Thursday, September 10, 2009

~ The Colours of Grapes ~
{these lovely grapes hang outside my kitchen window...almost ready}

I had a little bit of help today from
over at
My passport to style
she is my fashion expert
{I like to think of her as my own personal stylist}
So when I needed some help with my back to school fall wardrobe
I went running to her....
pleading for some of her expertise help
Well Sharon delivered big time
and I adore all the items she picked for me
and the colour palette is perfect

ya that's me yesterday morning heading off to school in the rain
I just wished under that blue raincoat of mine was one of
Sharon's picks!
{i adore that blue bag}

To see all the items she picked for me click here
{you must go see the fabulous shoes she picked for me}
{to find out where to find these lovelies...visit Sharon's blog}
Need a styling expert?
Just ask Sharon

Want to come shopping with me this weekend?

36 comments: said...

That polka dot umbrella is adorable.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Great picks. Both pair of shoes are super cute!

Winchester Manor said...

Love your new wardrobe additions and Sharon did a fabulous job picking out versatile pieces for you...but let's face it, you're so darn gorgeous that you could wear a paper bag and look stunning!!


Magdalena said...

Koralee, I adore all the lovely new items in your wardrobe. You are so gorgeous, even though its raining you are like a ray of sunshine under that adorable umbrella. I also adore the beautiful picture you took of the grapes, you are one very talented lady!!

LuLu said...

She picked the cutest thing out for you! I love your coat!!! and yes the shoes are darling.
you just put me in the shopping mood,

caroline joy said...

What a treat! To have someone "style" for you :) Usually my favorite color of grapes is a big glass of red wine, but yours are beautiful!

Sue said...

I've just found your blog...and really enjoyed this! I have to get the Boden T's, perfect for my lifestyle. I'll be back for more:)


Sher said...

Oh such juicy looking grapes!

You look so lovely in the blue coat, the colour really suits you perfectly!

And thank you for the sweet comments, dear! Maria is really too kind:) I'm glad she featured you too, if not I wouldn't have known of your wonderful blog!

Andrea said...

Absolutely beautiful!!
Blessings, andrea

Alicia said...

Jealous...Koralee of not only your grapes but how great you look!!! If I was close by I'd be knocking on your door for a bit of retail excursion.

Anne Marie said...

being a lover of blue and umbrellas- you can't go wrong there!!

so cute you smiley! i love it!!

Samy said...

You look fab in your blue coat and red umbrella. Great picks.
Thankyou for visiting my blog :)

PS: those grapes look yummy!

Rose said...

Lovely pictures! And i do like what sharen picked out for you, especially that gorgeous blue bag. How lucky you are to have fresh grapes growing outside your window.


Vicki said...

Hi, Koralee,
That is a wonderful photo of the grapes hanging outside your window! Yumm! I love all of your fashions. I could take that blue purse home with me. You looked very cute in your blue raincoat ready for school. Have a happy end of week and a terrific weekend. Vicki

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Koralee, you are a doll!Thank-you for sharing how much you enjoyed the process and for the lovely post.This Style post on your wardrobe is the launch of me inviting Style Questions from women subscribers and followers.One will be selected at random once a month to be answered.So feel free to spread the word to all your friends!All they need do is follow me and subcribe to posts to be eligible to ask a me to solve their personal Style dilemma.Enjoy your new look for school!!!Love Sharon xxoo

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ooh Koralee, how lovely to be styled!

The blue mac is really lovely on you, what a pretty colour it is, just right.

I love that colour but it drains me too much, I am sage green and amethyst girl.

Sorry about the rain! that's rubbish but at least you get to wear your lovely mac!

Love Sarah x

Unknown said...


Love the grapes shot too :)

Pretty Zesty said...

I love me some back to school shopping! I still call it that even though I'm not in school. ha!

Courtney said...

Lovely, lovely picks. I adore those colors, and your super cute umbrella!

debra@dustjacket said...

That's the best picture of grapes I've seen!

I totally adore your first pic with the umbrella, too cute girlie ... new profile pic honey :o

Unknown said...

Wow! How lovely to have grapes outside your window, great new wardrobe additions, Have a sweet weekend!x

Farmgirl Paints said...

Now don't you just look too cute! Love all your eye candy pics on the side bar. So colorful and happy. Have a great weekend.

FrenchBlue said...

You are the cutest of all!! Cheerful prettiest face with a cheerful post!

Simply Colette said...

Cute photos! I wish the computer was scratch n sniff for those grapes. :) That umbrella and fashion poses is adorable! Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

You look adorable! I'm impressed with those gorgeous grapes you have in your garden! Enjoy your weekend Koralee!!!

:) T

paperbird said...

The grapes look so yummy and they are a beautiful color- you look great in the color blue!

Maria said...

How fun! I stopped over to Sharon's site... and will have to visit more!
We're getting rain today here in upstate, NY.
Will have to go find my umbrella!

Jill said...

Everything she picked is just lovely! what a treat! and you look adorable in that blue raincoat!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!Oh I do love love grapes and they look almost ready yum!.Adorable coat.Have a great weekend!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Thank you so much, Koralee, for your kind comment on my blog, especially today!

Your grapes look amazing...and I would love to go shopping too!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

My Saturday morning pick me up. Coming here to see your colourful happy posts. And this time your smiling face to start my weekend. Wonderful x Julie

Joyti said...

If you add "black" to that color palette, it would be MY perfect palette...I love purples and blues and greys :)

Rheea said...

I have the same favorite color palette as Indie.Tea - purple, blue and black! haha.

My mum has a little 'vineyard' just outside our house too. Most of the grapes are still green though. Here are some pics,

Have a great weekend! :)


Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥

muchlove said...

You look adorable in your blue rain coat!

I'm so glad that you and your daughter enjoyed the 1920s photos I posted. I hope she finds a great dress for her grad! :)

have a great weekend.

littlebyrd said...

LOVE IT! Those colors are really wonderful!