekend :D!

Madelief said...

Hi Koralee,

Your pinquin jokes made me LOL! Being a teacher is not only rewarding, but fun as well!

I see you are already planting your bulbs. I hope I can do mine tomorrow :-) Love your idea of planting them in a teacup. It's must be a happy sight once the flower is in bloom.

Enjoy your weekend,

Madelief x

Libbie said...

Your jokes so made me are so a teacher :) Me too :)

I thinking a blooming teacup would make a pretty cute gift too! That is one pretty teacup you have there!

KaPaworld said...

so like like

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Koralee, now I want to go to the Goodwill and buys some cups then some bulbs. I need to know - do you have to put them near a window and do you have to make them cold first? I've never forced a bulb.
I agree with the others, I wish you would be my teacher.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Terra said...

Your blog is so upbeat and fun to visit, penguins wearing ice caps, ha ha.

Vintage Home said...

kids say the darndest things!.........I love having blooming things in winter...yeah for you....thanks for inspiring me!

B said...

You are too cute. xxx

GwendolynKay said...

What a delightful idea! I recently planted a small violet in a teacup. I like this bulb idea very mulch! :)

Karena said...

Koralee your blooms will be so wonderful when they pop up from the pretty tea cups!

Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway, I hope you will join!


Art by Karena

Mustafa Şenalp said...

Çok Güzel Site. :)

Rosie said...

Hello sweet friend,
How perfectly wonderful to here from you :)
Yes now that thanksgiving is over, and the turkey is all gone, we are completely consumed with decorating preparations...I will begin on Saturday afternoon and finish up on Sunday. Yes, Yes, if your free for an hour or two on Sunday, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN THE DECORATING PARTY!!!
My mom is doing much better thanks... the healing process will just take a bit of time. She has bought far too many magazines...giggle...we tease her that when circulation is down, Style at Home will just feature our house again. ;D
After our open house, I HOPE to get back to blogging again. I have missed it SO much...we'll see.
Looking forward to a good chat with you on Sunday if you can come...xoxoxo...Rosie

Jeanne said...

How darling those sweet grape hyacinths will be in those teacups. Great idea!

GardenOfDaisies said...

A little teacup garden certainly would cheer things up in the winter. A friend once gave me some forced paperwhites at Christmas... LOVED those!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

So, I pop over to my pals shop to take a look at those stockings and find they are all gone!!!! are they already parceled up with your name on? I need to be quicker of the mark!

I too have lots of cups needing hyacinths - off to plant some bulbs...fee ♥

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

I love your little tea cup Koralee...the colours are so pretty and such a lovely idea to plant bulbs in this way...
Hope you have a happy week,
Susan x

Rizzi said...


Marilyn Miller said...

In my house we have paper whites around the holidays in teacups and other containers. Thanks for the chuckles today.

Anonymous said...

that is a marvelous idea sweet lady...
and your tea cup is too cute :D
we have had good news from the dr and
enjoyed the weekend...leaves, blue skies,
apples and pumpkins...
have a wonderful week my friend :D

Blue Turtle said...

Pretty! Very pretty!

from Interior Design Pro

Unknown said...

Love your pretty tea cups! x

Dotty said...

What an amazing idea. Thank you so much for sharing. That's another one for the Christmas Prezzie home made hampers I'm creating :D x