Thursday, December 9, 2010

{Something baking.......}

oh sweet friends
if you can't find the new
{and missed winning a copy from me}
my friend Paige
from Where Women Create
is having a giveaway on her blog
you have a chance to win a lovely
plus a
Creative Connection Tote
hop on over
to enter...
tell her I sent you
{image.....just a sneak peek of one of my images featured in this
issue of Where Women Cook...I made something yummy}

Thursday hugs


Libbie said...

How cool for you to be in the magazine! I am so excited for all that is coming about for you! You are such an inspiration to us all! Oh & i am sporting blue toenails right now so I love the blue nails :)

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, how exciting, Koralee! I haven't seen the magazine yet, but I'm really wishing to! I'll head over and enter!

I hope you're having a most beautiful day, dear friend!


Two Shades of Pink said...

My first reason for coming here was just to comment on those blue nails. Can they be any more fun????? And you deserve every magazine feature sweet Koralee. You an inspiration to all of us!

Claudia said...

I'm headed to the event in NYC tomorrow - I thought I should take advantage of living relatively close to Manhattan. I'm looking forward to seeing your work in the magazine, Koralee.


i.ikeda said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

I'm always amazed at your use of color, especially blue. I know that may not be the point of the magazine articles, or even the intention with this picture, but I can't help it. I'm drawn by splashes of bright color just as much as I am to moody muted photographs (I am a spaz, haha).

Pinecone said...

How much do I love those blue nails?!!
I can't wait to see the magazine!

Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks for the link, Koralee. I have only heard good things about the magazine!


Unknown said...

I see the topic of the day.. is your beautiful blue nails!!! Gorgeous Lady!!

NicNacManiac said...

Thanks for the headsup sweetness!! Can't wait to see all of the inspiration that will show our families how much we love them by filling their tummys with goodness!! Happy Thursday !!
xOxO Nerina

Unknown said...

Coupons in hand. I'm heading out to find mine today. I so love having your pictures front and center on the coffee table to glance at. Plus, then I can tell my friends that stop by...."Well, I know those feet personally. That's my friend, Koralee." Let's be honest, I do get a few eye rolls, but who the heck cares.

Thanks for the linkie over to another wonderfully charming blog.

One of these days I may get around to writing something and sending it in. I may be just a little to crazy for them.

Off to do some shopping,

Randi Troxell said...

very cool...

know what i LOVE though.. those dazzling blue nails!!!!

Julie Harward said...

I haven't see this magazine but it sounds great! ;D

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Mmmmm, Koralee,
They look like pistachios to me if I'm not mistaken. I love pistachios. I look forward to see what you made with them. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi koralee! Lovely photo as is the one on your right sidebar at the top.I will run to check the magazine giveaway out.

Have a fun filled weekend!

Foxglove said...

Thank you Koralee for the link. It is hard to find this magazine in Australia so it would be so delightful to enter this give away.

Have a gorgeous day my sweet friend. xxx

Prudence said...

I missed who won!! ah shucks I am just going to have to go buy those magazines, perfect for the plane ride I am about to take, and I'll tell everyone on the plane that I have met Koralee and she owns a creation of mine and she is the sweetest lady around!

Anonymous said...

ahh Creative Living....with give us a daily glimpse into what it really means to keep things simple..and to live beautifully!
I love that about you! and it keeps me coming back!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina....on the other side of Canada!

Beatnheart said...

Going to Borders to get my copy...congratulations..

Andrea said...


Gloria said...

Hi Koralee!

Are those pistachios? YUM! Love your blue nail polish...:) I actually have blue polish on my nails right now! The name of mine is, Scandalous Blue Glitter...:) It is a very light blue though. Your photo is adorable! Congratulations on being in, "Where Women Cook"....that is awesome!!! Very exciting!!!! :)

I sent my address to you via email. Thanks for having the sweet give-away!! Looking very forward to receiving my lovely gift! :)

Blessings to you for a wonderful day,
xoxo Gloria

Suz said...

What a great image, as usual! I just love the blue nails..too cute! You are so precious!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your glimpse makes me curious for more!
The weekend is around the corner again. Have a glorious one, my friend. How is Molly doing? I loved your little Molly sign in the side bar picture the other day, forgot to mention it. Hugs to you, sweet Koralee xoxoxoxo

Ana Degenaar said...

So sweet! I'd love to read that mag!

Privet and Holly said...

I am still talking
about the Creative
Connection, several
months after the fact.
It was just so wonderful!
As a matter of fact,
I wrapped up one of my
signed Pioneer Woman
cookbooks today, for
my sister in law : )
And meeting YOU...Well,
that was the icing on
the top!
Merry Thursday, Koralee!
xx Suzanne

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

I can smell the yummy bake from your oven..... thanks for sharing such beautiful image!

The Moerks said...

Nice nails. I love seeing your photos, I always enjoy the colours. Have a fab day.

Abz said...

I agree with the above comment! ;)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Oh what fun, the pretty blue nails and the apron and how exciting to be featured in the magazine.
Kudos dear friend

Happy weekend

Rizzi said...


Tricia said...

Hello Koralee! What a fun photo...jazzy fingernails :) Best wishes ♥ Tricia

Fifi Flowers said...

Those look like yummy pistachio nuts in those hands!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH KORALEE! I AM SO LATE! I fell asleep immediately after dinner last night and BAMMMM! I just woke up at 3:30am to restart my wild but FUN DAY!!! Oh dear heart, thank you for coming by; you have such a busy schedule, but your visits mean so much to me! Ooooh, what ever did you create using these little nutty gems in those pretty hands of yours????? I MUST DASH OVER TO SEE! And sweet one, ENJOY THAT TRIP TO SEATTLE!! I remember living in Boston Mass and we would take day trips up to Maine and it just seemed so wonderful to travel to another "land"!! OHHHH and MERCI MILLE FOIS for allowing me to use an image or two; I am very behind in my post composing,for there has been a lot of excitement here over our new addition! But I will be working on my CANADIAN POST TONIGHT!

MANY HUGS ON THIS COLD but glorious day, FRIDAY....THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE....ANOTHER DAY LEADING TOWARDS CHRISTMAS and just another wonderful opportunity to SHINE!!

BISES, Anita

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweetie and as always sloppy kisses from BEAR.
Picked it up at the bookstore Monday while shopping for gifts for Christmas.
I love giving books to children as gifts. love love your pages :) and the recipes sound wonderful ~ as well as your MOLLY picture :)
Stay warm and toasty and have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Susan Houseman said...

Thanks for the tip and happy thursday to you. xxx susan