Monday, April 2, 2012

for button lovers everywhere

my little edible button cookies
 were so fun to make

My question for you today is......
Why are buttons so irresistible? 
{we fill up jars and ooooh and ahhhh over them}


can't wait to visit you all life has been
crazy busy these past few days


Paula said...

Hello my darling Koralee! I love this beautiful photo! You make the sweetest vignettes! The blues and reds are so cheerful! I love the buttons and the button cookies! They do look like fun to make! You are so amazing sweetie! I love buttons too and love what you said about ooohing and ahhhing over them! I put them in vintage sugar bowls with no lids and vintage butter pats in my sewing room! I hope your sweet girl is home safe and that you all are having tons of fun dear friend! Much love to you! Hugs and x's~ Paula

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh my gosh... they are so cute!! No clue why they are so irresistible, but they sure are! ;)

i.ikeda said...

I do love buttons! I just love their versatility - you can add them to all sorts of crafting projects as well as keep them in more traditional uses (like your garments ^_^ ). And there are so many of them in different styles, colors, sizes. They're so much fun to collect.

Now those cookies... Yum! I'd feel bad eating them, since they look so cute. But I'm sure I'd get over that quick because they also look delish. Xoxo

Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
Those button cookies are soooo cute!
What a great way to use dragees!

I just love visiting here, Koralee... it's one of the most adorable and cheerful places.

I must tell you, I was chuckling to myself today ~ thinking of all the huge NY State tests coming after our spring break... How strict and difficult the rubrics will be ... and how appealing a "Vintage Scoops" ice cream truck career seems right now :o)
Thank you for my little mental escape from reality ♥

Have a happy week, Koralee!
Thank you again for the great button cookies idea!
{hugs} and blessings to you
always dear ♥
~ Maria

Lisa Graham said...

Because they are circular and come in all colors and patterns and they look good on everything. And now, I have learned just today that they are edible. Who knew? : )

GardenOfDaisies said...

CUTE cookies! I love buttons and have a big ol' collection... several jars... more than I can ever use in a lifetime. I can't help it. I think it's in my blood. One of my grandmothers was a dressmaker. It's a good excuse anyway.

somepinkflowers said...

Thanks ever so for the button cookies!


{{ my button*love
Came 2 me from my grand~mother
who fortunately lived next door
when I was growing up ...
I still have her old mason jar
which held these little treasures.
Lucky me ! }}

Jen Beaudet said...

Omg! Those are adorable Koralee! I love them! I know, what is it about buttons? I love them! You inspire me to bake something!
Have a great week:)

Unknown said...

Oh they are so cute! They are indeed irresistible....

Teresa Kasner said...

I guess we love buttons as they add so much character to our clothes.. they're like little works of art. I especially love the mother-of-pearl vintage buttons. I have an antique milk bottle that is filled with old white buttons.. kind of like milk.. it's so cute!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

It's me said...

Nice nice nice !!! from me to you.....spring kisses !!

found and sewn said...

I think we like buttons because they are small and pretty and your button cookie look yummy x

cafenoHut said...

Because they are so cute. Small, colorful and when you use it with so many things.

Your cookies are great...

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Tose cookies are amazing! wish I could have one,lol, they look so yummy and pretty! i do have a love affair with buttons and have a big jar full passed down from my grandmother as well. My daughters have inherited this love too, yay. We planned a whole bridal shower around the beloved button. (i blogged about it in great detail last june :) ) Please keep baking, Koralee!
Hugs to you!

Helen Philipps said...

Love LOVE love your button cookies and real buttons, Koralee! I don't know why we all love buttons so much...the variety, colours, shapes and most of all the potential of sewing them onto a little creation or two?
P.S. The magazine hasn't arrived hoping today :-)
Helen x

tinajo said...

I know - aren´t they just so pretty and colorful?! I loved buttons as a child and I still do! :-)

Anonymous said...

Buttons are the perfect accessory to just about anything! I love to fill up old Mason jars with Vintage buttons. Or shiny new buttons!

Such a sweet post. Everything about Bluebird Notes brings my day that much more happiness. Thank you for being you Koralee! xoxo

francis said...

My first thought was grandmother ....she had this beautiful box filled with buttons and I was allowed to play with them .
Magical experience , to feel them to look at them and to order them .
Later I always had something with buttons ....fleemarkets ....
When I became a teacher I had a beautiful box filled with buttons in my classroom .
The little ones liked playing with them as much as I did .
Ther is so much to learn just by playing with them
Once ....on my birthday one of the mothers from my school gave me this very beautiful little box with the most beautiful very old buttons .
I treasure it still ....
Not only the box but the idea someone does something like that for you .....
I love surprises .
Thank you for reminding me sweet Koralee

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

See....SEE??? THIS IS WHY KORALEE is so special. You take an ordinary object and give it NEW LIFE....those cookies are just fabulous my friend, and of course, your color choices are close to my heart.

WOW you are good! AND when your book comes out, I am getting it ASAP. You have been busy, haven't you precious.....GOD BE WITH YOU MY DEAR and this Sunday, let us all remember that we are alive because JESUS LIVES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Have a splendid day, Anita

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Like many people my fascination with buttons began when I visited with my grandmother. I was allowed to play with her special button box (and also got to push the treadle on her sewing machine). Great memories and I suppose that's why I seem to collect buttons now.

Hearts Turned said...

Oh,so adorable, Koralee! I don't know why they're so irresistible, but I've got jars & jars full of vintage buttons, too! LOVE your sweet cookies, as well! You've always got something sweet & lovely baking, don't you?!

Thanks for all you share, dear friend...wishing you the loveliest of lovely days...


Gloria said...

Dear Koralee,

CUTE..CUTE! :) Your cookies look very yummy too!

I have always had a love affair with little..tiny objects. Buttons are just that! I think I have a flower button like yours, except I think mine is a vintage green color? I will have to go find it through my button stash and see...:)

Happy day to you, sweet friend!


polkadotpeticoat said...

I think they are like little works of art.....they are like little bits and baubles of happiness...

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Koralee

How sweet are those button cookies
I watch my little girl playing with a jar of colourful dolly mix button, pure joy!

Take care


Unknown said...

Buttons and patches
and the cold spring wind blowing
The days pass quickly
when I am sewing.

Brilliant!! I love them.. my daughter and I are planning an "arts" night once a month with the local ladies.. thought it would be a good way to get to know new friends. Everyone brings their current project to work on and share and maybe teach .. these adorable cookies will be PERFECT for our debut ... many thanks for the very creative idea!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Those sweet little cookies are truly cute as a button. I have memories as a little girl sorting and sifting through my grandma's button box. Just a few years ago she gave me the box of buttons. They are like tiny little treasures and I still get pleasure playing with them.


Marilyn Miller said...

Just a few days ago I ran my fingers through my buttons in my jar. The feel of them delighted me. The search for the perfect one was pure JOY. Love, love, love your little button cookies.

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...


These are amazing!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh my, are these cookies? they look like felted ones, how in the world did you get these amazingly cheery colors in that cookie? Is there anything you cannot bake or create?
Have a most wonderful day, Koralee xoxoxoxo

Monica said...

Your button cookies are so cute. I'm not sure about the button fascination, but I do know that I just love buttons - all shapes and sizes.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

I always leave with a smile, and thanks for the lovely start to my day.
The button cookies are gorgeous and I love the pretty colours.
Hope you will be able to relax soon with the Easter break, dear friend.

Happy Easter

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Koralee
My grandma used to keep all her button in a large coffee can.. I can still remember pouring them out on the table and spreading them out.. I spent hours at the table just looking through them.
Brought back memories, thank you.
Your cookies look yummy!

wendy said...

Love those cookies, but seriously, I would NEVER attempt to make them.
Buttons are indeed very cool. MAYBE, it is because we know they buttoned up things that loving hands touched .....especially if they are OLD buttons.
who wore them, what garment did they adorne
that sort of thing

Tracey Fisher said...

Love those cookies. Yes buttons are irresistible. I always save them from all my new purchases but can never find them if I need a replacement. I just can't get around the martha stewart button binder idea - I don't have the patience. Sometimes one different button on a sweater is kind of cool ... right?

Becky said...

They are adorable,how cute.Buttons make me oh ah too.I have a small collection but I love them.

I hope your doing well, have a happy rest of the week Filia.(Friend)

Madelief said...

Dear Koralee,

Such a difficult question to answer.... It must be the different shapes & colours. Some small and shining, others looking like flowers or butterflies and some big with tiny holes in them...Just like your cookies! They look fantastic!!!!

I hope your girls will all be home for Easter. Wish you a Happy time together!

Lieve groet, Madelief xox

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh sweetie, those cookies cute at a button! Heeeheheheh!!!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. My granddaughter Honor (Mini~Me) has had a button collection from the age of about 2.5. She once gave me one of her "very special" buttons for my birthday. I glued it to one of her picture frames. Sweet!

When my MIL moved into assisted livin' my son, The Geek came back to her house to get her tin of buttons. Said Grandma put 'em on a string to make a whirly toy that he loved when he was little.

Buttons...fascinations...who knows???

God bless ya sweetie, I always enjoy time spent here.

Have a beautiful Easter Week sweetie!!! :o)

Sue said...

Ooo...the cookies are beyond darling! Can you really eat those turquoise balls? I'm not sure my teeth could take that! It is just a fun picture all the way around!

scarlett clay said...

I don't know why they are but they ARE! :) Lovely photo! I have two big jars of buttons..and no matter how many I take out, there always seem to be plenty more the next time I need some.

malia said...

How fabulous! Beautiful! Adorable!

Simple Home said...

Adorable, and so delicious looking :)
Happy Easter my friend!

Vintage Home said...

wow they kinda are the end in cuteness!
Have a good EASTER weekend Koralee!

Anonymous said...

They just are!

Love your cookies....makes me wanna bite right into the screen!

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

silvia said...

I love the buttons, I like the shapes and colors ... I would watch hours. I do not know why ... Congratulations on your buttons and your photos!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear one,

SCHOOL LIFE is going to roll so fast now that we only have TWO MONTHS to get the rest of the work done!!!! You are so kind to visit; I think of you often and hope that your smile is radiating to all!!!! IT IS GORGEOUS OUT HERE with our azaleas in FULL BLOOM!!! Back later! Anita

Sandra van Doorn said...

Actually i think anything you put in your pictures is irresistible! how sweet and beautiful is this one?

Palomasea said...

So beautiful dear Koralee....the button cookies! Sweet in every way...
Sending love,
- Irina

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

how do you do this my friend! how do you continually come up with the most amazing fun filled photographs! this is simply amazing and wonderful!!!!! now usually i hate orange and blue -- you see i am a NY YANKEE fan(in fact i bleed pinstripes...really : ) and the orange and blue make me think of the NY Mets...not a good thing trust me! Well it took me over a minute to realize the color scheme -- do you know how amazing that is!!!! : ) you probably think i am crazy : ) i ADORE THIS and I ADORE you!!!! hugs.....have a joyful Easter!