Thursday, March 24, 2011

~friday pretties~

whimsical frozen pops
in jelly bean colours
just for spring
and perfect for
friday pretties
{visit joyce's sweet blog for more}

who thinks of these things?
I must be living in the dark ages
because I still think cupcakes
are the "it thing"
but now there are
cake pops
cookie pops
and frozen pops
and they all are so amazingly cute

these are found in the new William Sonoma catalogue

recipe for strawberry-banana pops here
{all images from william sonoma}

i am so going to give them a try


Vintage Home said...

So pretty so yummy looking...maybe I will get one tomorrow !.I hope they sell them in the store here!..or is it just the maker mold?..Still so very cute!
Enjoying the sun!

dutch sisters said...

Never seen such great frozen pops. So yummie and pretty the same time!

tinajo said...

Really adorable and cute - have never seen anything like it. :-)

Have a great friday dear!

liz said...

Hi Koralee, thanks for your lovely comment, it made me happy. Glad to have found yours too. Those lollipops do look good. :)

Unknown said...

I must be in the dark ages to, because i have never seen these either, i have a chest and throat infection so these are making my mouth water at their cool soothing thought ;-)) enjoy your day, dee x

Unknown said...

They are adorable!!! Look yummy too!!!!!
Have a great day!!!
Chris :o0

lilybets said...

...frozen popsof my heart..I would eat a lot of them!!.Strawberry is my favourite flavour!.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

morning...thank goodness it's friday!
Lovely pictures - will of course have to investigate this frozen pop - they look delicious.

the ladies are all well (and thank you nicely for asking), Ned is warming up in the rare March sunshine... and pleased to report that BOTH duck eggs have growing embryos inside ♥♥
How exciting - ducklings for easter!

Hope you have a peaceful weekend, love fee x

Poppy said...


cute...I must be in the dark ages too!

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Alessandra said...

Well they do look cute, and the possibilities are endless!


francis said...

Oh sweet friend You keep amazing me with your discoveries ! I guess when SASKIA sees them she is of to make them or find them .......
Thank you for bringing these pretties to Holland ......
Hope you have a wonderful time at your parents

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

They look so pretty and inviting. Thank you for sharing the link, I look forward to trying them out. My daighter will no doubt love them!
Isabelle x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I AM STILL INTRIGUED by your caramel-filled BLUE EGGS dearest! I made some pops like this last year and they were so can literally make ANY FLAVOR YOU WANT and I made chunky mango. IMAGINE THE COLORS YOU COULD DO? Oh, anything on a stick over here in Minnesota; during the State Fair, anything on a stick is the rage, but I have not seen cupcakes on a stick yet! OOOOh,, how are you dearest? You are still on your break with ONE MORE WEEK TO GO! This is my last day! I MADE IT! Then, BLISS, here I come...I hope! Keep enjoying every moment with your parents and good to see you are posting even though you are away. Love to you sweet friend! Anita

Maria said...

Hi Koralee!
How's your spring break? I hope the weather is "springtime" lovely where you are... Here in NY State, it can be cold, almost like winter, this time of year - or we could even have a heat wave!
It's wonderful to have the extra week. It gives you the time to visit family and a little bit more to rest and be truly refresh.
These pops are decorated so well. I still have my Tupperware ones from 20+ years ago! They are shaped the same way, but I never thought to put a whole slice of the fruit down the middle to make it look extra C O O L !
Thanks for the tip to visit W and S for their recipes!
Enjoy your weekend and I hope next week moves slowly for you*
~ xoxo ~

rachel awes said...

these ARE so pretty.
i would feel so cared for
if someone handed me one...
happy spring dear one! xox

Blondie's Journal said...

These are SO cute and displayed so pretty! yes...who comes up with these ideas?!


Martina said...

These are supercute! As for cakepops: i've made some, some time ago, but they fell of their sticks. Had to serve them as pralineés, but they still looked and tasted delicious! Hugs for a great weekend!

Aprendeconvale said...

SO FRESH!! are tehy sweet!!! perfect for a warm Friday spending the day outside!!!kisses

It's me said...

Beautiful !!....happy friday pretties darling......let the sun shine true your icecreams !! love love

andrea creates said...

so fun! i'll have to check them out~
but, i still love cupcakes too ;)

Polka said...

they look adorable, delicious and so springy :P

Shelley in SC said...

Oh my goodness . . . adorable!! Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for all you do to brighten our days with your sweet, creative and inspiring photos : ).

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...


These are totally awesome!

~ Gabriela ~

Unknown said...

Koralee, lovely post!!! My Aila loves ice cream, popsicles and the like!!!
Have a great weekend!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

How lovely these are, I like how the fruit shines through. Have never ever seen those lovelies before. Off for some googling right away but first I want to wish you a loveliest of weekends at your parents home, celebrating your mom's birthday. At those moments you will probably miss Molly even more. Did she visit Paris yet?
Have fun fun fun, I hope there will be lots of sun!
Much love, always xxxxx

Deborah said...

These look amazing, and tasty!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Unknown said...

So, here is what I need to go be a photographer for W.S. Your pictures are just as charming, your mind is just as creative, and the treats you spoil us with are just a delish looking. But, these are truly fun.

Pamela said...

So pretty!!
Happy Friday Koralee!

Pamela xo

Heidi said...

How do you do it, these are too pretty to eat!!
Martha move over we have a new are amazing!

Rubyred said...

Hello Koralee,
hope you had a lovely time with your parents! Those ice pops are the cutest!
Have a fabby weekend!
Rachel x

birdie blue said...

my daughter, maggie, received the zoku popsicle maker from williams sonoma for her birthday. she's had more fun with it. although, she hasn't made some of the more elaborate designs. whenever her friends come over she can make ice 'pops' in less than 10 minutes. i'd highly recommend it.

have a lovely weekend, koralee.

Sewn With Grace said...

Adorable is right and they scream spring! Love it!

Marilyn Miller said...

The pops are simply adorable for sure. Sometimes when I see new ideas I wish it came from me, but I do love just enjoying the seeing. Thanks for sharing all you see of beauty and of total delight.

red ticking said...

hi darling friend...
a d o r a b l e is right... sorry i have been mia... going thru an audit... almost over... just completely overwhelmed... but HE is helping tremendously... have a wonderful weekend... xoxoxoxo

Melissa said...

they are brilliant!!

so pretty- heading over to the recipe now as spring really does seem to have hit the english countryside!!

melissa x

By the Bluegrass said...

Oh my gosh! I have never seen anything like these! Thanks for sharing, we'll have to check em out. Have a great weekend, Koralee.

Dogwood said...

Way too cute. The colors and designs are over the top wonderful. I want one! They look so yummy-yum.
Have a really fun weekend.
Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Jill said...

Friday pretty indeed!!!
I think I'll join you and give them a try as well!
Happy weekend!

Hanlie Joubert said...

they are gorgeous! so cupcakes are last season then? though i was the hip mom with the cupcakes for "1st day of spring" at pre-school :o)
have a lovely weekend

Susan Houseman said...

Oh so pretty, and I agree when did cupcakes go out of style? Thanks for the update on these Friday sweets. Have a wonderful weekend. xx susan

Unknown said...

WOW!!! I hadn't seen those! How amazingly adorable indeed! And they look delicious too! I love a good frozen fruit pop! YUMMY! xoxo

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I've never seen such a beautiful array of rainbow popsicles. I bet they'd go well with those yummy blue caramel eggs!!! Wanna come visit??? Heeehehe!!!

God bless you sweetie and have a fabulous Friday! :o)

Michaja said...

Oh you are so right they are so cute!!! And I can imagine jummie as well :)
Have a great joyfull weekend.

Pretty Zesty said...

The one with the banana is GORGEOUS!

B said...

Yum! Strawberry and banana, my favorite combo! Hugs to you sweet one, B x

Martha said...

those are oh so pretty!!! I still think cupcakes are the "it thing" too:)

Silvia C said...

Those are SOOOOO cute!!!!

A Casa da Vá said...

Yummy and pretty, that is a recipe of success! So perfect for spring...

Sue said...

Aren't they so cute? I'm just glad my kids are grown and I don't have to do all these fancy things in huge amounts like I used to. My kids were happy with rice krispy treats!

Rizzi said...


lilisinha said...

Hummm delicia e lindo, acho que aqui no Brasil não tem.
Ótimo final de seman pra ti e tua família!
Bjos Carinhosos

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

~~~ been looking for something SPECIAL for my five year old neices birthday party in May. i think i just found it....and GUESS WHAT ??? the williams~sonoma catalog just came today and is sitting on my drainboard :-)

happy to stop by, my friend
i always get HAPPY here

have a wonderful weekend,
kary and teddy

Lynn said...

Super cute! I can't wait for spring to arrive. The calendar says it's here, but the view outside my window says otherwise. Thanks for providing a bit of cyber-spring. The colors are delightful and they look so yummy!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Koralee,

Oh these are so sweet and almost too pretty to eat. Thanks for sharing.
Hope that you are enjoying the time with your parents.

Happy weekend

theUngourmet said...

so very sweet and darling!

I'm so ready for sunshine
and pretty popsicles.

Have a happy weekend!



Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Pretty & Yummy too! I want one!

franci e vale said...

Hi Koralee, thank you for your visit! These little icecreams ( i don't know how translate "ghiaccioli") are beautiful!! I will make it!! And your pictures are delicious! Have a nice day! Ciao, franci

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweet Koralee! Oh dearest, it was so good to see your visit yesterday during my quick prep hour! You are SOOOOO SMART to have prepared a repertoire of posts before leaving on your vacation!!! You are probably on your way home now and I AM HOME, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I WOKE UP TO THE FACT that it is break time now; I literally feel so refreshed!!! I can't wait to see what you have up your pretty little sleeve for when you come home..what are you planning beautiful one, for your last week at home? You will show us, I know!!! Well, off to try to write my next post; I know exactly what I want to say in "spirit", but the wording will take a while..welcome home dearest and I await your next post!!! Anita

Signe said...

Oh these are AMAZING! Think I'll try to make some this summer :)

Hugs and a happy weekend to you!

Ruth Yoder said...

the strawberry banana were the ones I was eyeing! yum!

LuLu said...

my children are huge popsicle comsumers and these would seriously be the best thing ever!!!! soooo darling!
hope your break is going delicously fantastic,

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, my! They're all so adorable, Koralee! Who DOES think up all of these sweet things?! I'm with you...cupcakes still seem like "IT" to me (love them!)

Hope you're having a sweet weekend, dear friend...


Libbie said...

& who doesn't LOVE a good popsicle?! I sure do! & one with banans right in it! YUM! you can be sure I will be making some too :) thanks for passing the idea on!

Tiedupmemories said...

Wow! Really almost too good to eat! Although I think I would!! Very cute and pretty!

michelle said...

These are adorable and way too cute to eat! :) Love the colors and the designs in them, enough to cheer up any day. :)

2befab said...

what an amazing blog...
if you want we can follow each other..let me know..

Hoola Tallulah said...

Those are the sweetest ice pops ever!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

So Adorable & Pretty!!!

E Makes Art said...

Oh my goodness...these look amazing!! And yummy since it's hot here today!