Friday, January 28, 2011

{Friday ...Fabulous and Pretty }

pretty little bites
to carry you through the weekend....
{to see more Friday Pretties visit Joyce here}
~everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile
~being kind is more important than being right
~under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved
~even if you have don't have to be one
Where Women Create
Fabulous Friday
is giving away
a few of copies of
Where Women Cook
Where Women Create
pop on over here to enter
and find out how I got involved with the Magazine
tell them I sent you


andrea creates said...

i will!
thanks for sharing these delicious looking sweets :)

trish said...

Your quotes are just precious.
You just never know what a smile or a kind word will do for someone! :o)
Have a lovely weekend.
Sincerely, Tricia

Anonymous said...

Have a nice weekend dear Koralee.

Unknown said...

Oh I will have to check that exciting that you are involved with them!!! You are amazing Koralee!!! Lovely post...


:) T

birdie blue said...

happy friday, koralee. being kind is more important than being right, is so true.

sending you warm wishes, and a big smile.

Julie said...

I love the post! If everyone in this world would just try to be happy and kind we would have such a better place to live.

Sarah Knight said...

Oh, that looks delicious!

Kitty said...

Pretty Lady,

You always cheer me up. Thank you.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Being kind is more important than being right - I love that! I want it on a tshirt, on billboards - everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

So true, greeting someone with a smile can make a world of difference!
Have a fabulous weekend, Koralee.

xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

Privet and Holly said...

The thing I would
want people to know
about YOU, Koralee,
is that you walk the
talk....Having met you
at the Creative Connection,
I know that you DO greet
others with a smile and
are so kind. Your photos
continue to inspire me,
but it is your heartfelt
quotes, sayings and reflections
that continue to bring me
back. Have a wonderful weekend!
xx Suzanne

i.ikeda said...

Your photos of food always make me run to the nearest bakery. Yum! And how cute is that polka dot plate? Where do you find this much adorableness?

And how cute are you? Actually I take that back. You're gorgeous in that fabulous friday (WWC) blog picture. Wow.

Wishing you an amazing Friday and weekend. xoxo

Martina said...

So yummy this bite here - looks like vanilla cream! Will check out that link Koralee, have a supersweet weekend, am sending hugs!

Gail said...

I'm popping in from WWC, and just love your sweet blog, I'll be putting you on my blogroll forthwith! BTW, I'm the one who left a comment on WWC for the giveaway and mis-spelled your name (red in the face here!)
So sorry.....

Sem Nome said...

Must say I laughed while reading the last quote! rsrsrs...I agree with all of them! But, must confess, all I need right now is trying that sweet wonder on that polka plate...oh, Koralee, dear, that looks like heaven!
Must say some more: there is a parcel, crossing the seven oceans right now. May it arrive before your Valentine's Day...that is my wish!
Love!! Bela

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hurried right over to enter! And I enjoyed 'seeing' you there and reading more about your adventure! Enjoy your day, sweet friend! ♥

Everlasting Blooms said...

HAPPY Friday to YOU Koralee! Such a true statement...If only I could carry all of these little quotes around in my back pocket! :)

~ Thanks for shareing such a HAPPY post.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING MY DEAR FRIEND! Certainly this lovely photo will carry me through with a smile and how true and much NEEDED are these reminders about kindness. I find that smiling actually helps me get through the day!!! Oh, you are so fabulous! I gotta go get my sweet ones...GROSSES BISES! Anita

lilybets said...

I would like a sweet cake today..I feel tired..Thanks !!.Have a gorgeus week end dear.

Tiedupmemories said...

What an awesome feature! So sweet just like your photos! Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

Koralee, my sweet friend ... YOU are fabulous and pretty!!!! xoxo

Blessed Serendipity said...

I loved your article on WWC. You deserve the recognition sweet Koralee!


tinajo said...

Yummy photo as always! Have a great evening and weekend! :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Koralee, I loved your post over at WWC. I managed to get one of the magazines this summer and absolutely love it! The quotations in your interview are wonderful. I can't believe that you were ever unsure of putting yourself out there. You my dear are filled with oodles of creativity and talent. Happy weekend wishes, Tammy

Not Just a Waitress said...

I will be smiling all day after reading your post. :) :) :)
Have a wonderful weekend!! Blessings!

Silvia C said...

Oooh, I'll go visit. Have a super weekend, dearest Koralee!

It's me said...

That looks delicious !! i wanne bite in it !!.....lovely day and i will tell the whole world that i was here...hahahahahah!! love

Anne Marie said...

I did just that...and am back now to say how well done the post is that you did/they are always an inspiration to me Koralee...embracing the fun and color of life!!

Anne Marie

Shelley in SC said...!! I can almost taste this through the screen. I am positively craving whatever delectable treat this might be. Mmmmmmmm. You're sending me off on my weekend in search of a bite of creamy sweetness!

Rizzi said...


paperbird said...

koralee i love my sweet visits here. your sweet and kind spirit are such a pleasure. i love the GOODNESS that you share!

happy weekend sweet girl.

Claudia said...

I love your thought today, Koralee. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

These are lovely quotes to end my day with. Weekend is here again, time does fly, my friend, just click your heals 3 times and Miss Molly will be home again. Enjoy a wonderful weekend, Koraleeeee xxxx Did you already start D-Cake? I'm still searching desperately for courage... xxxx

Gloria said...

Very pretty! I love the softness in the photo you created. Pure JOY! Thanks for sharing the link too...:)

Happy weekend to you!!

XOXO Gloria

Carrie said...

Sweet :)

I love coming to your page... it's a fairy wonderland of pretty colors :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that just puts me in the mood for baking. Love those sayings. Every one is oh so true.

Lisa x

Susan Houseman said...

Well I did post a comment on WWC and I'm so happy for all your success.
xxx susan

Pinecone said...

I was having a bit of a moment this week, and someone was very kind to me.
This post hits home.
Happy Weekend xo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Such a gorgeous photograph with some lovely sentiments Koralee. Your posts are always happy and positive. Have a fabulous and pretty pink weekend. XXXX

Vintage Home said...

...oh goody ..I am off to the US of A with Bob (second time this week!) now I have a purpose! grab the mag!...Great article on WWC! love your picture Megs took!...You deserve all the props Koralee your gift is a warm delight!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Good for you Koralee! You deserve every single accolade you get and nice to know that WWC agrees. Enjoy!

Maria said...

Hi Koralee,
It was so wonderful to read your article {WW Cook} and your post over at WW Create.
You have wonderful talents, Koralee, and I'm so glad you let them shine for the world to see!
I just love what you wrote about "jumping in," such wonderful writing about a genuine moment ~ a big moment!
It's very inspirational to read ♥
I also love your quote for today ~
"even if you have don't have to be one"
heehee... I have to remember that one {for myself ;o)

Many blessings to you * thinking of you and wishing you so much JOY!

LuLu said...

such sweet words and wonderful rules to live by! Sending you warm wishes for a great weekend!

Bohemian said...

Thanks for telling us about the giveaway... I try to get all of the magazines from Jo's amazing selection of creative issues! What a lovely profile she has done of you... it is within the pages of her magazines that I 1st discovered your beautiful Blog... your photos and uplifting quotes are a ray of Sunshine each time I come for a visit!

Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm on my way. Would love to find out how you got involved too.

Elizabeth said...

Pretty and yummy! Loved your little article in
the magazine I will definitly pop over and check it out!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

i'll have to remember this one(even if you have don't have to be one) FOR SURE!!! ;)
God bless you sweet friend!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Well said!! and thanks for the candy!!!! yum!!

Unknown said...

Happy Friday hun! And I've had wayyy too many fabulous bites full of sugar this week lol:-)

red ticking said...

i so love this... and need to practice it daily...
have a wonderful weekend swwwwweeeeet friend. xoxoxo

Foxglove said...

Thank you Koralee, these will delight my weekend and so will your quotes which are so very true.

Have a sweet and beautiful weekend. xoxox

Unknown said...

so sweet! i'll be sure to hop over to WWC! take care. xo susan

Barbara said...

I am loving that plate, Koralee! Leave it to you to find pink polka dotted plates. :)

Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

Unknown said...

Beautiful words really lovely and so very true, I love your pictures and use of girly colour, have a lovely weekend, dee x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You sweet and wonderful friend you....I KNOW HOW BUSY THINGS ARE! I am in between vacuuming, taping, moving, painting....and I want to draw a new Valentines tag...How are any of us possible???


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

That forkful looks yummy good. Thanks for sharing! (mmmmmm)
I just saw Where Women Create at the supermarket - what a lovely publication! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting lately.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ingrid said...

Hello Koralee,love your post again with beautifyl words too,I wish yiou a verry lovely weekend!enjoy it....x

Martina said...

Koralee, i was somehow so touched to see you in that feature on WWC. You are fabulous babe, and you sure understand what this blogging thing is about! Keep rockin' :)

fernandflora said...

Mmmm! What is that tasty looking treat?? A cream puff? Doughnut of some kind? Looks delish!

Also, I'd love to see those glasses of yours with the vintage green leaves on them! Thrifting is the best.

Happy Weekend! xo

michelle said...

Thank you Koralee! What wonderful little bites to carry us through! I love the one about kindness. :)

somepinkflowers said...

there is you!
on WWC!


what a perfect match!

{{ 4 !!!! is my limit }}

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I love the things that you said in this post. Kindness and acceptance is so important. Thanks for the reminders!
Joyce said...

Can I have that last piece?