Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Brights........


Happy Summer
cantaloupe and  watermelon
are perfect for a hot summer day
and so easy to whip up 

recipe time
Cut up a cantaloupe or small seedless watermelon into cubes.
Freeze until solid; freezer bags work well for storing cubed melons in freezer.
Once melon cubes are frozen, put into a food processor or blender and puree.
To smooth out, add a little water. 
Sweeten to taste if you want to
Store in freezer until ready to eat.


 not much sunshine around here lately
has the Summer sunshine hit your area yet ?

more yummy recipes can be found in my book

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Willow's Quiet Corner said...

Mmmmmm . . . I'm going to have to try these! Especially when my Charentais melons are ripe and ready to go! **sooon** :D

Also, I got my hands on your beautiful book a while back! It is just lovely and full of great ideas/recipes! Great job! ! ! ! :) Thank you! It is a lovely addition to my ever growing cookbook library!

Genie said...

I received your book from the lovely people at Matthew Mead. Koralee, swoon, it is even BETTER than I imagined. Your beautiful daughters, mouth watering photos, easy to follow recipes, and the perfect size for my day tripping adventures.

Meet me in the kitchen.

xxxooo Eugenia

Blondie's Journal said...

This looks heavenly for a hot summer day. Thank You!

We are a little hot and humid today and we could use a nice rain to wash it all away! Hope you are enjoying your summer!!


It's me said...

Lovely !!!!...enjoy your midsummer weekend Ria...x !!

Teresa Kasner said...

What a healthy and fun option for those eating light! Thank you! I posted a fun pictorial of our sternwheeler cruise, hope you have time to pop over. Enjoy your weekend!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Koralee, how I love these recipes! But like you dearest, we have had more gray and wet days than summer sun. We had a horrific storm last night that brought down many trees on our street and the surrounding areas. We have no power and I'm coming here via an internet WIFI system at a local supermarket. Our power is not scheduled to come back until TUESDAY! We are in the dark at home, other than some battery candles! MUCH LOVE, Anita

ceciliaencasa said...

A simple, natural and healthy recipe with beautiful pictures.
I´m following your blog a little time ago. I invite to visit my blogs. Last Christmas I made with my daughter a recipe called "Christmas Ice Cream" in Bubuabela (my daughter´s blog). My next post in Bubuabela will be "Summer Surprises": mango ice cream bars.

God bless you !!!


emilyandtheyellowhouse said...

This looks like a great idea. :)
We've been having lots of sunshine here in Iowa!

Terra said...

This is a brilliant idea, I may try it. Cantaloupe and watermelon, yum.

Jolanda said...

Mmmmm, i love it! But the sun is gone in Holland and it's raining....lovely greetings:-)

Linda said...

Great idea...sounds very refreshing! We have lots of sunshine here! Happy weekend!!

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Yes it was a beautiful summer day here! This looks like a healthy treat to try for the summer. Thanks Koralee!


Marilyn Miller said...

These summer brights are so tempting and so pretty. No summer not here either. I made popscicles recently with pureed plums, a touch of sugar, and tea. Quite good.

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Now this is my kind of treat!!! I love "slushies" only these are a little more healthier than the ones I used to get as a kid at the 7Eleven :-)))))

Taci simmons said...

I looks so yummy and healthy. I'll for sure make some this summer!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

How utterly summery! :) x

francis said...

It is early sunday morning here in Rotterdam. june 23 and lots of rain rain and rain .......
So your beautiful colorful ice-cream post makes me smile .
And also your friendship warms my heart Koralee.
I want to make some mail but I am not doing to well
I am in so much pain and every day I hope tomorrow will be a bit better and I do it tomorrow .....
Tuesday I have a doctors appointment .....
This afternoon my youngest THOMAS comes by to bring me a HUG .......
Happy sunday and thank you for your sunshine-you !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning sweet girl.....

Thinking of you all. I will be out of town with no computer until late Tuesday; keep me updated, OK? LOVE! Anita

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Those looks so cute and very good for a hot summer day! Our day today is suppose to be a hot one with high humidity. Love that sweet blue dress in the picture :) Happy day to you! xo Holly

Martina said...

Wow, me and my sons are HUGE fans of melon, so i must try this on the next hot day! We always fight over our melons - tee her, i can't buy enough! Happy sunday to you!

Privet and Holly said...

I purchased myself
a refurbished Vitamix
for Mother's Day this
year, so that opens the
door to many lovely
recipes, like this one.

Now, we just need a
string of nice, hot days.
Actually, the days have
been warm but the evenings
the stormiest we've had
in a long time!

Happy Summer,
xo Suzanne

Madelief said...

Dear Koralee,

We could use some of your ice cream last week, but unfortunately this weekend is less sunny. The ice looks delicious! What a beautiful top your daughter is wearing (with vintage buttons?)

Happy new week sweet friend!

Madelief x

Crafted by Carly said...

They LOOK just like SUMMER!!! :-)
Wishing you a wonderful day, dear Koralee.....

Dagmar said...

Hi dear Koralee,
Heading your way on the 12 of July and back home probably the following Tuesday...I do love this post,
it looks so simple and delightful, a keeper for the summer time.
Hope you are well and enjoying this last week before your get the summer off! xo
Miss you!

Elyse said...

loving this fresh burst of color, sweet pea!

happiest summer wishes


♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

I'm wishing for some summer sunshine for us all Koralee and when I'm sitting in the garden with the girls this lovely recipe will be top of our list!...Only grey skies and rain here over the last few days!
Happy Tuesday,
Susan x

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

oh be still my cantaloupe LOVING heart oh...I love watermelon too : ) i am telling you ...your are connected to my brain wave...i was just thinking of the incredible cantaloupe green tea smoothie i had on the streets of nyc last summer and was craving it so badly...but i think this will do just nicely!!!! THANK YOU for a morning smile and a fabulous dessert : ) that's what we call a 2FER!!!! HUGS my friend!!!

Palomasea said...

This is so beautiful and refreshing...yummy! We are having quite a heat wave, and watermelon is in the I'll whip some of these up today, dear friend!
Wishing you sunny days this week, lovely Koralee...
- Irina

Anonymous said...

And you make it look all the more inviting with your gorgeous photography, friend.
Always a pleasure stopping by.

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...

Hello Koralee,

Watermelon, please! It's been very hot here in T.O.


Barbara said...

Nothing better on a hot day, Koralee! These look wonderful.

Monica said...

These look so good. Good weather is supposed to arrive here this weekend.I will have to give them a try. Have a happy day :-)

Sylvia said...

Looks great and really refreshing, Koralee !
Not much sunshine here either ...
Have a wonderful day,

Libbie said...

We LOVE frozen Watermelon...well frankly we would like it ANYWAY at all :) Summer JUST got here this week...even turned that air on...but I ACTUALLY THINK IT'LL BE OPEN WINDOW WEATHER AGAIN NEXT WEEK...OPPS Caps lock...didn't mean to yell :)

Vintage Home said... thankful for the long lazy days of summer ahead!