Monday, August 24, 2009

~ some of my true colours ~

I've been tagged by the lovely
{one of my favourite blogs}
all I need to do is list 10 things about myself
open up my
Crayon Box
which is
filled with some of the colours in my life
and pick a colour... any colour
to find out more about

now if I play by the rules I am to tag 10 more friends
I am not very good with rules
play along if you want to
I would love to find out more about

Now if I had to pick a colour palette
that I would turn into
these would be my true colours
{image from country living June/06}
What are your true colours?


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Such a delightful and vibrant post! I love it! Especially the fun pink colored erasers and yellow rain boots!

Hmmm?...a color palette for me would be grey, pale blush pink, chocolate brown, white, and black!

Unknown said...

Great post! So nice to find out more about you,I love your colour palette x

megan edelman photography said...

loved this post koralee...jumped right off the page! Thanks for such a pretty little read :)

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh I just love this Koralee! I think I'd be lots of colours, I love a different one each week!

Unknown said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post.....I love the way you did it!!! How do you do these lovely images with the words etc....very creative!!


Kellie Collis said...

You have such a gorgeous way with your posts. So many fabulous colours

Joyce said...

What a colorful and creative and fun post to start my day:)

kadler said...

This is lovely! Never seen it done this way before, but I love it!

My Passport to Style said...

Koralee, you have such a beautiful way of expressing your creativity, a real poet of colour! I love the box with purple,brown and pink crayons,I admit I can't spell too! The chocolate and lavender crayons would become my favourites.Im very much a blue and purple girl in my clothing, but have mainly lots of shades of apricot and spicey oranges ofset by lots of white in my home. Apart from my 50s inspired kitchen which is peppermint green and white.

It was fun, see you soon. S xox

ELK said...

i relish each color you used be it vivid or soft ~this was a wonderful peek into your colorful side..a real visual poem

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!My colors would be lets see I do like most colors,but Im with you with black.Love my new color sage green,I never liked any green my mother does though.I like maroons and wine colors,but then I like pinks real soft pink and white.

Courtney said...

Such a clever, clever post, and so beautiful as well!

cabin + cub said...

lovely and colourful post... so cute! reminds me of my box of Laurentian pencil crayons i would always get for back to school. :)

my true colours always seem to change depending on my today feels like orange. perhaps tomorrow will be pink.

Winchester Manor said...

You always make me smile! I love how your posts are always so distinct and unique! I tend to be more drawn to pastels, I find them so soothing and peaceful.

Tina(Taken over by her daughter, Nicole) said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog! YOurs is beautiful! Hope to chat with you again ;)

Anonymous said...

oh I love all of the color...sometimes I think I would be lost without color...I liked reading this and you are very creative with your posts! so fun to come here! xo

Angel.Pearls said...

Great!! Right now I love blue..true blue, turquoise, lavenderblue..Have a nice day-Love//Eva

Natalie said...

What a pretty post! I love that you shared the colors in your life!

Just lovely...

Carol said...

So glad you're am I ...and yes...color is a many that I love....changes with the season!! Here's to fall...I love red!!

FrenchBlue said...

You are too creative! This is an adorable playful and fun post! You amaze me. Thanks for the big smile tonight!

Anonymous said...

What a great colorful & cheerful post. Thanks for finding my blog, cause now I've found yours :)

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

What a lovely post Koralee, I love how you have designed it! I am a duck egg blue girl at home and addicted to the vintage peachy pink colour that seems to be in all the fashion stores at the moment Thank you for sharing kisses Kitty x

Maria Confer said...

I love this post! What fun facts and gorgeous images and fonts!! You are so truly creative.

Unknown said...

Now that is just about the most creative way to list 10 things about yourself that I have ever seen! I loved it...and what fun things to know about you :)


Elyse said...

this is the most wonderful post. sweet and creative -- just like you!


i love the combination of pale lavender and pale blue. swoon!

nevin said...

OOOhhh... THIS IS SO SWEET.. make me smile.. So lovely.

Geisslein said...

This post is TO CUTE! so creative and lovely! You have a nice style! :o)