Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{it's a red and blue kinda day}

in my world today.......
sweet handmade heart
packages of vintage bluebird buttons bundled up with a pretty string 
{both coming from my sweet friend Dagmar.....visit her lovely blog here}

sour cherry strudel baking
bowls of red soon to be filled for gift giving
threads to complete a project
blue and red everywhere I look today

what colour is your world today?

Just for today.....
believe in magic.......if you don't you will never find it


Anonymous said...

It's winter whites and soft vintage creams for me.
I 've been creating Etsy treasuries like crazy lately in these classic colour tones.
I think I am smitten, or addicted! Possibly those two words could be interchangable? lol

Have a good one on the West side.
I'll sleep tight in the East.

Ciao Bella

Creative Carmelina

FrenchBlue said...

You make red as cute as pink and you make blue better than anything! I think you make everything magical. Has anyone ever told you that you have the sweetest soul in the whold world?
Warm Hugs!

June said...

Hi sweet Koralee. I have had a rather white day here today. I've been making and seeing white linen stars.
Thank you for the shot of red my dear.
hugs from here...

tinajo said...

My world is turqouise today - so it feels..! :-)

SO glad you got the package, I´m always a bit worried when I send something overseas. Joy! :-)

Trisha Brink Design said...

Red + Blue? Love it! However....my day was filled with frosty whites, weathered greys, mustard, aqua, and neon pink! Whoa huh? What deliciousness color can conjure up....agreed? Magical is right...simply magical. Enjoy it my friend! :)

Unknown said...

Those colours are lovely and warm and very festive. I put my decorations up all over the house last year except the trees i will do those at the weekend. So my home is full of different colours this morning which is nice as its cold, grey and wet outside. dee xx

magie said...

I love the colour combination of blue and red (or turquoise and red). That handmade heart is adorable, and I just adore the old bluebird button pack.
Sour cherry strudel sounds very good indeed..I could go for a slice of that :)

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

oh these pictures are so wonderful! i just love them!!!! thank you as always for sharing a piece of your heart with us. today -- i am feeling cranberry and pink! : ) sending hugs...those buttons are to die for! : )

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Love Blue and Red, we have a bright blue sky here today and I am going to pick Holly with red berries, will be thinking of you and I am going to have a peek at Dagmars Blog, the buttons are so cute!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning darling and sweet Koralee,

Oh dearest, how fabulous is this wonderful little heart. I saw a blue bird and thought of you and all the joy you have given US ALL this year. You have become our bluebird of happiness and have taught us all to look at these vivid moments that are colored in the beauty of JOY and love. My color at the moment? BLUE AND RED!!! YES! I have never been a fan of red, EVER. But with your signature blue, the effect is HAPPINESS. Enjoy the sweetness of the season my dear. I am home sick again today. I was at school yesterday and I was so stuffed up and exhausted that I just threw in the towel and called a sub. I DETEST calling in for a sub, but I am not effective like this!

WISHING YOU patience to make it to the end.....then, CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...


Love this colours together and these photos are beautiful! What will you be filling these bowls with?


Emma, Sweet Williams said...

Oh wow, what a super post. I can almost taste the cherry strudel - gimme a shout when it's ready and I'll be over!! YUM!
Emma x
Ps. Extremely pretty gifts too x

Catherine said...

I am the color of "happy". What is that color? Pink? Gold? Silver? I'm not sure. But that is what I am today.

And visiting you always makes me happy sweet Koralee!

I hope you have an extra colorful day!
xo Catherine

Deborah said...

Great photos and such sweet gifts :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Claudia said...

In the kitchen: red and aqua. Love that combination. I absolutely fall in love with bluebird buttons every time I see them in Blogland. Maybe some day I'll encounter some on my vintage jaunts!


Pinecone said...

What a perfectly lovely homemade heart. She must have been so excited to send you the bluebird buttons too!

Your images are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning precious!!!!

Yes, much rest for me today. I am drinking a LOT of fluids because this is RIDICULOUS! I had a long meeting after school yesterday that just took the wind out of my sails, so YOU TOO, take care. I have much to do to, to prepare for after the break. We are teaching a new science unit, and I have to prepare, IN FRENCH, some lessons that will carry me and my colleague through at least a week's worth!


Dagmar said...

Hello Koralee,
Many thanks for the lovely mention of my blog...you made the buttons and the heart look amazing with your creative borders and words..it was so kind of you
to showcase them..I read all the comments as well...no wonder you are so loved!
only a few more days and then a most well deserved break!
love and blessing to you my dear friend,

Martina said...

Magical pix sweet one - my world is red as well, i need it, to keep warm and cheerful! X-mas hugs!

mama bleu said...

My world is yellow. I am making lemon bread and the fresh smell of lemons is filling my kitchen!!

Lisa Graham said...

Quite sadly it is very very gray. But I like gray. Oh wait! There's a little spot of light yellow now poking through : )

Enjoy your red and blue day!

Irma said...

Xmas red ;-))
thank you for sharingXXXIrma

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

Puple, black, and dark pink. Those are my favorite colors. Oh yes, and Robin's Egg blue and gold and white. (Just to name a few!). ;-)

Riitta Sinikka said...

Hi! So many nice things!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I was surrounded by white today as I had lunch with a friend who decided to do a silver and white theme for Christmas this year. But I so love your red and blue and that felt heart is adorable. I must make some! Happy day to you! Tammy

Unknown said...

Oh my ... are those little bluebird buttons the PERFECT find for you or what?! Lucky you! I am loving your blue and red today too - those colors together are so great for Christmas! And I am sure your adorable red bowls with be met with happy squeals! xoxo

Unknown said...

These are my two favorite colors. Ok, I lie, I love all colors. But, really these two are at the top of my list. Those BBN buttons are just to lovely to get me started. I could go on, but it's time to Barko up.

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

I'm sooo glad you asked, I am seeing red and blue too! Stop by to see a sweet example.... i have been whipping up some blue and red stripey mug cosies for Christmsas presents. yes, they were
inspired by Mollie Makes magazine. BTW, strudle is one of my favorite goodies; I'm impressed you make your own! :)
hugs, Gerri
p.s. I posted pics of the baby bloomer bunting.

It's me said...

Green green .....at this moment......wreaths....flowers......christmas arragements....it is all i see the whole day......love love ...xxx...xxx...xxx...

scarlett clay said...

Wonderful gifts! And those cherries! Wow, my mouth started watering just looking at that photo! :) The colors around here are red, white, and blue....a little more red than anything else.

Have a wonderful day! ~Scarlett

Amber said...

a red and blue world would certainly look lovely. My world is filled with pretty pinks at the moment.

Helen Philipps said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures today, Koralee! I love the red and blue combination, one of my favourites and you have put them together so beautifully....yum.
Helen x

Unknown said...

pretty pictures! love the red and blue :)

Lulu and Co. said...

At the moment it's white and blue stripes, I have my son on my lap and those are the colors of his PJ's,
I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see what color my day will be!!!!

fernandflora said...

Ooo. Love those bluebird buttons. So sweet. And those sour cherries? My mouth is watering!
My world is cream and silver today since I made a wreath for the front door (at long last!) in those colors. xo!

Unknown said...

My world is rainbow colored. I am maing jewlery today!

francis said...

I do believe in magic !
You are magic too .
Thank you so much for the surprise
mister postman brought to my house .
I love it !
All the best for you

andrea creates said...

i think mine might be red today :)
perfect button card!

thanks so much for sending off my prize~can't wait :)
have a super day!

Ingrid said...

beautiful day you have Koralee,I wish you all your days like this one.....x

Unknown said...

Aawww lovely pictures, they brighten up may day with these vibrant blues and reds! :)

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, I do BELIEVE.
Soft colors are my world today. They create peace in my heart.

Gloria said...

I am smitten too!!! Very sweet and adorable gift. I love all of this Christmasy red and blue!! Inspiring, dear Koralee!! :)

Have a happy day!!! @}`~~}~~~


tinajo said...

Hey - got the package today and put it on my blog too, thank you so much! It was the sweetest things and I love the smell of that tea, just about to taste it now as well. Even my hubby said that he wanted to have a cup! :-)

Hugs, take care! :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful bright enticing delight share, koralee ...
Merry Christmas

malia said...

MMM your images are just delicious as always! Happy weekend my friend! xo