Friday, July 2, 2010

{petite doux cerise}

sweet cherries
are ready
just in time for
Friday Pretties
{pop over to joyce's pretty blog to see more pretties}

I am so much in love with these
little red bundles
that I have decided
to officially declare this weekend
over here at bluebird notes
{everything cherry all weekend long}
my advice of the day.....
Smile when picking up the phone today.
The caller will hear it in your voice.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Koralee dearest! Next to grapes and blueberries, CHERRIES ARE MY PASSION! In Greek yogurt with cocoa powder, cherries rule. Oh my goodness, I am so trying to get back into the rhythm of keeping up with everyone's speedy pace of posting every other day!!! HAPPY WEEKEND! And please, please tell Rosie I just can't get into her comment page! Anita

Libbie said...

Oh that shiny cherry would cheer anyone up! They are a fave around here too! Think I will pick up a bag today before heading to the pool with the gang! They will be gobbled up!!!

Unknown said...

Here in Nigara on the Lake, we are having a Cherry Festival tomorrow! You must be on the same wavelength as us!

Tammy @ said...

Happy CHERRY FEST! That photo is simply delicious!

Best wishes,

Jen Beaudet said...

Yum! I love cherries! I'm working on a painting right now that has cherries in it! But I eat them faster then I can paint them! Have a great weekend Koralee! Jennifer:)

birdie blue said...

love, love, love cherries!


PCovi said...

I will smile! I'm doing it now!
Our cherries have been over with for a few weeks now...I made Maraschinos and WOW I will never go back to store bought :) Better than chocolate I'd say if it weren't sacrilege.... ;)

Julie said...

I hope you have a wonderful Cherry Fest and a Happy 4th of July!

Dawn said...

Oh Yep! Cherries never last long here....I eat them like candy!
Thanks for your beautiful photos everyday....they make me smile. And YES...I will smile on the phone today!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Merry cherry, not to forget your image of the day, how gorgeous is that cupcake! With a perfect background, just perfect. Hugs to you always. xxx

myletterstoemily said...

lovely photo! you made me smile about the
phone, because i am such a curmudgeon
about that contraption.

some people think, "oh good, i wonder who
that could be?"

but i think, "why do people keep calling me?"
i sound terrible. must remember to smile
next time.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You are a peach dearest...thank you for letting our dear friend know about my dilema! And yes, mica powder is a dream! HAVE A FUN-FILLED DAY SWEET ONE! Anita

FrenchBlue said...

Dear Koralee~
I wish you sparkling magic stars and red, white & blue cupcakes all weekend long with a bowl full of cherries too!! Have a fun fun 4th with your amazing family!!

Martina said...

Will have a cherry feast to! W've got a HUGE cherry tree in the garden, and i'll go right home now and pick some ... :) Enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

mmmmm yummy! Love your photo!!!! I will definetly take your advice today and SMILE :]
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh those look so delicious! I have been eating some all week that a dear friend got for me at the local supermarket, they are so good this year! Have a great holiday weekend Koralee!
Tina xo

Gloria said...

Cherries, they are so pretty and sweet! Just like your blog! :)
Have a happy 4th of July weekend!
@}~~`}~~~ Gloria

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Koralee, i love cherries and their gorgeous red color! CHERRY FEST sounds fun!! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and lots of love to yoU!

p/s: Thank you so much for de-lurking with me on my little bubble space!


Catherine said...

mmmm... cherries! They really say 'summer' don't they?

Have the Happiest of Weekends Koralee!
xo Catherine

Rosie said...

yummmmmy cherries...check your email and call me at C

Sewn With Grace said...

I am really going to try your advice for the day, sounds like it would instantly change my mood as well! Have a wonderful weekend!

It's me said...

Hhahahahahhah!! i am alwats smile ......!!! cherries are my favorites!! yammie yammie.....happy friday pretties...enjoy your cherry

Unknown said...

Yipee. I've been having a sweet bowl full daily. The price is right comes to mind. I just love when they are in season...sort of like Artichokes. Cherry Jubilee, Cherry Jam, Cherry Pie, Cherry Juice w/ list goes on and on.

You are the sweet ice cream sundae gal to continue to stop by my garden and leave such sweet words and always with a big cherry on top to make my day.

Seriously, I'm off to the market and I'm sure there will be some cherries on tomorrow's table for the BBQ... Let's not forget the midwest corn on the cob, too....

Have a beautiful weekend, my friend,
Kate - T.G.B.

bellaboo said...

Have a very,merry,cherry weekend Koralee!
When I was a child I liked to put two joined up ones on my ears and pretend I had beautiful earrings! Oh,the things you remember!!

Bellaboo ;0)

Rizzi said...


Susan said...

I've been working very hard "cleaning the palace." :) So I've fallen behind in my correspondence! I hope your Canada Day festivities were FUN & FAB!
I'm imagining strawberry/blueberry shortcake with whipped creme and a cherry on top sprinkled with blue and red jimmies! That's what we call them here too!
I am hoping to pick up a copy of Romantic Homes when I'm out shopping this afternoon. Can't wait!
Blessings, my friend!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

coolest thought of the day! * SMILE*

Unknown said...

Mmm yes I do heart cherries, especially ranier cherries, yum!!!

Have a great weekend dear:-)

Ana Degenaar said...

Yayyyy! Happy Cherry weekend!

Luiza said...

That cherry looks delicious!!!
Think I´m gonna have some this weekend...
Sunday is picnic day!
Can´t wait =).

Have a wonderful weekend.


Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
Oh I love your picture today...
Even my sidebar is smiling :D

I will have to try Anita's idea of adding cocoa to Greek yogurt with cherries ... oh sounds heavenly!!!

No matter what was going on in the house at the time (with two boys and two girls) my mother would always smile when she answered the phone... we all still reminisce about that...

You have yourself a cheery cheery weekend
...with a cherry on top...


ps. my word verification is pregati --- italian for pray!

Jeanette said...

I think cherries are a happy fruit. I always smile when I see them.

Unknown said...

gorgeous cherry! wonderful tip for the day! am loving that cute cupcake! :)

have a wonderful weekend koralee! xo

Unknown said...

i love cherries! i hope you have a beautiful weekend friend. i promise to smile next time the phone rings :) hugs, susan

Anonymous said...

Sweet the picture of the day!

and the fav...hubby shops and always brings cherries, blueberries & bananas. i have all 3 in the kitchen wonder i hibernate all weekend...the goodies are here :D

have a super weekend dear friend...


Martha said...

I think that is perfect to declare it cherry weekend...such a pretty picture...Happy 4th to you

Anonymous said...

I love the idea; - cherries, gorgeous colour, yummy fruit.
Have a glorious weekend x

Debbie said...

I am going to celebrate Cherry Fest here in my home this very weekend in your honour dear Koralee...we love cherries!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!!
Love your telephone and the world smiles with you!!!
Cheers (or should I say "
Debbie xo

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

The cherry looks so sweet and juicy and must be wonderful having them in season now.
Enjoy your sweet cherry fest weekend, have a fabulous time.
You are so right with putting on a smile, when you answer the phone.

Blessings & hugs

ps. many thanks for visiting me and the kind note you left, for Victoria.

Kellie Collis said...

Smiling can be heard in your voice! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Cherries are a Christmas treat over here in NZ! Have a lovely weekend Koralee.
P.S Love your advice today. So true!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I adore cherries! Mmm I must go buy some for the 4th :) I love your tip for the phone. You are such a joyful person. I love how your joy shines through your blog! Happy 4th!

Irene b said...

lovely, you and your blog!
irene valdirose

Joyce said...

Dreaming of a fresh baked cherry pie now:-)

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I want to say a special thank you to you!
Thank you so much for participating every Friday in Friday Pretties. I feel so honored to have you there every week!

As it is everyday, your post is so Pretty!

Marilyn Miller said...

Cherries are so beautiful. Some years my trees have lots, but this year only one cherry came from my tree and I ate it. Cherries dipped in chocolate and pistachio would be divine. I don't need an apron, but it is so very cute. I know whoever wins it will love it dearly. Happy 4th!

megan edelman photography said...

genius!!!! absolutely genius. I have never seen dipped cherries before...beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!