Thursday, July 30, 2009

~ everything goes with ice cream ~

Cute fashion finds + luscious ice cream treats =
Old Fashion Summertime Fun
Which sweet combinations will you pick today?

*fiesta flavoured ice cream + cool flirty frills*
{ice cream google image...dresses once wed}

*berries and cream + irresistible pompom clutches*
{ice cream cannelle et vanille
clutches anthropologie}

*turquoise sprinkles on pretty pink cream + adorable girlie pumps*

{ice cream my once wed }

*vanilla bean + powder blue polka dots *
{ice cream google images....bag cath kidston }

*luscious raspberry sorbet + dreamy summery frocks*
everything goes with ice cream


Special thanks
the lovely
for presenting me with
not one
{spread the love award & i heart this blog award}
Please check out amazing her blog

I am off on a road trip for a few days again!
see you early next week
to all of you that live in British Columbia
to the rest of you


Simply Colette said...

Wow! Great photo! Craving some afternoon sorbet now. :) I just used some polked dot blue paper like the vanilla bean last night to cover a cereal box to make an address file.

Wishing you safe and fun travels!

Maria Confer said...

Happy BC Day!! Oh, I adore the pom-pom clutches. I've been craving superman ice cream lately. ;)

I posted my Pay it Forward today!!

Julie Ann said...

Mmmmm I'm screaming for ice cream now!! :) Have a great time on your road trip!! :)

Brunch at Saks said...

Love this post! The pictures match perfectly with the yummy ice cream! :) XOXO

Vintage Home said...

.as always Koralee....such a delight to view your blog!...Happy BC weekend to you!.

Winchester Manor said...

You have the most amazing eye for detail and color. Loving the clutch and those shoes are fabulous! Congratulations on your awards and have fun on your road trip!!


Andrea said...

Amen! LOVE icecream!

NicNacManiac said...

Oh my gosh...this post is so pretty!! I the charming dressed and of course the pillows from Anthro!!
Congrats on the awards!! Happy BC day!!
Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

Anonymous said...

I will have to go with the vanilla bean and the light blue polka dots.How sweet.Looks so calming.Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Yes congrats too on your awards.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Love those sweet little turqouise slippers! And the ice cream sandwiches....YUM!

Marie said...

Lovely photos! And I found it funny that we both chose the ice cream photo with polka dots for our posts today! Coincidence abounds in the blogosphere!

FrenchBlue said...

Adorable, inviting and yummy post girlfriend!!
I would love those blue shoes with vanilla ice cream and pink & blue sprinkles! A special treat for my mind today! Thank you~

Jeanne Oliver said...

Visually are good!!

trishie said...

So yum and pretty! I love the dresses.

debra@dustjacket said...

Ooo it was hard to pick my favorite, love the blue pumps, loved all the food, yum!!

Have a lovely day,

Duchess of Tea said...

Koralee darling, this is a very sweet and creamy post, you got!! I suppose if I had to pick I will take the pink ice cream!! Darling, have a great time and a safe trip.

Duchess xx

My Passport to Style said...

Koralee,I adore the pom pom clutches and have been telling all my British friends about your blog. I have never been on a blog that captures the beauty of colour so well,I wanted to send you a blogging award,but the option available is not compatable with my computer programme. I would love to feature you as a guest blogger some time and share you with my small British following if you were interested?

Unknown said...

What an absolutely adorable post! Such great pictures. Have a wonderful trip:)


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Love those sweet flats and I need some ice cream STAT!

orange sugar home said...

what a lovely collection and study of treats!! love your blog. happy travels!!

debra@dustjacket said...

Me again, just had to come over and thank you for lovely comment, so very nice of you :)


Tim said...

So love the way you put this together!

Great blog! Just found you thru a friends blog. Glad I did. Im following now!

Please feel free to stop in and visit us at The Fort anytime, you are always welcome!

Love and Prayers,


Alicia said...

Happy BD Day from an American in love with BC!!!! Love the raspberry duet best. This was a keen idea to match ice cream with fashion.

Duchess of Tea said...

Thank you darling it is so nice of you to stop by to congratulate me, I share my award with you. .

Have a great weekend.

Duchess xx

Faded Plains said...

Your photos truly are eye candy....have a great trip! said...

Love this connection. Well done.

CAKE Creative Co. said...

beautiful. ice cream goes with everything it seems.

paperbird said...

Beautiful Blog!

Kellie Collis said...

You are so clever! Such gorgeous combinations!! x

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Absolutely delightful and inspiring post! I am a huge Cath Kidston fan! I love every single combination!

Dallas Shaw said...

what a great little space here- how cute!


Slices of Beauty... said...

So, so yummy.
Now want some!

KnockKnocking said...

You are killing me softly over here, I am dying for some ice cream and the photos are to die for themselves! Have I told you how much I love your blog lately? I love it.



Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

your blog is so yummy. i am happily a follower and i have added you into my favorite blogs list on my blog. looking forward to looking at your photos and reading your blog more often.


My Passport to Style said...

Hi Koralee,love your latest blog!So glad you are back again, but off again so soon! Boo hoo,I guess you live up to your favourite animal,the blue bird, fluttering away on flights of fancy.Thank-you for lovely comments, look forward to planning somthing with you very soon. xx

à la parisienne said...

Now I have to try that pink ice-cream with the blue sprinkles that you photographed.
This post is such a cute concept and so well coordinated!! Yummy! I could just see some of these images in a magazine!!! Magnifique!