Saturday, August 14, 2010

{floating away......}

staying cool requires eating
lots of these

and spending time here

There's a time in each year
That we always hold dear,
Good old summertime......
Red Shields, lyrics.."In the Good Old Summertime {1902}

The only way to cool off this weekend
is a float in the lake
{ daughter and her friends}

Hope you are enjoying your weekend...

It's a hot one here...
so I will be floating
and eating Popsicles
all weekend long...
please come join me!
{i have a pink floaty with your name on it}

What's your favourite Popsicle?
mine....raspberry {and root beer}



Anne Marie said... is my absolute favorite - especially if it is made from fresh berries and real juice - so yummy!

I would love to be floating on that raft with my popsicle right about now!!

Everlasting Blooms said...

mmmmm...yum! I love ALL flavors especially if its a HOT day. Those look exceptionally delicious though...I wish I could reach through the screen and grab one! :)

Have a good weekend floating! Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Koralee...have that floatie ready and some good root beer popsicles... and could you please have some Frosty Paws for BEAR...cuz she's all for water and a cool treat too!

Love that pic of the girls in the lake...that is some C.O.O.L. B.L.U.E.....



birdie blue said...

my favorite is banana. love the image of those pretty girls floating in the cool lake. definitely save the pink floaty for me!


Hearts Turned said...

Oh, what a lovely day you have ahead of you, Koralee! Enjoy each wet, wonderful moment!

My favorite popsicle....a few years ago I discovered coconut...amazingly delicious!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


Vintage Home said...

...I love Rootbeer & Orange...but wow V Chic has coconut! yikes I would love that !...Have a great weekend!

myletterstoemily said...

i adore all your tablecloths!

you made me remember that when i
was in high school, i only ate red
popsicles to make my lips nice and

such vanity.

have fun at the lake!

Winchester Manor said...

Hi Koralee,

It's been a long time Sweet Friend, I have missed you and your wonderful blog. Floating on the lake with you and a strawberry popsicle sounds wonderful! Enjoy your weekend!!

Big hugs,

Andrea said...

so cheery! Your blog has made me fall more in love with colors.... Just got the new cath kidston's like a magazine pretty!

Dogwood said...

just reading your blog post cooled me off. thanks. have a fun weekend. dogwood

Magpie's Mumblings said...

A popsicle from the store would have to be either orange or lime. Homemade would have to be raspberry.

Martina said...

Hi Koralee, would LOVE to eat some popsickle with you - i love raspberry too, but also green ones with mint or lime ... send me some heat please - i miss it. Here it's very moderate, feels like september already.
Your mag hasn't arrived yet, but surely will soon - i'll send you a note :)
Enjoy your time at the lake!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

What a lovely way to spend a weekend! Your photos always make me so happy. Such bright, wonderful colors. Have a fun day! I wish I was there!

Haleigh said...

oh. my. gosh. this divinely blue lake is calling my name!!!!! It is cold in Paris right strange! Hope you are having the best summer with your family!

xoxo Bardot in Blue

Kathysue said...

Keep cool!! I like your ideas, that popcicle look YUM!!! Kathysue

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happiness all over the place. And a big color splash too. Gorgeous pictures, sweet friend. My favorite would be the rocket. For it's colors but for it's taste in the first place. Sending a cold breeze your way. Lots of hugs. xxxxx

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

You always have the most beautiful photos. I wish I could come join you and float around the lake. That sounds heavenly. My favorite popsicles are the red, white and blue bomb pops. Yum!

Regina said...

How fun and wonderful.
Love these.
Happy weekend.

Brooke ~ The Eclectic Cottage said...

Mmmm, that popsicle sure looks good! My favorite is probably raspberry, yummy!
Have a wonderful time at the lake, wish I could come and use your pink floaty, the lake looks so cool and refreshing. ~Brooke

Queenplinker said...

You so thoughtful, Koralee, I happen to love pink floaties!
I feel 10 degrees cooler just looking at your refreshing photos :0)
Have fun!

PCovi said...

Ooo that lake looks inviting.
My fav popsicle...Helados de Mexico STRAWBERRY has real strawberries in it :)

Unknown said...

Mine is the real fuit coconut ones, yummmmm!

Yup it'll be a hot one this weekend, even here in Seattle! Ha ha keep cool and have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blue water.Lovely!My favorite popsicle is coconut and strawberry.You must be getting our HEAT now,lol.Its so cool and lovely here you can have it all hah.

It's me said...

Yeah...i also want raspberry....i join you......have a happy weekend enjoy....have fun !! love Ria...

Unknown said...

Watch out....Here, I come....Right into the lake with a big CannonBall. Marco-Polo, Marco-Polo, Marco-Polo... you it.... Ok, so now I'm all petered out... I'll take the EDY's POMEGRANTE juice bar, please. We just can't get enough of those around this garden.

Thanks for the Dip, I'm so cooled off-
I may be back for another after watering the pots, keep that pink float handie.

Kate - T.G.B.

Luiza said...

Oh yes, I´ll join you, I just have to tell my crew to bring the plane back here =))).

Oh , how I wish it could be so easy...
I would love to join you.
We´re having a hot weekend , too. Real hot.

Going for my ice cream now.
See you =)!

Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And you know mine.....CREAMSICLE! Next in line....any popsicle that is BLUE!!!!!


Pamela said...

Raspberry !!!!

But right now me and Sam are going to share some orange sherbet!
Stay cool Koralee
Pamela xo

Unknown said...

May I have orange please! Cute write ...

Have a wonderful PS summer weekend ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Brenda Pruitt said...

The water is so phenomenally blue! I love your photos. You put so much personality into each one.

{kara} said...

you are so cute! Root beer popsicles and pink floaties! I have never had a root beer popsicle but now I shall have to seek one out. I love strawberry... xo lovely

nerines said...

Oh that looks a lotta fun!:)xo

Magdalena said...

How lovely, I want to float away in that lake all day long with my friends, family and a yummy popsicle!
Have a great time

Unknown said...

Oh dear Koralee, if distance was not an sure I would join you and your sweet family on this fresh and relaxing weekend! Popsicles...huuummmmm...I love them all...berries and chocolate and vanilla and lemon and passion fruit and mango and the like!

Be fine, dear!
Kisses. Bela.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

What a lovely way to stay cool! the lake looks wonderful and so does the popsicle.
My favourite is a pineapple fruju.

Happy weekend and I hope that you manage to stay cool.

Marilyn Miller said...

I love root beer and cherry. Wish I could come and claim that tube for floating, sounds so refreshing.

glee said...

I'd like to float in a very clear blue water with a mango-flavor Popsicle :)

Drawn to The Sea said...

That first photo... you are quite the stylist. I swear, you could make a mushroom popsicle look good.

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog - it's sooooo great!
The atmosphere & the beautiful pictures..... me like!

Agneta, Sweden

Kellie Collis said...

Koralee.. I am so jealous of the beautiful weather. What a gorgeous shot on the water too - so much fun! x

rachel awes said...

hello sweet chirping friend,
i'm w/you w/root beer.
hmmm, cooling down...lovely & needed.
at water's edge for sure.
last night i was at a
wedding reception & it was cool here
for the first time in weeks
& we even got a rainbow.
all life's colorful flavors
in their brilliance
& perfect temperature
i wish your way.

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Koralee, that water looks such a vivid shade of blue it almost seems like you might be in one of the old colour movies like the wizard of oz!My fave would have to be cherry with plenty of blosson in it,to have fun swirling round in my pink ring, what fun!! Enjoy the sunshine. Hugs- Sharon xxxxx

Maria said...

Good Morning, Koralee!
Yes, today for me will be a day to refresh...
Chris is home from camping...he and Jason had an awesome time! They saw many meteorites... I got to see one on Tues night... It was bright and fast and caught my breath!
Dad feels up to going to church this morning... we'll need lots of "lead time" though...

A slow and easy pace for me today~ just like tubing on a lazy river ♥
thank you for that refreshing vision to keep in my head today ~ you're such a love!
*happy Sunday to you and your family*

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Ooooh, a pink floaty?!? Sounds heavenly!
And, my favorite Popsicle is Cherry.

Simple Home said...

I hope you had a wonderful time! My favorite are the red, orange and yellow Big Sticks or homemade orange juice bars.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lovely images, there is this popsicle from Breyers that I need to try, it looks just like a iccy stick of fruits! I bet it is good!
It looks like fun on that float in the lake, specially hot summer weather like this!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and wish you a great week ahead!

francis said...

Was your weekend surprising ? Hope so !
Mine was the very very very last of the summerholliday !
Tomorrow it's schooltime again .
Yes I'm still at school .... Enjoying it every single day ! Have a happy week !

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

We have in germany a rainy and cold weather!
I hope the sun comes back soon!!!!
Your photos are so great! I love the tones!!!!
Have a nice new week,
Hugs, Yvonne

Monica said...

Raspberry!!!!!! Second choice lemon. But it's SO cold over here that I banished icecream and anything from the fridge, and I'm drinking ALOT of HOT tea instead! :(((
Your images are a feast for the eyes and your words always make me smile... Thank you, Koralee!!

Sewn With Grace said...

Oh to be young again...they look like they're having so much fun!

Sue said...

I only wish there was a lake I could jump into today...or a pool in my backyard! My favorite...rootbeer, not always easy to find. When I was a kid they made rootbeer Koolaide. My mom would freeze it in ice cube trays and we would eat big glasses of the ice cubes with a spoon...oh, the memories!

Joyti said...

I am so jealous! We're having a really cool summer here...the coldest one on record in my entire lifetime (more than my lifetime actually)...warm golden sunshine and cool blue water sound so wonderful.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I like 'em all. I remember fighting over banana-flavored ones as a child but no longer crave them so much. What I really love is a dreamsicle--those orange and vanilla jobs. Ummmm! C.

Arti said...

Hello Koralee,
First time to your blog... Lovely pics... Raspberry is my all time favorite too... Perfect for a got summer!
Have a nice day:)

Elyse said...

me, too on the top pops!



Amanda said...

safeway brand, lemonade flavor :)

theUngourmet said...

It supposed to be 100 here tomorrow. Wishing for somewhere to float. Root beer is good! My son and I like orange creamsicles too. :)

thea.e said...

Ah, Lovely... We had some warm dayes in Norway, as well.. I love it:)

Anonymous said...

That must have been a great weekend! Mine was great as well, with even a open air movie at Saturday night!

My fave popsicle is orange or raspberry. (but I'm afraid summer is over yet here, so no cooling down with popsicles booo!) :)

Have a nice new week!


Unknown said...

Ahh yes, I love the rootbeer ones...and lime too!! Hope you did infact stay's been terribly hot here too! Happy Monday Koralee!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Unknown said...

I love those berry popsicles! It is the perfect summer treat. And you have NO idea how wonderful sitting in a pink floaty on the lake sounds right about now .... but, alas, it will have to remain a day dream!

Looks like a wonderful time! xo

Gloria said... that blue water!! The popsicles are pretty sweet too! My favs are rootbeer, and Dole fruit lemon bars are a so yummy second! :)

Jeanne said...

Oh those popsicles look so refreshing and so does the lake. I want to jump right in! My favorite popsicle would have to be a raspberry one!

Dori Patrick said...

How lovely! My fave is son loves them too. His lips get red and rosy!

Rizzi said...


DaShannon said...

love the image of floating lovelies:)