Friday, December 10, 2010

{Friday Pretties all around....}

{cookies made by my daughter}
recipe here

{a simple evergreen wreath}

{jack frost nipping on the ground at the tree farm}

just a few pretties I spotted here, there and everywhere .....
{visit Joyce here to see more Friday Pretties}


Prayer does not fit us for the greater work;
prayer is the greater work.
{Oswald Chambers}
Blessings for an amazing weekend my sweet friends!


Vanessa said...

Th cookies sound delicious! The quote at the end of your post is lovely. I'll be carrying it in my heart today.

somepinkflowers said...

how yummy over here!


you just gave me the idea
to wrap a bit
of red&white baker's string
water bottle
as i dash out the door for the gym!

i know....

pretty should follow us
every where we go,
don't you think?

Shelley in SC said...

Those cookies look positively dreamy. Actually what wouldn't with that fabulous Christmas twine wrapped around it?? ::sigh:: Love the "pretties."

Pinecone said...

Love the pretty images!
Happy friday...and have a fab weekend!!

Blondie's Journal said...

The cookies look delicious! :-)


Lori E said...

Pretty for sure. What an interesting picture with the blue boots and the frost.

Anonymous said...

Cookies look very delicious and beautiful, like everything else.
I wish you a nice and pleasant weekend.

Unknown said...

You gotta know I want those Royal Blue boots. I must have a shoe thing... And what a perfect way to start the weekend with a cookie all wrapped up in cand-ie striped yarn. My kind of treat in more ways than one.

Sweet Weekend Wishes, Stay Warm

Beatnheart said...

as always, a beautiful uplifting post...whatta eye.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

What a beautiful post! Have a great Friday my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful!

My daughter and I made a batch of butterscotch and toffee cookies last night! Delicious! and your daughters cookies look great...I'll go peek at the recipe in a sec....

but first...
I wanted to thank are indeed a sweet little bluebird!
Your JOY arrived in the mail today...and it made it to the front page of my blog! heheee....

This just in....

you'll have to come by to read my thank you!
I was touched that you would take the time!
thanks again!

have a great Floral Friday!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina......that's me!

FrenchBlue said...

Snow Angel~
Such fun goodies for the holiday over here! You are like the magical snow angel....always showing us the brightest stars in the sky! Thank you for my sweet sweet sweet card yesterday!!! It reminds me of sugar cookies, you just baked and sent. It is made from your sweet hands and with so much love~
Have a merry little weekend sweet one~

Not Just a Waitress said...

Lovely images as always!!
HAPPY FRIDAY!! :) :) :)
Love the blue boots!!

Simple Home said...

Your Friday Pretties are oh so pretty. I think I'll go eat a cookie now. You've made my mouth water...again, my friend :-)

Hearts Turned said...

All is beautiful and bright here, as always, sweet Koralee! Those cookies looks so delicious (especially wrapped up in that yummy twine!)

Hope your day is festive and cozy, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Such sweet blue boots! Going to go check out the cookie recipe... they look especially nice with the festive string around them!


Everlasting Blooms said...

Happy Pretty Friday to you!

Lovely photos as usual :)

~ The cookie exchange was SO much fun...still enjoying the benefits :)No peanut butter balls though...I'll have to make some soon!

Unknown said...

I am such a creature of habit, I only ever make chocolate chip cookies! I should break out of the mold and try these ... they look delicious! (And I love the twine!) Loving the natural wreath too ... and the blue boots? Adorable. Don't you just love "jack frost?"

Tash said...

I love your blog! Beautiful photos and cranberry organge cookies sound and look absolutely delish! Have a lovely weekend :)

francis said...

right now and overhere please ...those delicious cookies ..... jammie !
But looking is also nice nice nice .
And your wreath is so beautiful I love simple !
Have a happy weekend .
Is Molly coming home for Christmas ?

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Nice quote. Can't wait for my daughter to come home and have someone else baking in my kitchen for a change.

Rizzi said...


Martina said...

Lovely pix here Koralee, that cookie looks especially interesting to me! Have a delicious weekend, let's sparkle and shine! xx

It's me said...

Beautiful quote !! please pray for my mom darling ...she need it so !! love Ria.....

Ingrid said...

Hello Koralee beautiful post again,love your sweet pictures and I wish you a beautiful weekend...x

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Those are perfect for Friday pretties! Loving the color of the boots.
It's weekend again, my friend. Our weather will be soft and warm, we will be outside in the Sandhills.
Have a magical weekend, sweet sweet Koralee. Happy decorating, baking, laughing, loving, creating, happy everything! xxxx

Pretty Zesty said...

Those cookies are so lovely!

Faded Plains said...

I know I've said this a million times...but reading your blog always puts a smile on my face...thank you sweet Koralee! Oh...and I love the simple's perfect!

Martha said...

lovely pretties all around...beautiful pictures and sayings

Ana Degenaar said...

Pretty yummy too!

Anonymous said...

Happy weekend dear friend! Xoxoxo

Gloria said...

Oh, I love all of these! That cookie looks so delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I REALLY adore the wreath photo, and the boots with a bit of snow....nature in all it's simplicity is SO pretty!! God is so good to all of us to give us these beautiful views...:)

Have a wondeful weekend my dear friend!


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Hope your weekend is magical ~

Carousel Dreams said...

Koralee, those cookies look beautiful all tied up in string! Enjoy your weekend lovely x

LuLu said...

I'll take a glass of milk with my cookie!!! Simply beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful, cozy, all things bright weekend,

Sem Nome said...

A bluebird weekend for YOU, sweet and pretty Koralee!!! ( it means I wish you a wonderful, bright, happy, gorgeous, funny weekend!!!)
Much love!!! Bela

Kathy Martin said...

Oh my...those cookies look fabulous! :)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Things are always done up all pretty over here. I just adore the blue boots. Beats the heck outta the manure stompers I wear here on the Ponderosa!

Thanks for takin' me away...your better than Calgone!!!

God bless ya and have a splendid weekend sweetie!!!

cathleen said... you have any idea how much joy you bring to the world?

Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
Oh the Christmas cookies here, there and everywhere! Your Christmas wreath is so pretty, so serene and perfect for a pure Christmas feeling.

I hope you are having a merry and bright weekend dear ♥
A wish for you and all your family {near and far ♥} to truly feel peace and joy*

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, pretty! Love the string around the cookies too. Nice to see you celebrating the small things, something we should do everyday.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS ONE! Oh, I am so late....what falling asleep on the couch can do to a blogger! MISSING OUT ON ALL THE GREAT POSTS! Oh Koralee, I am so tired. But next week is our last week and we are gonna have fun. My sweet kids are just the cutest little girl gave me a WONDERFUL coupon book from one of our most POSH malls....woo hoo! Another little girl gave me a pack of my favorite gum...DOUBLE WOO HOOO!!! And their smiles just make me melt to nothing. WE ARE GETTING BLASTED BY A TON OF SNOW TODAY so I will be working on my blog post that I should have already had but I was so busy this week with our home addition and it is looking wonderful! Pictures to come and a post when all is ready.


Barbara said...

I like your Friday pretties, Koralee. I MUST steal your red and white baker's string idea. How clever and cute!

Privet and Holly said...

I am absolutely
smitten with this
string and bought
a big spool this
year to use on my
packages! I hope
that your weekend
is filled with all
the pretties that
you can fit in!!
Merry, merry weekend,
dear Koralee.
xx Suzanne

D. Jean Quarles said...

Such lovely cookies. So very pretty. I'm baking again today. Will check out the recipe.

theUngourmet said...

Such pretty cookies!
I love your Christmas header.
I have such a weakness for snowmen! ;)

Have a most lovely weekend!

red ticking said...

my heart is so full... you are beyond amazing... you made my whole day sweet friend... xoxo

Unknown said...

you are so sweet! i'm am going to check on the cookie recipe looks yummy! prayer is such a gift. xo susan

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

You take such beautiful sweet pictures. Happy weekend!

Susan said...

Those cookies look so yummy and I love them tied up in string! Your wreath is simply perfect, and so is a dusting of snow as you're picking out your Christmas tree!
My day got brighter as I opened my mail today! I'm sure your card will be the favorite of any I receive this Christmas season! I haven't even written mine yet! One year I sent Happy New Year cards to everyone on my Christmas list and another year, Valentines! Oh, dear! So much to do and so little time for making real all the plans & ideas in my head! Wishing you nothing but delightful days leading up to the sweet celebration of our Savior's birth!
Thanks for all the joy you bring to this world sweet friend!

Cobalt Violet said...

Lovely post and what a lovely blog!
Happy Holidays!

Kellie Collis said...

The cookies look delicious! And the last picture is just lovely! Have a gorgeous week ahead, Kellie xx

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Adore the simplicity of the wreath!!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Love the delicious looking cookies and your lovely wreath.
I hope that you stay warm and have a wonderful Sunday.


Dori Patrick said...

Oooohhh...that first picture makes me want to get my apron out and start baking with the kiddos!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

you do bring JOY TO THE WORLD !!!!!

sending cozy love,
kary and teddy

Lynn said...

I'm stopping by for some visual inspiration...
Lovely post and quote!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh My Goodness! Those cookies look sooo Yummy! I am going to try to make some this Christmas. And, I had never even heard of eatable bakers string before- Love It!!!

Sorry that I am so late catching up with Friday Pretties. I was "Computer Free" on my trip so that I wouldn't even be tempted to disengage from the real live people sitting in front of me. :) It was nice, but I missed checking in with all of my Friday Girls! So, I am going to try to catch up in the next couple of days before Friday shows up again.

P.S. Where you in New York this weekend?